Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just a bunch of stuff @ 5 1/2 months

This is what Isaac looked like at exactly 5 months old! I let him have the paper afterwards and he demolished it. I love what he can do now!
Last Monday for FHE we took Isaac swimming for the first time ever! We went with Jon and Jenna to the Provo Recreational pool and I was very surprised at how well Isaac did. I guess it did help that the pool was like 86 degrees. Anyways, it was pretty fun, Isaac's face when he first got in was of complete shock but after a few seconds he became distracted by the other children in the pool. (typical) We would have taken some pictures of him in the pool but the life guards wouldn't let us. I was really disappointed about that because we had some adorable moments of Isaac and Katelyn in a yellow floating canoe. Picture this; Katelyn up front smiling as cute as can be and Isaac leaning up against the back with his arms up on the sides like he is a gangster or something. It was too cute. Let's just say I wasn't very happy about not being able to catch it on camera. So, the pictures we have are just random ones of us.

Also, this month we were able to feed Isaac his first solid food. The first one was a teething cracker which he totally attacked, and the other was his first taste of oatmeal. It was fun, even though Isaac was more interested in the camera then on his delicious meal. I actually think we as the parents had more fun then he did, we were just too excited for him to eat his first solid food!

Here are some more recent pictures of Isaac getting to be up in the front seat of the car! He didn't really like it, nor the shades I tried to put on him, which was weird because he's Austin's son, he should have loved it. lol I don't want to push it upon him to early, he'll be begging me in 16 years.

Here are some recent pictures of Isaac being able to grab things. Before we would put something in his face to grab and he'd look at it for 5 seconds before he wanted to move onto something else. Now though, he'll reach for anything. He first did this last Sunday during church when we were holding a hymn book up during a song. I handed the book to Austin and Isaac reached out with both hands to grab it. It was so cute! So here are some random ones of Isaac reaching out.
The next stage Isaac hit was being able to sit up by only using the boppy. I swear it just happened over night. It was incredible. Now we practice grabbing things and sitting up at the same time.

Oh here is something. I was going through all of Isaac's pictures one day and I was realizing that a lot of them are of him acting nonchalant. Here, I'll show you how many I have!
It looks like he is out of it.

Lately Katelyn and Isaac have been able to hang out more so here are some of them playing together! Katelyn is trying to teach him so many things, like patty cakes, where his feet are, and how to give hugs!

Here are some other random pictures that shows just how big Issac it getting.