Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Emeri's 7th month

Emeri is now more than half way to a year old and it breaks my heart. Please, someone give me the formula to slowing down time, I could use it immensely. So, Emeri is as energetic and lively as ever. She loves to play games such as peek-a-boo and itsy bitsy spider. What she loves more then any in the world though is when Andrew comes into our room at 6:30 in the morning, wakes her up, pushes the heart beat button on our noise maker and starts dancing around the room to entertain her. Drives me nuts of course, but I love how it has become routine for the two of them. 
During the week I took Emeri's 7 month pictures she was sick with an ear infection and a cold. You will notice the change of her attitude from one picture to the next. I had to add them in, it was just too cute to see how dramatic she was about being sick.

'sick face' ........poor baby....see these are just pictures and her big brown dramatic eyes are already working their power over me.

The little Miss Em is now sitting up all by herself.

"Oh mother, I feel so under the weather today, must we keep this up?" she said as she raised the back of her hand to her tilted forehead.   (I am watching Downton Abby way to much)

 Here she was sick one morning, I had to take more pictures. lol I can't believe how much cuter she is when she is sick. lol

I sit Emeri up in her high chair like this several times in a feeding but alas she insist on sitting..............

 ................... like this instead. 

Already showing some good taste in shades there Emeri, oh wait those are mine. Okay fine, so your father picked them out for me I admit it.  

Emeri has now discovered swings! She loves them!!! She kept giggling and laughing every time I pushed her. What I thought was hilarious was the fact that her arms could barely reach over the front of the swing.

 Ohhhhhh one of Emeri's favorite things to do! Yum..Yum..Yum. Delicious little toes! 

She loves being free to go where she wants now. Love those matching chocolate brown eyes.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Dallas Zoo

Starting this new year we have enabled a behavioral chart for Isaac. His first goal he chose after getting all ten squares filled in was the zoo. It took almost a whole month to get those ten squares but I think the purpose of the chart is working. So here are some pictures of our little family at the zoo to celebrate Issac's accomplishments.

It started off pretty chilly but quickly warmed up. We decided that Emeri would have more fun outside of her car seat and sitting up like a big girl. We were right.

The lions were pretty fascinating  we got to see them be fed. The zoo keep hand fed them through the fence and we were right there to watch.

Andrew was so excited to see the lions that he would not look at me for a picture. Here he is saying "cheese" while still watching the lions.

This was by far the coolest part of the whole zoo, feeding and petting the giraffes. We had never been this close to a giraffe before and it was so awesome! I never realized just how massive these animals are.

 The elephants. 

Andrew started making elephant noises and raising both arms so Isaac and I joined in the fun.

A huge boa.

Here was Andrew's face when he heard the music in the room change. What a musical fanatic, even at the zoo he is aware of the change in a songs tempo.

This rattle snake would started rattling it's tail whenever anyone came up and touched the glass. It was an awesome and neat experience for the boys to be able to see that and not actually have to worry about being bit.

'Tree Frogs'

The zoo had this really neat kids area with a stream, play ground, horse rides, and animal petting.The last time we came to this zoo Andrew wasn't old enough to care to touch the goats, but this year he was all over it.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

3 Peas in a Pod

We thank Heavenly Father every single day for you three little ones. We have been tremendously blessed beyond belief from our Heavenly Father. We know that you three were suppose to be in our family. Your father and I know that we can be an eternal family if we follow God's plan. We know that each of you are a child of a loving Heavenly Father who loves you even more than we do. Who gave his only begotten Son to die for you so that you could return to him some day. We cherish each of you individually and can't wait for the future we have together as a family.