Friday, September 27, 2013

Emeri's Play Ground Freedom

Finally in the middle of September the weather was tolerable enough to go outside in the mornings. So Emeri at last, got to go on a play set for the first time since she has been able to walk. She loved the freedom and repeated going down and up the play set several times. It is things like this that show me how much my kids grow in such a short time. At the beginning of the summer Emeri was just crawling and now at the beginning of fall she is climbing the play ground and going down the slide all by herself. 

I didn't even have to show her how to go down. Emeri just knew what to do. It was so cute.

Obviously Emeri was not happy that I stopped her fun for a picture. HAHA The boys were super adorable though.

This picture is of the kids coming back from our second attempt at that same park a week later. We were there for about 2 minutes when Isaac screamed that there was a spider on the ground. I rolled my eyes and came over to see the tiny thing, I assumed, he was freaking out over. YEAH!!!! Then I started freaking out!! A HUMONGOUS TARANTULA......was about 5 steps from where I had been standing while watching Emeri on the play set. It was bigger then my hand!! We were trying to kick bark at it to get it to run away but instead it walked right up the nearest pole about 5 feet from Emeri. Isaac then almost had an anxiety attack. He started screaming and bawling for me to get Emeri before the spider got her. I mean these were genuine tears streaming down his face in the matter of seconds that it took the tarantula to walk up the beam. I had to climb over the side of the play set and grab her by the arm to pull her away from the spider. It was so big and intimidating, there was no way I was getting anywhere near it, even to get Emeri down. HAHA She didn't know/care. HAHA

I love Andrew's real smile. He is such a good looking boy.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Emeri's 14th month

14 months today! Precious girl is just getting more and more precious with each month. I don't know what it is, but Emeri is much more aware and mature then her brothers were at this age. I fell like she understands almost everything I say; relatively speaking. Emeri knows to grab her shoes and sit on the stairs when I tell the kids to grab their shoes (she is always the first one there), she knows to go to the garage door when I say "its time to go," and she signs the words "all done," "more," "please," and "thank you." I have even seen her sign "thank you" when I hadn't told her to but it was the right time to do so. Emeri can also put her own arms into her pj's when I tell her to, and she put's her own legs into her skirts when I tell her as well. I know this might not seem like a big deal but for a 14 month old I think it is crazy. Or maybe I am just used to my boys who weren't doing these things until they were almost 2. HAHA 
Oh oh, I have to tell you about this....because Austin has been traveling more Emeri knows exactly what to do when he calls. Right when I hold out the phone and tell her that Daddy is on the phone she gets a big smile on her face, walks as fast as she can to me, waves her hand at the phone, and says..."aw" which means hi. It is super cute. She also loves to give him kisses through the phone too, my case has Emeri drool all over it. Austin can tell when she is asking for a kiss because she makes a popping sounds with her mouth to show him what she is giving. He loves it.
Emeri also really enjoys dancing and singing. She gets her booty shaking pretty well. HAHA Emeri also gets into the song "Look Down" on Les Mes because Andrew is obsessed with that song and asks to play it all the time. She knows to swing her arms back and forth during the chorus. HAHA

Yep, she loves buttons.

 HAHA So, I don't know if you guys have caught on yet but little Miss Emeri is rather dramatic. One of her favorite things to do when I have the camera on her is to perform. These pictures are only a few of the 5 minute show I got of Emeri bending backwards with laughter over who knows what. lol It was making me laugh so hard, which of course made her do it even more. She just cracks me up.

 Her long precious hair is so beautiful but oh such a hassle. It is always in her face, mouth, nose, or eyes. It always has tangles and or food in it. I keep telling her that beauty knows no pain but I don't think she believes me yet. -wink- I do hate having to get her tangles out. It breaks my heart.

We love you Emeri.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fun Times in September

I felt like the month of September just flew by! Probably because Austin was home more then in past months. It was great. Everyone was happier because mom (AKA ME) was happier. Life was wonderful and I really felt like there was more peace in our home. Well, the month of September started a whole new chapter in our life. Let's see, Isaac started soccer and pre-prek for the first time, Austin joined a mens softball team, I exploded with my clean eating life change for me and the family, library reading time started, and Emeri finally decided to be a mobile princess. So many new experiences and developments. Life if just crazy, but so good at the same time.

Here are the kids having a dancing party.

Emeri loves to get on her tippy toes while she is dancing. I can't wait to put her in dance. She is already a natural.

