Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bath Time

 Bath time is a favorite for our kids. Andrew and Isaac like to dump water on each other and Emeri likes to splash to her hearts content. Another thing Emeri likes to do is drink the dirty water when she happens to come across one of the boys cups. Gross I know. Well if its not the water in the cup then it's the water in the tub when she bends over with her mouth opened wide. Oh well, it's just strengthening her immune system. I am surprised Emeri takes bath time so well, after all it is a water splashing, body crashing, toy flying war zone.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Emeri's 9th month

The Precious Petite Pretty Princess is 9 months now. Woooeeee! I feel like I do her monthly pictures every other week not every month. Man. Well, our little girl is as mobile as ever now. Her nicknames are "pretty girl," "cupcake," and "inch." We will be walking down the stairs and all of a sudden you will see Emeri inching her way into view and then out again within seconds. Her little butt sticks up into the air every time she scoots, making her look like an inch warm. She also fits the name size wise too. She is 7 pound lighter then her cousin Bryce who is 3 months younger then her. She is also the same height as her other cousin Savannah who also is 3 months younger then her. Emeri is now in the 23rd percentile for her weight, 67th for her height  and 60th for her head circumference. She weighs 17 pounds and is 28 inches long. What a little girl. She also loves solid foods; mostly bread. Her favorite thing to eat is anything we are eating. 

 When I tell you she is all over the place I really mean it. She finds her way to the back bathroom.....

.......into all the plants Jeff and Tammy have,

 ......in the kitchen, 

....tries reaching for the outlets,

....and even tries to get what is under the rugs. I don't know why she is so fascinated with the rugs but she is always picking them up to see what is underneath them.

This is one of Emeri's favorite toys. She loves standing up and pushing all the buttons. She is getting close to pulling herself up to the toy. Maybe a few more weeks.

Daddy loves his little girl!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Austin's New Job

Austin is now working for a new company called Newline. He is the regional sales manager who in charge of training all the Office Depot salesmen in the western United States on their product. The company he works for is selling touch screen tv's and large touch screen white boards. I am very proud of him and all his accomplishments. He is one of a kind. The down side to being one of a kind though is that he is wanted elsewhere too. Okay, good for his company but sad for me because that means he is gone more. The transition has been hard but we are hanging in there. What I do love about all his travels are the sweet ways he tells me he is thinking of me.

Here is a picture that Austin took in California. B.E.A.Utiful!!! 

Here is an example of how he shows his love when we are apart. He sent me these pictures on my phone.



Here is a picture of the Oakland Temple he took while visiting my brother Jon and his family in California.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Perot Museum of Science and Natural History

Kadi's dear sweet mother gave her and I family passes to the Perot Museum in Dallas. It is a brand new massive museum that had us entertained for hours. Starting off before we even got into the museum was a splash pad with a stream running through it and also an area with musical tubes the kids could bang on. Then once we were in we started off with the solar system area, then went to the dinosaurs which was so neat. After that we saw a bird exhibit, a systems of the earth exhibit, a sport exhibit (which was so cool) and then the children's area which was far better then the DFW museum area. We were there for half the day and we still didn't see all the exhibits. There was a human body one that I hope to see next time. I am really excited to go back and hope to one time go with just the adults because it was such a fascinating place. 

Here are the boys in the dinosaur area. 

These were magnetic dinosaur body pieces that the kids could put together.

Andrew's dinosaur looked really small because he didn't want to give the dinosaur his stomach. He wanted to hold it instead.

What does a dinosaur say? "roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

This was such a fun touch screen animal game that taught the kids the difference between a predator and a prey. For example, Austin was the predator and Kadi and I were the prey. Each team got to choose what their strengthens were. So we choose the defense of camouflager, smell, and spikes. Where Austin choose poisonous spray, wings, and one more that I forgot. Then the computer battled one defensive characteristic against one offensive strike. We were there for a good 20 minutes playing this game.

This was in the bird area. This activity was trying to teach the kids why birds have beaks. Andrew is using the tongs and Isaac the spoon.

