Friday, September 21, 2012

Who looks like who?

Emeri at 1 month

Isaac at 1 month

Andrew at 1 month

Emeri at 2 months

Isaac at 2 months

 Andrew at 2 months

Elizabeth/Mommy's 25th Birthday!

Yep, 25 years ago I enter this world. It is weird to think that I was once a little Emeri to my mother. Well, of course not with all the hair, or any at all in fact, but you get the point. My birthday got me thinking about time and that to my mom, 25 years ago, I was a tiny infant; and Emeri is my tiny infant now! Oh man, don't grow up Emeri, you are not aloud. Okay. You are permanently grounded from growing up. lol Oh well, I guess my birthday is just another reminder to cherish my children always, because before I know it they will be all grown up and having kids of their own. BUHAHAHAHAHA!

Austin made this delicious confetti and butter pecan cake with chocolate butter cream! He also made me breakfast, put the boys down for a nap, and cleaned the house for me. Thanks babe! Love you. 

 My sister bought me these flowers and some delicious smelling soap! 

 Isaac of course helped me blow the candle out and lick them all clean.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Emeri's smile, from start to finish!

That's right, Emeri is a little smiler now and it just melts my heart. She is so stinkin cute when she smiles that I totally ignore the boys when she does. lol Well not completely but you get the point.

Her chillin face.......

Then some eyebrow raising.......

 and some cheek lifting.......

then some mouth twisting and........

 some eye twitching........



 Smiles with the mouth closed, just as cute!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Trying to Keep the Boys Entertained

Here are some of the things the boys have done that have kept them sane while mommy attends to Emeri. It was hard at first to not just turn on the TV for some babysitting help but my conscience wouldn't allow that for very long, so I had to start getting creative. Plus, the boys aren't picky about what holds there attention as long as they can climb, jump, run, or fall as part of the entertainment. And so, the horribly crafted Batman cave was created.

Isaac enjoys playing with his Mr. Potato head kit that he got for his birthday. 
 Giant train tracks. This was and still is one of the boys favorite play time activities. I like it as well because it was super cheap, all I needed was painters tape from Walmart for a dollar.

Here was Emeri during all the "choo, choos" and " all aboards." Totally out cold. She is such a good baby!
 Oh yes, the most recent activity the boys have discovered is playing on Mommy and Daddy's bed. I heard them laughing in the back room one day and when I enter our room I saw all the pillows and covers on the floor and the boys jumping and falling on the bed. It was cute. They play here for about a half an hour every day. It gives me so much time to myself, I love it.

I started laundry the other day and kept hearing banging coming from the washer. I thought maybe I had put in the cup that holds the soap into the wash but the banging was pretty loud. I ignored it though and let the washer run its now loud course. After it was done I not only found the cup I had suspected was in there but also this large container of dish soap that I know was under our sink that morning. My first thought was that it was Austin who had washed the crock pot in the sink right that was next to the washer but..........
later found the real culprit playing with the washer. 

Company Softball Game

Austin's work had a multi-company softball tournament a few Saturdays ago that we played in. It was in Salt  Lake so Jared and Sereen were able to come support us and help watch the kids for us. We got our butts kicked the first game and got the second game stolen from us by the ump. It was still fun though, Austin got on base his first time up to bat and was also the only person to hit a home run! I was so proud of him. After the games we spent the rest of the day with Jared and Sereen, it was great to catch up and see little Preston's   new tricks.