Thursday, August 29, 2013

Isaac, the helper

Isaac now can empty the dishwasher all by himself. HORAAAAYYY!!!!! Oh happy day ladies and gentleman. He is growing up to be such a good helper. Sometimes he gets upset when I start unloading it without him. HEHE Yes, I totally have him trained.

Here are some pictures that Andrew ask me to take of him. He was on a photo shoot high. These aren't the only ones I took of him. HAHA

One day the kids and I made animals masks. I had to do one because I knew Emeri would want the boys' masks once they put them on. HAHA The fun lasted for at least a half an hour. They each had their own animal and they ran around the house pretending and playing.

I told them to roar and Emeri did it too.....see! 

Once we got back from our reunion we had a mini birthday party for Isaac. Grandma made such a cool Batman cake for him.

Happy Birthday my big 4 year old!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Emeri's 13th month

Well, the little girl is 13 months old now. She has accomplished so many things, one of them in particular is walking. For three weeks I was trying to get her to walk at my parents house during the family reunion. I thought it would be great if my parents got to see her hit that mile stone. Little Miss Emeri had plans of her own though, the very night we got back to Texas, she took ten steps!!! We were at Tammy's house and Emeri just walked out of the pantry like she had been walking for months. AWE!!!! I was so upset at her. But then happy at the same time. That little stinker! 
Emeri has also mastered the stairs on her own too. I probably showed her twice how to go down on her tummy and ever since then she has done it. She has not fallen once (knock on wood) and it has been so nice to not worry about it now since we are in a house with stairs.
Emeri also loves dogs! She gets right in their faces or lays down on them. It helped that my parents had a German Shepard  and my sister also brought her French Bull dog. Elle and Jersey played so well with Emeri. It was great.
Let's see what else is new with Emeri, she now knows what to do when you tell her to say cheese. She will tilt her head back and squint her eyes. HAHA So cute. She also knows how to respond to me when I call her name. All three kids will be playing up stairs by themselves while I am cleaning or cooking in the kitchen, About every 4 minutes I will call out to each child to make sure they are breathing and to estimate where approximately they are upstairs. It is a weird parenting tactic but it works. Anyways, when I call her name she will respond with a loud "AHH." It is so funny. 

Emeri also got two more teeth come in, making that a grand totally of 4 at 13 months. Two on the top and two on the bottom.

Love this face!! She was playing a game with her Daddy. She would squeal like this when he stuck his head into view and then do this.......

.....when he was hiding from her. HAHA The game went on for several minutes.

She loves taking off the garbage can lid to look inside. Yuck!

Happy 13 month old!

Here is Emeri's "cheese" face.

Our walking princess.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Life Style Change"

So while I was in Seattle my mom and Jenna introduced me to a new way of life. Sesame milk. I love it! At first it is really hard to get used to but now that I am comfortable enough to be more flexible with the ingredients, I really enjoy it. I also am doing a low carb, high veggie/fruit diet with zero to low processed foods. I am so much happier and I feel great! I have already lost 14 pounds and I can't wait to keep losing more. The quote that inspired me the most to try this new change of life was from Jenna. She said "if we are ever having a health issue, we first need to look at what we are doing to our bodies. EATING. We eat three meals a day, the foods we put into our body will affect us the most because we do it so often." I definitely believe that, more now then ever! I thank Heavenly Father every day for the Word of Wisdom. It means more now to me then ever before. Which is not just to avoid the bad but to take in the good.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

FR--Mariners Baseball Game

On Saturday night the adults went to a Mariners game. It was Juan's first time at a major league game. It was such a fun atmosphere, it stunk that the Mariners didn't perform at all but hey, I love myself some speed racing games and the giant wave. Also, you can't really tell but Jenna and I are wearing the same shirt. Us women went baby girl shopping for little miss Hadlie at Burlington that afternoon, and Jenna and I both fell in love with the same shirt. HAHA I think they are maternity too. HEHE

Friday, August 23, 2013

FR-- State Fair Monster Truck Ride

During our visit to the State Fair, the guys got to have a little man time. Not that they didn't mind the baby pigs here, or the little tractor bikes there, but really, this was perfect for them. Getting to ride on the back of a Monster Truck was right up their ally. I would have done it too but it was not worth the money. I am glad Juan, Samuel, and Austin had fun though. Austin said that he will not likely have this opportunity again. I agreed and told him to go have some fun man time.

Look how high up they were! The truck rode all the way around the track, over some mini hills, and did some fast circles. The ride was probably 8 minutes long.

 Isaac wanted to ride to but I think he would have peed his pants. HAHA

 Here are the guys!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

FR-- The State Fair

On Thursday after we got back from camping the family headed out to a State Fair that let people in for free if they donated canned foods. We of course were all over that. It was the perfect day to go, not hot or cold. It felt great. 

When we first entered the fair grounds there was a display of old tractors that the kids could climb on. They sure enjoyed themselves.

There was even a pretty pink one for Emeri to drive.

The fair also had these fun tractor bikes that the kids could drive. It was perfect because the kids were all over the real large ones right before this but here they got to drive their own.

We love cows!

What a cute herd of sheep we make. I love Juan's face the most!

Emeri refused to be held, so to keep up with the group we had to swing her. She didn't mind it, obviously.

So my brother Samuel is obsessed with sports. He can tell you any fact about any player for any sport, past or present. I love it! He is so funny and competitive, he sure is a Ralph. Well, at the fair there was a newspaper stand that had a wheel you could spin, and if you spun the number 18 you could win this bobble head baseball player. My mom had us all spin to try to win it for Samuel and the person who did that for him was his two year old nephew Nathan! We all cheered, it was adorable.

Aunt Jessie was winning the heart of Emeri by giving her a sucker. lol She screamed when I took it away from her. HAHA So then I let Aunt Jessie be cool again and give her another one. HAHA Emeri was glued!!

Grandpa Ralph showing Andrew the llamas.

We are all gathered around a mama pig feeding her 15 two week old piglets. They were so tiny and adorable. She was a trooper, laying there while there was a war going on for her tits. HAHA

The owner of the piglets grabbed one out for us to pet. It was so soft and cute!!

Lunch Time Pic!

Oh yeah, such naturals on the 4 wheeler. I can't wait to own some one day!

So little innocent Isaac walked right up to a doughnut stand and asked the workers if he could have one; not knowing that he had to pay of course. I quickly ran over there and tried to drag him away. The workers though, said he could have a free mini doughnut and then they gave them to all the other kids too. They were so kind. The doughnuts smelt amazing.

Here we are in the horse barn. Those horses were massive and beautiful. I can't believe people actually ride those ginormous creatures.

I was so proud of Isaac betting the horse. His face had pure excitement and thrill on it.

Uncle Samuel is the best sport in the world. He is the sweetest most kind hearted boy I know. When we were looking at the horses, he accidentally tripped and being Samuel he played it off way cool (innocent and sweet) Well, his nephew took advantage of him on the ground and bounced right on him in the middle of the barn. HAHA It was so adorable. I don't ever want to forget that moment.

He even tried doing a push up with Andrew on top. Uncle Samuel is the best uncle in the world, and the sweetest brother on earth. We love you Uncle Samuel.

Going to see the horse judging contest with Grandma Ralph.

No one would be able to "focus on farming" with these crazy animals. 

Close up of the chicken.

Even closer! HAHA

Grandpa Ralph spoiled his grandchildren with a fun ride on the carousel.

Do you see the hunter with his dead deer? That when on throughout the whole ride. HAHA

After a long day at the fair we headed to the Old Country Buffet. I love how we took up a whole row of tables.