Monday, October 29, 2012

Emeri's 3 month pictures

You can't tell yet against the bear, but she is bigger then last months pictures. lol I promise.
 She is so easy to make smile, all you have to do now is walk into the room and look at her. She is kind of like a puppy in that way. Always excited......and happy.......and oh oh good girl....good girl. lol It is true, she even gets more excited the longer you say it, just like a puppy. lol Don't worry Emeri, you are much cuter then a puppy.

What a precious petite pretty princess tiger.

Umm..... Liz, why did you put this picture in twice? Gotcha, it isn't Emeri. This picture was taken 3 years ago   on Halloween. 

Since Emeri had been wearing that tiger hood all day her hair actually laid down for a few hours. Look! Our little girl has bangs!

Such a silly picture of Emeri. Her eyes disappear when she smiles just like her mommy's do. 

"Say what?"

This is what Emeri's hair looks like after a bath and the hair dryer. I have to blow dry her hair because our house is really cold and her hair is so long that a towel just doesn't quite dry it enough. Trust me, it's weird. Never thought I'd have to dry my 3 month old's hair.

Emeri's brothers love giving her kisses. As you can see she gets sick of them sometimes.

Do we look alike? She definitely has my nose. What do you think?

The big girl holding her head up so well.

Emeri loves her Daddy. She is definitely a Daddy's girl.

Fire Station Open House

A few weeks back the Orem Fire Station had a kids open house with tons of fun activities and demonstrations. We got to tour through an ambulance and a helicopter, got to crawl through a trailer with fake smoke, got to dress up in real fireman clothes, got free popcorn, candy, pencils, and cotton candy, and we got to see a real fire about 10 feet high get put out. It was incredible, never mind the kids, I learned so much and had fun myself. We also got to see the helicopter take off and got to see the 'jaws of death' in use on a car. It was amazing! 

Smokey the Bear still lives!!!!!

I didn't put this on her head, Isaac did. Of course I did have to take a picture though.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mummies and Pumpkin Carving

I love the Holidays!!! I especially love starting them off with Halloween. I am not going to lie, I never used to be a big Halloween fan but ever since I have had kids I LOVE it now! I saw on Pinterest this fun Halloween game to help teach our boys about different Halloween things.  Mummy Wrapping was the game we chose. Andrew didn't understand the concept of a mummy so he didn't really like it but Isaac was excited for it so I decided to do it anyways. Isaac liked being wrapped up in toilet paper and Andrew eventually joined in the fun as well. 

 I love how Andrew raised his arms too!

 Family Pumpkin Carving.

Poor Andrew didn't really want to get his hands all slimy with pumpkin guts. Austin doesn't blame him, he doesn't like it either. Me on the other hand, love it! It is my favorite part about carving pumpkin!

 Of course we had to finish it off outside with the pumpkin lit.A huge hit with the boys of course.

Pumpkin Land

 Last week our little family went with the Howards to a pumpkin patch called Pumpkin Land. It was a cute spooky Alice in Wonderland themed patch that was full of fun things for the kids. We saw all sorts of animals such as chickens, turkeys, goats, rabbits, ducks, and peacocks. There was also a corn maze, blow up toys, a play ground, and a "not so spooky barn walk" full of lights and Halloween decor. Of course at the end of all this were several pumpkins for the kids to choose from. It was fun for the kids and great memories for the future.

 Our little clowns.

Cheshire Cat Pumpkin Thing.

The blow up toys.

The pumpkin Isaac choose. Of course it was the first one he spotted but he was not going to give it up.

Isaac loved this red wagon. He carried it everywhere. We really need to invest in a red wagon for our boys. 

Andrew chose several pumpkins and threw each one on the ground. He wanted so badly for them to explode open. I kept telling him that not everything has to be thrown but he of course ignored me.

Isn't this the ugliest pumpkin you have ever seen?

Some cute boys sitting in the wagon.

Funny Faces- I think Rhys was the only one to really get that. 

Monday, October 22, 2012


Here are some random pictures of our two little peas in a pod. We have been so blessed having these two boys in our lives. They keep us entertained and humbled throughout the day. What I love most of all though is the love they have for each other. The giggles and smiles they bring to each others faces is irreplaceable.

 One of my favorite times is watching them play superheros. They actually fight and run around trying to escape each other.

                                                   Playing together on air mattress.

Matching for church.