Saturday, July 26, 2014

Emeri's 2nd Birthday

What!!!! It has been a year already!! I feel like I just finished her first birthday post. -tear- Time is cruising! Before I know it she will be driving, dating, and going off to college. -tear again- Okay, Sorry. Mommy moment. Well our precious petite pretty princess is now a talking machine. She uses sentences like, "I talking to you Mommy." or "Excuse me Mommy!" She plays very well with her brothers. Hence the cape she is wearing. Her favorite color is pink, her favorite book is All Tutus Should Be Pink, her favorite movie is Frozen, her favorite song is the "Anna and Elsa" song from Frozen, her favorite toy is her baby doll, and her favorite treat are those honey salted pretzels from Sprouts. At night Emeri will ask for the "Jesus song" (I am Trying to be like Jesus) and the "walk beside me song" (I am a Child of God). She loves to go to the "pool" with her own "my swimsuit" and go on walks to see the "duckies." Emeri also loves to say the prayer at every family pray gathering. She insists that I don't help her by saying "I say it!" whenever I try to. 
Emeri brings so much fun and giggles to our home. Emeri, you help to complete our family. We hope that you will know how much we love you, but more importantly how much your Heavenly Father loves you.  
 Grandma Heath did a fantastic Olaf cake for Emeri! She loved it, and hasn't stopped talking about it.
The birthday girl got Frozen sprinkles on her oatmeal that morning! She loved them. 
 Here is precious Oakley sleeping on the sideline during the party.
We had the kids play pin the nose on Olaf. Drawn free handed by none other then Austin Heath.
 Sweet Mallory and her family came to the party. We wish her luck on her pregnancy! 
 Emeri got some great gifts for her birthday. None of which we were expecting. Thank you all so much for your love and support to Emeri. We truly appreciated it.
 We love Amy!!! She is such a joy to have around. Plus, she is great with the kids. Thanks girl!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Random Fun in July

July was a crazy month of recovering, adapting, creating, and playing. The kids had so much patience with me while I was feeding Oakley every two hours. They played so well and thankfully I didn't really care what the house looked like. HAHA The kids had to start doing a lot of things by themselves though. For instance, Isaac and Andrew had to learn to prepare and make their own toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pour their own cereal, make their beds, brush their own teeth, empty the dish washer, and clear the table. It made me anxious about them making an even bigger mess but I couldn't do anything about it. Oakley had to eat and the kids too. It was good for me really. I learned to let my kids do more things and in doing so they learned to do more things too.

Here is Emeri playing dress up and dumping spider man cards on the floor. Emeri also loves to pretend to talk to people on my phone. She knows the hand gestures and facial expressions needed. 
These two cuties have really learned to play together this month. I don't think I ever saw them without their capes on. Batman and Cat Girl saves the day!
Here is Emeri feeding her own baby. She doesn't get jealous that she isn't my baby anymore, but watch out if she doesn't have her own baby to take care of like mom does. HAHA
Our four adorable kids in their Sunday best!! My mom bought these two dresses for our girls. It was their first matching outfits. There will be many more to come, I will be sure of that!
Relaxing on the couch with Daddy.
Have you seen 'The Grudge' lately? If not, just stop on by, she walks the very floors we do. 
AKA-this is Emeri's pouty face when she has to do something she doesn't want to.
The boys made a marble run together. All they needed was some paper towel tubes and some scotch tape and ta da! A fun marble run that kept its cool for a good week or so.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Oakley's first few weeks

This little bundle of sweetness can't even imagined how much joy she has brought to our family. 
It is tradition in my family that each child gets an individual picture with the newest member of the family. There is just something so sweet in seeing  your older children hold the newest innocent member. It also gets me teary eyed because it shows just how big my older children have become.

 Oakley has the cutest cross eyed look. 
 Now that we have Oakley, the kids are mimicking everything I do with her. It is so cute to watch them burp their toys, put dolls in the car seat, and make the 'mommy sounds' I do to Oakley to her as well.
 Daddy is in love. Oakley has him wrapped around her little finger. 
 Thank you Grandma Ralph for watching us! My mom came for a week and a half to take care of me and the kids. I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you mom!
  Our 4 dear sweet children. We never could have imagined having such wonderful and unique kids. 
Our precious princess is so beautiful. we love you Oakley.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oakley's First Hours Home

With Oakley's birth being at a birth center, we were able to leave the center as soon as we wanted to. So, after a good feeding, and a thorough physical exam of Oakley, we left about 4 hours after she was born. Arriving at home around 5 o'clock in the morning, we were blessed with the scampering of excited feet running to our room only 2 hours later. With puffy eyes I turned the light on so that the kids could see their brand new baby sister. It was such a spiritual/crazy few minutes. The room was dim, the kids were trying to be quiet and each one took their turn kissing and touching their new sister. Thankfully, Grandma Heath came and took the kids to her house a few minutes later until Jess came in to town.  Austin and I were exhausted. I was glad the kids got to see Oakley before they left though.
The kids kept bringing their toys and books in to give to Oakley. It was so cute.
 Grandma Heath's first visit with Oakley.
Aunt Jessie helped out so much. I could not have don't it without her. Her and Jenna took the kids with them for the whole week. It gave me time to rest, recover, and enjoy our new little angel. Thank you so much Jess. Seriously. Words don't quite say enough.