Thursday, January 28, 2010

No More Swaddle Blanket

Sadly, on January 27th we had to bury Isaac's blue devoted, all encompassing swaddle blanket. It has been in our family for 5 and 1/2 months now and all of a sudden Isaac refuses to let it live. On the night of the 27th we had our usual routine of get ready for bed, but when we wrapped Isaac all up in his blanket he screamed and squirmed. I thought it was that he didn't want to go to bed but after about 3 hours of fussiness I finally undid the swaddle blanket and he fell right asleep. Then the next day for his naps I tried swaddling him again thinking that the previous night was just a fluke, but oh was I wrong. It was difficult though because he didn't know how to fall asleep any other way, and I didn't know how to put him alseep any other way either. So, the day of the 28th was the first stage of many that I will have to relearn and reajust to our growing little boy. After many attempts, we have finally figured out a new way to put him to sleep, unfortunately the next stage is going to be very much against my nature. It's the stage where mom is not going to get up and put Isaac's pacifier in his mouth every hour at night, but to just let him cry. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Isaac's 5th month, plus Christmas!

Well it has definitely been awhile since our last post. December was a crazy month for sure but don't worry I'll try to catch everyone up on whats been happening. So, after a long semester of school and finals it was finally time to focus on Christmas. This year was Austin and my 2nd Christmas together and Isaac's very 1st. Before Isaac and I went up to Washington on the Monday before Christmas, our little family had a mini Christmas of our own, and Isaac loved everything he got. He wants to thank all of his aunts and uncles for their gifts! Especially this cute little hat he got! It looks so good on him. Then when we got up to Washington, Isaac had a bunch of fun getting to know part of his extended family more. It's hard having family live so far away so I am glad we have special holidays like this one to get together and rekindle relationships. The next day, which was Tuesday, the last BYU football game was on and Isaac got to participate by wearing his new BYU jersey that he got from Christmas. He got front row seats during the game, lucky! He loved the big screen, we couldn't get him away from it. He was glued! On Christmas Eve dad (Austin) finally met up with us and that night we had a delicious meal and a great nativity scene! Isaac got to be baby Jesus in the show, he slept the whole time but I think he did I fine job acting how baby Jesus would have acted as a new born. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Then on Christmas day we opened presents and had a wonderful breakfast. One of the gifts that I made for my sister was an apron! It took a long time but it was worth it. She looks so good in it, I hope she liked it. I want to thank my mom for letting me use her sewing machine! Thanks MOM!!!

This year Christmas took all day which I loved, I mean it only happens once a year so making it last as long as possible was a real treat. Afterwards we played games, watched movies, went to a cabin, went sledding, and definitely had all the hot chocolate we could get ahold of. We all had a wonderful time and can't wait to see those loved ones again. Now that we are back at home, the new school year has started and both Austin and I are taking classes. We appreciate all those that are helping to watch Isaac as we try to finish up school. Also, just this past week, Isaac was able to go visit his brand new cousin in the hospital. Derek Steven Heath was born on Tuesday and he is such a cutie. We are so excited to have a cousin so close to Isaac. We know they will be the best of friends! So, the rest of the pictures are just of our little family during Isaac's 5ths month!
He is now 15 pounds and 271/2 inches! What a big boy at 5 months!