Sunday, March 30, 2014

Funnel Cakes

During that same weekend that David was in town we had a seafood dinner and a funnel cake dessert night! It was so fun! We had two types of shrimp, talapia, salmon, crab cakes, and fish sticks. I loved every minute of it! I was in seafood heaven, and then a few hours later I was in funnel cake heaven! Tammy did a fabulous job frying some awesome cakes up for us. They were way better then any park or fairs funnel cake. It was a night of fun and eating! The only down side to this night was that every one got sick the next day. HAHA yep, kids and adults were throwing up or had the runs. That part was not so cool, but the food tasted sooooooo good, it just might have been worth it. lol

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Circus

During the weekend when David was still in town in between his trainings, the whole family went to the Circus! It was such a fun experience, a bit loud but still very entertaining. Some of the things people can do now a days is incredible. There was one man who was balancing a 40 pound vase on his head and spinning around, another man was standing on a small pedestal while balancing himself on a stack of boards and tubes. That was pure talent. Obviously, the animals were really fun too, especially for the kids; but I think their favorite parts were the motor cross bikes and the human canon. 

Here is Emeri cheering on the circus animals along with the rest of the crowd.
Can you spot the Liger?
Emeri went through a 10 minute episode of talking and pointing with Aunt Kadi about what she was seeing.
No way...Emeri and I don't look anything alike. HAHA
The two youngsters were a bit difficult to keep focused throughout the whole presentation. They did a good job of entertaining themselves by playing with each other. It was so cute to see these girls together.
The elephants were AWESOME! They even balanced on their front legs with girls riding on their backs.
Motor cross fun. The circus had three motor cross riders who would go off this jump and do a trick in the middle of the air. They were so impressive. The boys were glued during this part of the show. Afterwards, when Isaac got on his bike back at the house, he said he was pretending to be one of the motorcyclists at the circus. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Grandma Heath's Gift

Grandma Heath is 50!!!!! Way to go Grandma! You look absolutely fantastic for being 50 years old. If it is not to bold to say, I want to look like you when I am that old! HAHA Well, here are the pictures of the big gift that all of Tammy's children got her for her birthday. Boy was it fun being there, but for those who weren't I hope the pictures show enough. 
 Her face when she realized it was going to be something electronic. Scared? I would say nervous. 
 Surprise!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait.......she still doesn't know what it is.......Tammy, read the words on the box.
Tammy's solution? Take the entire gift out of the package. 
 Hooray!!! A laptop!!!!! No Tammy, that is upside down. Oh sheesh.
 Beautiful Grandma with her own brand new laptop.
 Jon, Jenna, and I made this birthday tracker sign for Tammy. Ya know, to help her remember family birthdays, not that she had a problem with that or anything. HAHA Love you Tammy!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Easter Fun and Crafts

Yep, Easter is still a whole month away, but I feel like there are so many Easter crafts you can do with the kids before hand. Plus, making the holiday stretch out even more was a great idea, I thought. In these first few pictures, the boys pretended to have their own Easter egg hunt. One would close their eyes and the other would hide the rocks we have in our back yard. They switched off several times and even let Emeri join in. The activity took up the majority of the afternoon. It was great!
Giant Foam Easter Eggs. I had some random foam shapes that I let the boys decorate paper eggs with. I love it when a holiday activity is mixed with learning.  Those are the best!
Marshmellow eggs! We discovered that the colored marshmellows were perfect for decorating paper eggs! Plus, the tropical flavors made it that much cooler for the boys.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I just want to cry when I see this picture. Our babies are not babies anymore. We actually have children now. You kids will never know how much we love you.
 During the three weeks Lanae was visiting before their big move to North Dakota, they spent the day at our house. We went for a walk around the lake and fed the ducks. Emeri and Savanna were in duck heaven!
 I can't stand how the Dallas area doesn't have mountains, but it sure does have some amazing storms. This is a picture of one storm that we watched roll in on Tammy's birthday. Isn't it just breath taking? You can't see in the picture but every two or three seconds there would be a flash of lighting, which in turn made it so we had an entire night with non stop thunder. I have never experienced that before. It was incredible, the thunder literally did not stop all night.  Driving over to Tammy's house Isaac pointed to the clouds and said, "Mommy! I see Jesus! Jesus is coming!" That is how cool these clouds were.
 Little Miss Precious Petite Pretty Princess chillin after her full breakfast of green smoothie. She loves them.
 After church picture. I love how Andrew naturally puts his arm on whoever he is taking a picture with. He is a natural model. HAHA
 Baby girl #2 at 26 weeks!
 Who loves making banana oatmeal cookies!!! WE DO!! Oh yeah!!
 Table road! Kept them busy for an hour during Emeri's nap! Boom Baby! 
 One family night we watched Frozen together as a family. It was such a fun evening!!! Emeri loved the little snowman, especially when he sang his hilarious song. She got right off the floor and started twirling with her hands over head like this. She was doing the movements to 'Once there was a Snowman' while the snowman in the movie was singing. It was so adorable!!! She danced the whole song.
 The boys thought the snowman was funny. Andrew was laughing out loud until the big snowman came on screen, then he started crying because he was so scared of it. HAHA

Have I ever mentioned how much we love pancakes?! Hope you caught the sarcasm. We eat them so much now that even Emeri insists on taking a turn flipping the pancakes. She gets quite pleased with herself with each pancake flipped. She loves it.
  Isaac can draw people now!!! Crazy!!! My little boy gets the concept of head, body, arms, and legs when he is drawing people. It was so fun to see his excited face when he saw that he could do it by himself. I was super proud of him.
 And this is what Andrew does whenever we are doing a craft. He sits and he cuts, and cuts, and cuts. He started on the table with several whole pieces of paper, but over about an hour of time he eventually ends up on the floor making the pieces even smaller.