Friday, August 26, 2011

We Have Ourselves a Crawler!

Andrew started crawling yesterday. Videos pending once I get them to load.
This is a new table that we got for the boys that turns into a seesaw when you flip it over. I thought it was the smartest thing ever. I just had to have it for the boys. Eating on one side and entertainment on the other, whatever I need it to be.

In these pictures Andrew found the bag of leftovers Austin had taken to work. Yummy. Cold gravy. It got all over the floor and all over Andrew. I blame Austin. lol We still can't figure out how he opened it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Isaac

Can you believe it has been TWO YEARS since Isaac came into our family. He has grown so much these past years and I am so proud of him. In just two years he has learned to crawl, walk, talk, throw a ball, ride a scooter, feed himself, how to say his own prayers and so much more. So many accomplishments in just two years. Isaac, We love you!

The day he was born, 8lbs 7oz, 22inches long
3 days old
2 years old, 29 lbs, 38 inches
For a gift we wanted to get Isaac a tricycle but they were way over priced at the store so we bought one at a garage sale and polished it up. These are the before pictures of the bike when we first bought it for only 15 dollars.

Here are pictures of the process of painting, taping, and scraping. It was fun for Austin and I to do this project together. We were saving money and having fun at the same time!

Here are pictures of the finished product! We are actually pretty proud of it. We are hoping that because he got it at the end of the summer this year by next summer he will be old enough to actually use the pedals. (see video)

Isaac has officially entered the trains phase!! Several times a day he points to the TV and says "choo choo". I then ask him if he wants to watch Thomas the Train and he gets really exited and says "yes" "yes." He is always carrying around his trains and wants to sleep, eat, and travel everywhere with them. The only way I can get Isaac to brush his teeth without pinning him down is to say, "Isaac your trains want to watch you brush your teeth" and I hold the train up to his face and brush at the same time.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Andrew at 9 months

Our big boy Andrew is crawling now!! okay, so technically he is scooting/arming crawling but he is finally mobile! It has been a ton of fun watching him grow and seeing how he mimics everything his big brother does.

Sometimes Isaac copies Andrew as well.
Our little Andrew getting into the movies after he scooted towards them from the couch.
Isaac's old hat that now fits Andrew! He looks like a fisherman, a very cute fisherman.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

RaNdOmNeSs in July

Isaac likes to help me feed Andrew and is very aware of what I give Andrew to eat. Sometimes when I am not careful I leave the box of cheerios too close to the table and Isaac quickly sees those moments and loves to take advantage of it. Usually I am fast enough to grab the cheerio box but one time Isaac was really quick and grabbed the box and successfully gave some cheerios to Andrew............
as well as to the floor to, such a sweet boy. Hope you caught the sarcasm.
Isaac loves to read to Andrew even if Andrew doesn't listen. It is so sweet to see Isaac do things to Andrew that I do him.

These pictures are of Isaac's new Sunday outfit! I got the whole suit from the Burlington Coat Factory for 15 dollars. I was really impressed because walmart had the same for 15 but they weren't has nice a quality.

I love this picture! Even though Isaac is fairer skinned like me I feel like in this picture, you can tell they are father and son.
I can not believe we have a two year old. Time goes by so fast.
His new "cheese" face.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bath Time!

The two boys love taking baths. When I tell Isaac it is bath time he goes straight up to the bathroom and gets into the tub with his clothes still on. We are trying to teach him how to take his clothes off but I think he gets too excited that he forgets.

Isaac loves his new bath robe. We got it a D.I. for 4 dollars. It has trains and trucks on it and he loves it. Can you tell in this picture that he has finally learned how to say cheese when the camera is on him?

The point of having the boys take baths is to 1. get them clean, and 2. get them tired, but I feel like it does the opposite. The boys are always energized when they get out, I feel like I should leave them in longer but I already give them a good 45 minutes. Any longer and they will turn into prunes.
This video is a perfect example of the "energizing" thing I was talking about.

Anniversary/Harry Potter/Awesome Husband/Baby Break

3 Years, one month and 22 days ago

Over the last few weekends Austin has done so many wonderful things for me, even more then what he does on a daily basis. He is a wonderful husband and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for him. Love you BABE!
These are pictures of us at the 'Roof' restaurant in Salt Lake. Our anniversary happened when we were in Indiana so when we got back Austin took me here to celebrate. Thanks honey. It was delicious.

Then after dinner we went to see Harry Potter and the Green Lantern at the drive in with Jared and Sereen. It was a blast and we are definitely going to do this more often. Two movies for 7 bucks!
The rest of these pictures are of the bed and breakfast Austin took me too. It was a complete surprise, and I didn't have to prepare for it or anything. He got all the boys' stuff ready to stay at Jared and Sereen's place and packed the stuff we would need as well. It was a dream come true. No babies, no feeding, no changing, all the hot water and air conditioning we wanted, and I got to sleep in until 8:30 which I have not done for 9 months!!!!!!

These are pictures of the back of the Castle Creek Inn.

Oh I had to add this video, Isaac can catch and throw now!