Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

This year for Valentines Day our family was a little too big to go to Disneyland but I think it was just as memorable. Saturday morning Austin surprised me with delicious pink heart shaped pancakes and the babes changed and fed! It was awesome, that was exactly what I needed that day. Then that night Austin and I attended our ward Valentines party at which Austin stood up in front of everyone and gave me the most incredible contribute. (Thanks babe, it meant the world to me) What I also liked was that the young women in the ward watched our boys. during the dinner. That was a nice treat. After the party we hung around for awhile to talk to people and Isaac showed up and started unleashing his wicked dance moves. Everyone loved it, he was very entertaining. I only got a small part of what he was really like.

So Lanae and I decided to make a cake for our husbands' for Valentines Day. It was my very first time and I loved every minute of it. Lanae was probably sick of me freaking out the whole time, but I was just so nervous to mess up. She was a great teacher though and I learned a ton from her. Thanks Lanae! I think the funnest part about this was that she was keeping it a secret from David and I was keeping it from Austin as well. We had some close calls but we were successful in surprising them. It's helpful to have family around to help keep secrets. Lanae used our fridge to keep her secret from David. Davide used our mail to keep his secret from Lanae, and I used Lanae as an excuse for having cake in our freezer. It was amazing that no ones secret was blown. lol We're all just that good at keeping secrets (AKA: lying) lol

Here are the flowers Austin got me, they were beautiful. I loved the vase as well. We're going to find some nice fake flowers to fill it.
So, this picture is pretty awesome. Here we have a clean house, a romantic smelling candle, heart decorations, flowers, and a heart shape cake to show our love for each other and we decided to toped it off with pizza for dinner. lol I thought it was a great idea. lol

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Isaac Attacking; Logan......totally oblivious

While Lanae and I were preparing our Valentine surprises for our husbands, Isaac was forming a devastating plan of attack on Logan. Slowly but surely he made his way up to Logan in the bouncer and started unleashing his wrath and bounced him uncontrollably. The unphaseable Logan was too much for Isaac though. With the combination of Logan's fists and his good looks he stood firm against Isaac's attack and thwarted his evil plan. AKA Logan didn't even give a reaction. Eventually Isaac noticed Logan's unphaseable bravery and took his anger out on the fridge with a measuring cup. (I don't know what's with Isaac and measuring cups anyways) It sure was cute though!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Issac's Tunnel

Isaac is now driving his car well enough to maneuver it through tunnels! Human and Non Human ones. We discovered this when he was trying to drive right through me but was unsuccessful until I made a tunnel with my legs. I didn't think anything of it until I noticed that he kept coming back around to pass through several times. After that it became a game for all of us which lasted quite a long time. I eventually needed to attend to Andrew so I had to stop but he was still wanting to play so Austin made him an incredible tunnel that he was entertained with for several minutes. Isaac's driving was good enough to even go through two tunnels! Check it out!

Austin's Boo boo

So last Wednesday Austin was playing basketball with our ward and came back with this sweet battle wound. It was pretty painful for him, enough so that he wasn't able to walk the next day so he ended up staying home. The boys and I loved having their Daddy home for the day, even though it meant more work for mommy. lol I had three boys to take care of that day.

Here are my three boys oldest to youngest, tallest to shortest, biggest head to littlest but all equally good looking!!