Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Remlinger Farm

Every summer when we visit Grandma and Grandpa Ralph, Aunt Beka takes us out for a day at Remlinger Farm. It is such a neat farm. Not only are there fields of fruits and veggies you can pick yourself, but they also have a train ride, theme park rides, hay maze, petting area, and horse back riding. The farm is a huge hit for our kids. My favorite part about this trip was letting the boys go on the tea cups as much as they wanted. I think they rode it about 8 times. The reason they stopped was because Andrew had thrown up all over the ride from being spun too much. HAHA He wasn't even crying, he just took it like a man. I thought it was pretty funny. We will have to see if he will ever go on that ride again.

Here are the babes on the horse rides. Oakley was a bit unsure but the older kids loved it.
I loved seeing Emeri on that small pony. It was so cute!!
Aunt Suzie, Uncle Cory, and their kids came with us!! It was nice to get to know Cory and to have some help herding the kids around.
Playing tractors in the sand! Little Miss Emeri didn't want to keep her shoes on. She let me know she was not okay with that. HAHA What you don't see was the sweet smile she gave me afterwards.
Boat Rides!!
Car Rides!
Sweet Smiles on the train ride.
These nifty bikes were one of the boy's favorites to ride. They drove them down a path that I couldn't see them on, and then all of a sudden they would come from behind me just beaming with joy!
More car rides, and the most adorable faces EVER!!! I love Love LOVE those little ones.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Point Defiance Zoo

One day in Seattle Aunt Beka, Uncle Samuel, and the gang headed to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. The last time I was at this zoo I was a little girl, but since I had a coupon for it, off we went. The memory that I will never forget about this trip happened before we even got into the park. Emeri was on Aunt Beka's shoulders when she tripped and fell on a slope leading to the front gate. The sweet thing was that she was more worried about Emeri then herself so she took the impact right to her knees to make it so Emeri didn't fall as far. That was so sweet, and I will always be grateful for that. The price was steep though, Beka was cut badly and was limping for the next month. I will always remember how my sister put my child before herself though. A mother can never forget such kindness towards her baby.
 Emeri and Andrew braving the sea urchins and anemones. 
 The best part was the zoo's awesome shark tank!! They had around 15 large sharks that would come right up to the glass. You could even lay down next to the nursing sharks and be inches away from their mouths!! It was sooooo awesome.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Random Fun at Grandpa and Grandma Ralph's house

The four wheeler at Grandpa's house is usually the number one for the kid's favorite thing to do. This year Isaac was able to steer the quad by himself with Grandpa behind him. Issac's face was glowing in the video. I am glad my kids love four wheeling because that is one of my favorite memories as a child
 Before we got the kids pool out, the baby pool was out for Oakley to get her hands in. She obviously LOVED playing in it. Look at that smile! The older kids were desperate to get wet too, as you can see, undies work just fine when mom wasn't fast enough to get their swimsuits on.
 Sweet Aunt Beka had some little toys for the kids to play with while we visited. She even had a baggie of sticks for me with activities for the kids to do when I needed a good idea.
 POOL TIME!!!!! Every afternoon the kids were in the pool splashing, squirting, playing, and having a blast! Plus, Mommy was more likely to say yes to popsicles when she knew that sticky hands would get cleaned off in the pool. HEHE
 Don't Eat Pete!!! A family tradition growing up which the kids remembered from the visit a year before. The feelings I get when I see my kids enjoying something that I did when I was a child moves me so much. It makes the long trip from Texas to Washington every summer well worth it.
 OH MY WORD!!!! Oakley May has stolen my heart in these photos. Okay, fine, she steals my heart all the time but I love seeing her little personality throughout these photos. SOOOOO CUTE!!!
 She is just happy to be alive and near water! 
 These next 6 pictures are random and silly but make me happy. I want to remember the little things, moments, smiles, giggles, and expressions that my children had. They grow so fast!
 Austin wanted a picture of me so I sent him some kisses. Oakley wanted to send him kisses too, the mouth wide open is how she delivers hers. The last picture is of Uncle Ben being a silly man and sending funky pictures to Austin while exploring my phone.