Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Boys Have Grown Closer........................

.......or maybe Isaac is now more comfortable with Andrew and visa versa. Since Andrew has become a little less fragile, Isaac has tuned into this new found discovery and has made a point to show Andrew who is little brother and who is big brother.

At first this is all Isaac would do.
Then he ventured a little closer...........
and even a little closer until.................
KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are now two peas in a pod, and Andrew does not have a say one way or another. Isaac has decided Andrew is big enough to start handling his own and Isaac is going to make sure he does just that.
For the most part Andrew likes this new found bond between them.......
until his air way and circulation starts getting cut off...............
and Isaac forgets he is on him because Thomas the Train is on TV which.........
makes Andrew start getting red in the face until.............
what do you know, Andrew starts watching Thomas the Train too, and the bonding time of remembering who is big bro and who it little bro is forgotten. Both are equally hooked.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Family Trip to Indiana

Last month our family took a vacation to Indiana to visit with family that I haven't seen in 8 years or so. Also, to attend my nephews baptism and to meet my sisters two new kids she is in the process of adopting. Their names are Josiah who is 4, and Kimball who is 2. It was pretty crazy having 6 kids running around but worth the relationships that were built during our time there. We did many things while in Indiana, we went to several awesome parks, a children's museum , a kids laboratory, the Bloomington dam, and visited the pool several times. We also went to my Aunt and Uncle's farm in Cincinnati Ohio where we got to see their turkeys, pigs, rabbits, goats, dogs, and a mean llama. They even had a pool there too that we used and I can't believe I am saying this but their pool is where I was stung by a bee for the very first time in my life!!! Yeah sat right on it, and yes sitting on it meant I got stung on the butt. HA HA HA I was limping out of the pool and had to walk past all my Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents to get to my mom to ask her to help me out. I didn't know what to do I had never been stung before. Anyways, the trip was a ton of fun and we are so glad we were able to catch up with old relatives, meet new ones, and plan for more meetings in the future.
Isaac and Kimball loved Susans and Dave's two dogs, Scout and Ellie. They always had something to do with the dogs so we never had to entertain them. It was great. When I got back home I really missed those dogs, I had to get back to my entertainment duties for Isaac. Let's just say we can't wait to get a dog!

Here is Austin reading a book to Andrew. He got pretty spoiled on this trip, I don't think he ever was put down on the floor. I was too afraid the dogs would try playing with him.

Here is Josiah, Isaac, and Kimball in the bath tub. This was one of their favorite things to do at the end of the day. We needed to bath them every day because of the combination of humidity and playing at the park; it made the dirt stick to them like bees to honey.
Here are the three playing with some furniture blocks. Josiah kept wanting to put the lid on over Isaac and Kimball. You can imagine how well that went.

The three playing in the back yard.

I love how the ball went backwards to Isaac's head instead of forward into the hoop. We are still working on that.
Austin, Dave, Josiah, Isaac and Kimball on the swing in the back yard
So, about 5 minutes after we arrived at Indiana, little Kimball took a fancy to Isaac. She made sure he followed her around, held her hand, and was smothered in kisses all day. I am not going to lie, I think he was enjoying it.
The rest of these pictures are of the children's museum that we went to for a whole day. It was intense. It was a 5 story building with rooms for several things such as dinosaurs, barbies, underwater exploring, trains, dragons, cars, a giant indoor play set and even a carousal. It was crazy cool.

This was my view when I was laying down on the spinning seat. The glass blowing area was incredible to see.
Here is a train they built that went all throughout the trains section of the museum. Isaac kept saying up, up wanting Austin to follow it while he was holding him.

Here is part of the underwater area where kids got to put on their own scuba outfits and climb the pile of old cannons.