Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter 2012

This Easter has been by far our favorite one since we have been married. During past Easters I felt like we didn't even know that it was Easter when it came. We didn't pay much attention to it because our boys were so young. This year though, we definitely made up for it! The boys were so spoiled because I had 3 years of past Easter excitement in me ready to explode, and if you ask Austin, it did indeed explode. lol The Monday before Easter we went to the Howard's and had a Easter egg hunt with an awesome FHE lesson by Leanna. ( Three hours later is when she went into labor with Calla) Then I bought some Easter books about the Resurrection which Isaac really enjoyed. We read them several times leading up to Easter Sunday. On Saturday, the Springville city put on a free Easter egg hunt for the kids, I thought it was good practice for when we had ours. So already the boys had two Easter egg hunts. So spoiled. On Sunday, we put Andrew into Nursery for the first time and he cried for the first hour but once they brought out some Easter eggs for the kids, they said he did just fine. lol Then after church, lunch, and naps we had our family Easter egg hunt and Easter dinner. My mom would be so proud, I made dinner rolls for the first time. They were so good, and thanks to Sereen, so quick.
Daddy and Andrew minutes before the Spingville Easter egg hunt.
Okay so it wasn't exactly an Easter 'egg' hunt, candy just thrown on the ground worked just fine too I thought. The kids didn't care, candy is candy.

So Andrew only collected about 5 pieces of candy which means we only went into the football field about 15 feet. He sat right down after he collected his precious 5 pieces and started putting them back.
Here is Mr. Isaac after the hunt.

Our little family at out first Easter egg hunt.
On Sunday during the boys naps we started preparing their baskets and hard boiled eggs. It was so much fun! We were way too excited, more so then the boys ever where during the whole day, but it was worth it. We just can't believe we are those parents now. Don't laugh, you all will be there soon, just wait, you will do the same thing.
Here I am preparing their baskets and putting together the eggs.
Walmart totally has the coolest Easter eggs now. I even saw animals for a Noah's Ark Easter egg hunt.
Here they are hunting away.

So cute. Andrew got a bit more in his basket this time. The other hunts were good practice for him.

I love this picture of Andrew. He just stopped there for 30 seconds holding his basket with two hands staring at something.
After a long hunt, the hunters got to explore through their treasures.
Isaac ate most of his candy in about 5 minutes. Good thing we only put one jelly bean in each egg or else he would have pooped jelly beans out for the next week.

Family Picture: It would have been perfect if Andrew was looking forward and Isaac wasn't scowling. Oh well, I will take what I can get. lol
Two very proud parents. We had way too much fun doing Easter this year.
It was such a nice day on Easter that we let the boys play outside for a bit. They love to run around together and play follow the leader.

Then of course the stroller and car has to be used to. I don't get why they like pushing the stroller so much. They will go back and forth on the sidewalk for an hour just pushing, walking, and then turning around again.

Sometimes we have a run away; its always Andrew.
After the car and stroller got old the Frisbee golf was busted out.
Andrew mostly stared at it like this. Isaac was very patient with Andrew when it was his turn to throw. I was so proud of him.
See. This is Isaac's patient stance.

Our little girl at 23 weeks
My sister and her husband came over for dinner that evening and afterwards I had some fun and hid a chocolate bunny and some candy for them. Austin found 2 of the candies and the chocolate bunny.

It was such a fun day.
For FHE the next day we dyed our eggs with Isaac and this was his favorite part of the whole holiday. He loved dumping the eggs into the dye and seeing them change colors. He kept re-dipping some over and over again in different cups.
We needed way more then 18 eggs for this boy. He kept asking for more and more. I am glad he enjoyed this activity so much. I was kind of worried he would get bored waiting for the egg to change colors but he did great.
Some of the kits I bought for the eggs were really neat. One came with it's own collapsible cups and the other one came with monster accessories. Here Isaac is putting eyes on his monster egg. Every day after we did this he wanted to play with his monster eggs. He would take one and run around the house growling at everything and everyone.
Our finished products. Aren't they so fun?
Oh yeah, also on Sunday we made rice krispy hollow eggs and bunny rabbits. You just mold the rice krispy treats around a plastic egg and then fill it with m&m's. It was so cute and such a fun activity.

The boys liked the rice krispy treats a few days later because I let Isaac crack them open with a mallet. It was a good motor skill activity for Isaac plus m&m's are always a fun treat.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun Times in April

Here are some pictures of the boys these last few weeks.
This is a tree in our front yard that used to have a swing on it. The previous owners left some rope attached to the tree and Isaac really wanted to hang on it one day. He did a pretty good job holding his weight.

This was hilarious. The boys newest thing they like to do up to the table is pass their sippy cup back and forth to each other. They think it is the funniest thing in the world. Here are their faces when they are doing it; Isaac just laughs because Andrew laughs.
This is what Andrew's face looks like. He seriously loves this game.
I found these hats for the boys at Walmart and they look absolutely adorable in them. For the past few months when we would go to Walmart, I would see these hats and have the boys try them on. Immediately they would pull them off so I knew it wasn't the right time to get them. The last trip to Walmart I guess was the right time because once I put them on the boys both of them kept them on. So I didn't risk it and just bought the hats while they were still on the boys' heads.
Here is what Andrew looks like with it on. I love this picture, he reminds me of Harrison Ford on Indiana Jones.
Isaac learned to put his hat on backwards all by himself, I promise I didn't teach him that.
This picture is for me. I needed visual proof that my boys do share sometimes. lol
My boys with their hats. After a few minutes of play, their hats always start turning sideways like a gangster. I love it.
Here is my dear friend's little baby girl, Makenna. I was watching her for a little bit while she went to get her hair done but I really don't think I was necessary. Isaac fell head over heels for this baby girl and watched her the whole time. He gave her all these stuff animals to play with and rocked and sung to her for the first 10 minutes she was at our place.
The other hour she was their he was like this; all up in her face.
The boys were bored one day and I didn't really feel like going to the park for the 100th time so I made a tunnel/fort for the boys. I just turned our couches around and threw some blankets over it. It was perfect!
Isaac didn't quite get it at first, he kept getting his head caught on the edge of the blanket. It was really funny but kind of annoying because I had to fix it each time he went through.
Andrew on the other hand knew exactly what to do. lol