Sunday, January 29, 2012

Andrew at 15 months

I can't believe Andrew is 15 months old! I feel like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. Time, please slow down! Well the newest things Andrew is up to now is talking, reading, talking, and reading some more. Reading books is still his favorite thing to do, now he not only goes and reads them by himself but he will come up to me and put books on my lap or tap me with them with these big brown longing eyes. So cute. He also loves to do whatever his brother is doing and often times grabs a toy from Isaac and runs away hoping to get away with it but he never does, Isaac is still faster and bigger then him.

The sink is probably on the top of the list for Andrew's favorite places in the house. He goes their at least 10 or 15 times a day. We keep the bathroom door open because the vents in their provide the most heat so he always has easy access to it. He will climb up onto this stool and call out my name until I come give him his tooth brush. That is what he wants every time he goes into the bathroom. He loves chewing on it and also loves the taste of their toothpaste.

lol This was a genuine smile from Andrew. I took the picture and right before I pushed the button I looked and him and said 'cheese.' I looked at the picture and he actually smiled! It was awesome. He looks so cute.
This face always brings many laughs when it shows up around our house. It is always accompanied by a big gasp of air and a loud sigh. (see video) Once he starts he usually doesn't stop for several gasps or until he falls over.
Such a cute cheesy smile.
Okay so lately I have been on this curl kick with Andrew. I just can't believe that Austin and I could ever have produced a kid with curly hair, or the ability to have it with some mousse. These next few pictures are just too fun and are what Andrew looks like more now a days.

oh oh oh. okay so this picture is from a previous blog I had done in December when we first moved into our home. If you notice Andrew's chin is not visible at all over the edge of the box. Three weeks ago Isaac was sick and I needed to take him to the doctors. At the same app I did Andrew's 15 month well check which was three weeks early but hey, kill two birds at once right. So, during the appointment they weighed him and measured him, normal stuff for well check apps. Then the doctor came in and said that she wanted to check Andrew's height herself again to see if the nurses had measured him correctly. After she checked him she put in the data and was surprised that the nurses had measured him correctly. She showed me his bar graph and for the first 12 months it was a nice curved line of 75% for his height. Then when adding the line from his 12 month to his 15 month (which keep in mind he just turned 14 months the week before this app) the line shot straight up. He had jumped in two months from the 75% to the 95%. I couldn't believe it, I guess it makes sense now why I was so surprised when people in our new ward kept saying he looks like a 2 year old. I would look at them funny and point to Isaac who actually is the two year old and say "No" he is the two year old, this other one is only a year. I guess I am comparing two very tall kids to each other. So the picture below shows the same pose in the play house so you can see for yourself how much he has grown.

Oh I love these matching pj's. Isaac is so sweet to Andrew when it is movie time. lol Isaac will look at Andrew and say, "Andrew, do you wanna watch a movie?" all enticing-like. That tone always gets Andrew excited and both boys rush into the family room in front of the TV. Then I will tell Isaac that he needs to sit on the couch and once he sits down he looks for Andrew and says " Andrew come sit by me?" So cute. Isaac is such a good big brother to Andrew.

Shaving Cream as Gel

Once in a blue moon when I actually get both boys dressed and their hair done I use a mousse product which you all know looks exactly like shaving cream. One time I caught the boys doing their own hair with what they thought was mousse but really it was mommy's shaving cream. It was so funny, at first they just played in the sink getting the cream all over their arms and hands, but quickly moved to each other's hair. (see video) It was very fun to watch them play together and try to do their own hair like mommy does to them. I have such smart adorable boys.

Isaac has officially perfected the 'cheese' smile.
Andrew thinking, "not another picture mom."

Isaac's First Snow

Finally after 55 degree weather and several trips to the park in the middle of January our snow caught up with us. I am not going to lie I really REALLY enjoyed the warm weather. It helped talking to Lanae and her 75 degree weather just a little bit easier, but alas, the snow is here. When I first realized it was snowing I opened our big family room window blinds for the boys and they were enthralled for several minutes. We sang the snow man song about 15 times but eventually Isaac wanted to go outside. So I waited for Andrew's first nap and got Isaac all decked out for his first adventure in snow.You can't tell in this picture but he got these Lightning McQueen snow boots for Christmas and has been begging to wear them.
Here he is all ready for the snow. This was also his first time wearing mittens and he didn't like them at all. Then we went outside and he stopped complaining.
Isaac in our front yard.

He really enjoyed it. He liked kicking the snow and throwing snow balls at me after I nailed him once on the tummy.

Then of course he had to discover eating the snow..........
and eating the snow.....
and eating the snow.........
you'd think he hadn't drank anything all day.......
and some more.
This is under our tree in the front side yard. He pretended it was a fort.
Then we walked across the street to the park which had lots of fresh snow to walk through.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 2011 in Washington

I can't believe Christmas came and went already! Can you believe that? Crazy. We had a great time in Washington this year and created a lot of fun memories. Cousins got to be reacquainted and traditions were shared. Lots of good times that I hope you will enjoying seeing. These first few pictures are of the science museum we went to the week after Christmas.

Part of the family in the dinosaur section of the museum. By the way, thanks Ben for watching Andrew the whole time for me, you're so sweet.
In one building they had a huge indoor play ground for toddlers. The play ground was enclosed by this long water station that the kids could play in and the parents could keep their kids contained. It was brilliant.
In the same area they had a place where the kids could touch live sea animals. Of course when I told Isaac to touch it he said "no mommy touch it." I would then touch it and he still wouldn't, oh well he did like to look at everything.

Isaac with his cousin maggie
A climbing wall in another part of the building. Well more like a walking forward wall instead of a climbing up wall. Still fun for the guys though.

So the Friday before Christmas, Austin, Jenna, and I took the young kiddos to the lake by our house that has an awesome play set. The play set distracted the kids for about a half an hour but then ducks were spotted. I am not just talking about 3 or 4 ducks, I am talking like 20 or 30 brave ducks that walked right up to you. (see video)

The boys matching pj's for Christmas morning.

Ninja Andrew, that I was trying to get to be a shepherd Andrew but he refused to wear the sack cloth. lol

Isaac absolutely loved how Austin was home all day for a week and a half straight. No work, no school, only lots of horse and cowboy playing.

Our nativity story went a little different then the normal one. You see our Mary and Joesph couldn't really get along.............
so an angel was sent to............................
to force them to enjoy being together, but still
the only way both were happy was when not only Mary was riding the donkey but Joseph too.
The wise men
Mary and Joseph kissing baby Jesus
The shepherds with their totally awesome sheep
What a good looking wise man.
Traditional Stairwell Family Picture- I don't remember it being such a tight squeeze before-