Here is Andrew helping his Daddy warm up for his first softball game. 

Emeri says "cheese" to all of you!

 Playing together outside. We are incredibly happy that it has finally cooled off enough for us to be outside.

The girls! Emeri loves it when we sit her on our laps on the office chair and spin. 

Chore Auction. I recently attended a relief society activity where a sister in our ward taught us about raising financially sound children. It was great! I couldn't wait to get started. The techniques were genius and I am already impressed with how much Isaac knows about money, tithing, working, and paying. Here are the boys with their little goodies that they earned and bought at the store all by themselves. I took the kids to a store near our neighborhood that had mini shopping carts. The boys loved pushing their own carts around. Andrew had his full before we got to the middle of the store. HAHA it was funny. Isaac was a little shocked that the worker took his money and didn't give it back. HAHA I think this was a great lesson for him.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First 'FREE' Outdoor Experience

I know, I know, I am a such a mean mom. Yes, this post is of Emeri's first real free roaming experience outside in our back yard. Let me explain, first off, she couldn't walk or crawl when it was cool enough to go outside, and second, she is finally getting to the point where she doesn't put things into her mouth. Our entire back yard is outlined in a path of small rocks so I wasn't going to let her run free and risk chocking. I know I am a paranoid mother. 
Anyways, I knew Emeri wanted to go outside with her brothers but it was just too hot and humid for me. A few days after she turned 13 months I finally had enough of the dramatic tantrums and let her go out while I watched through the window. She was in HEAVEN!

Love this precious face!

Here are the many dramatic faces of Emeri being left behind in doors.

 FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEEEDDDDDDOOOOOMMMM! I don't think there was a happier baby on earth at that moment.

 Happy adorable girl. Love those two front teeth. She looks so much like one of my baby pictures here.

And of course she has to climb on the table.........

............and chillax against the house. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Isaac's First Soccer Game

Yay, I am finally getting around to posting Isaac's first soccer game. Doesn't he look so cute in his uniform? The game went okay. Isaac didn't really like the fact that there were 6 boys and one ball. LOL He was so frustrated that the ball kept getting kicked away from him or that he would get pushed. Let's just say practices are definitely not like the games. In practice he has his own ball and he follows what the coach says with no interference. That is nothing like the games.
As the weeks have passed, Isaac will get excited for soccer practice but have a fit when it comes to game time. No worries, we just wanted him to be exposed to it. We are definitely not those super competitive annoying parents who are on the sidelines telling their kid to suck it up or his little brother will go in for him. (Yep, totally switched their shirts once and let Andrew play.)

This is pretty much how a game goes, one kid is playing with the goal net, at least one on the ground, and some walking around because they have no idea what is happening. It is so funny.

This is the only picture I have of Isaac smiling because I am pretty sure this has been the only time he has smiled. HAHA At least I got it on camera!

Wait! Who is that curly blonde haired boy, who after each kick, stopped to do a superhero sound and pose for all his adoring fans?

Monday, September 16, 2013

A walking beauty

Little Miss Emeri has exploded with walking. She is walking like she has known how to do it for months.....oh wait because she has known. HAHA She just likes to remind me that I am not in charge of her life. Emeri also is the first of my children to actually get into things around the kitchen. She is opening cabinets, getting into the dish soap, kicking and throwing bowls around, and climbing on the dish washer. I finally feel like I have a normal toddler. HAHA (Love you boys) It sure does keep me on my toes, I might actually look into some baby locks now. Weird.

Say "Cheese"

Her brothers loved to help encourage Emeri to walk. She thought it was just the most hilarious thing in the world!

Emeri enjoyed having this half of the symbol in her mouth while she walked. HAHA It scared me but it was just too cute to take away.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Isaac's First Day of Pre-PreK

Starting in September was Isaac's pre-prek. I decided not to put him in preschool even though he was old enough to start. I did want him to do something social though. So, a women in our ward teaches from her home on Fridays for kids who just missed the school date for Preschool. He absolutely loves it! His teachers told me he had a hard time listening at first but is how catching on that listening is expected. Isaac even wants to stay an hour longer on Fridays to do the music and movement add on. The only person who doesn't like this situation is Andrew. He bawled the first day he was left behind in the car. He kept saying, "my brother, my brother!" So cute. 

 He cried long enough for me to snap a picture. It was adorable. We had fun though together. It is nice to have Andrew and Mommy time once a week.