Here was a part of the museum that was talking about the water cycle. Andrew touched this large piece of ice that melted onto the table, which flowed to the metal vertical tube, which then condensed the water into mist. Pretty neat.

Oh this was so fun. They had a TV weather man scenario set up were you could pretend to tell the world what the forecast was. Austin was hilarious doing it, see video.

This video was taken when we were in the part of the museum that taught about earthquakes. Really neat. We even got to experience what it felt like to be in an earthquake. Andrew loved it!

THE KIDS AREA!!! It was so fun!! It had a mini city playground with a construction area, a water table, a market place,  a camping area, two baby areas, and building blocks. Plus, it had an arts and crafts area and a huge sand pit that our boys didn't even notice because everything else was so neat and inviting. Isaac started off in the mini city, he loves rock walls.

Then he found this pulley system which I thought was great for little minds to learn and explore with. First Isaac had to pick a foam block up and put it on this belt. Then he rolled it up to the next level of the city where he had to put it on another pulley.

Then once he got the foam block up the 2nd belt he had to match his block to the correct drop off spot. Then he started over. It was a very clever activity and I was glad Isaac took to it.

Andrew of course loved the water table and spent most of his time there. 

All three boys loved pouring, dumping, blocking, lifting, and sinking. They were here for quite some time.

Here was the precious girl just walking up for her nap. 

We tried Emeri at the water table and at first this is what she did. Can't you just see her saying, "mom, you don't expect me to put my pretty clean fingers in this cold pool of filth do you?" Hehehehe

"Okay well that blue boat does look kind of fun."

Then Daddy finally got a smile out of her.

FLOWERS!!! We had no problem getting Emeri to smile surrounded by pretty pink and purple flowers.

And as well with the Mirrors! She smiled and talked to herself for most of the time we were in the kid area. lol She loved it!

She kept trying to give herself baby kisses. lol So cute!!!

Emeri wanted Bryce to have a flower in his hair too.......

.........He didn't like it very much.

Love this picture to death! Emeri totally had a look of satisfaction on her face. Poor Bryce was in shell shock mode. Don't worry Bryce give it a year and she won't ever be able to do that again. 

Here is Derek and Andrew driving the truck that held the fruit for the farmers market.

Andrew had fun with the flowers too. 

After the water table Isaac's shorts were soaking wet. I found him holding his shorts up like this while trying to shop at the market. It was so funny.

See! Heheheheheh  He even did it with no hands. 

And then when I told him to stop holding his short, he did this!!! Oh yeah, spread eagle while collecting fruit.

Andrew finally ventured over to the mini city and had a good time climbing and sliding.

Super Hero pose in his hard hat!

Here was the camping area. It made me want to go camping so badly. The boys sure had fun when we went camping last year. Isaac brings it up every once in awhile and I am amazed that he even remembers. After playing here though both boys wanted to go.

Andrew insisted on putting the food into the tent through the window and not through the big convenient door.

Isaac too didn't want to use the door. Weird little fellas I have.

Isaac found the woodland animals that they had for the kids to play with. 

Love this picture of Kadi!!!! AWE!!!!!

Here was the sports area!! So filthy! In this picture, Andrew and I are on a short track they had where you could race either a cheetah, t-rex, an Olympic gymnast, or a NBA player. It was so fun!!!! Isaac and Andrew were freaked out of the t-rex so they wouldn't race him, but I finally got them to do it when we raced the cheetah. The funniest part of all of this was that when we were in line, Andrew would not stop roaring. Every time someone raced the t-rex and the dinosaur showed his face, Andrew would roar back at him. He even roared in the middle of the track while we were racing the cheetah. See video. It was hilarious.

Don't you love how Isaac is still holding his wet pants. lol

The very last event we went to was a show from the Dallas Zoo. They had brought 15 animals to talk about and show us. The boys loved it because the zoo keepers walked around through the crowd with the animals so they got to see them up close.

'Hear no evil'

'See no evil'

'Speak no evil'

This was a large brachiosaurus fossil at the very end of the museum.