Thursday, December 30, 2010

Andrew is Smiling Now

This one isn't of Andrew smiling but it was too cute to pass over. It's his thinking face.Here's our smiling little baby!

This was is awesome! A smile with the mouth closed.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Andrew's Baby Blessing

On November 28th 2010 we had yet again another wonderful baby blessing. We'd like to thank all of those who were able to make it, even though it was snowing like crazy. It was a beautiful occasion and we are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to support us. Thanks again!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fun Times the Last Few Weeks

Here is little Andrew going on 5 1/2 weeks old! He's getting so big!
I don't know about you guys but this picture of Isaac makes him look so much older. He's not a little baby anymore. He's a big boy!
Here are some pictures of me trying to take a picture of Isaac in his new t-shirt. It says, "It's my brothers fault." I thought it was perfect for Isaac. The little mischievous boy blaming his crimes on his little brother. I know him too well.

For example, I caught Isaac getting into Dad's homework.
Ha Ha! That face is guilty I say!!!!!!
And another example of his destructive ways. Here is Isaac chewing on our Christmas lights.
Yet again..........another guilty face.
And last but not least, here is Isaac pulling down the tinsle and wrapping it around his toy.
and then himself.
The most precious guilty face EVER! He knows it to!

Andrew's first smile! Look he has one of my dimples! Yeah!So the last time Lanae was over at our place before she left to Texas, she commented that Andrew's arms were extremely long for his little body. She said he probably could touch his hands above his head, which was crazy to her because Logan can't, at least the last time I checked. So, Austin and I put it to the test and Lanae was right! Our little gorilla baby can touch his hands over his head!

This is a blanket that my sister Rebekah made for Andrew. I couldn't believe it. I didn't know you could crochet ducks in a blanket! It was the coolest thing ever when she gave it to us. Thanks Beka! You Rock. He loves it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Andrew's first month

So here are some more pictures of Andrew. These first three are of today, so if you check the blog out today that is exactly what Andrew looks like. His outfit was one of the ones we picked out before we knew we were having a boy. I am glad he's wearing it so much now because it almost looks too small on him. I should have known, all our kids are going to be long. Silly me.
I love this one. His tummy is so cute!
I just want to rub it and kiss it all day!
And then the cheeks! Don't get me started!
These next few ones are of Andrew a few days ago. I think he look so different just in the few days between these pictures and the last ones. Crazy how fast they grow.
Almost a smile! Probably just gas though.

Andrew with Aunt Jessie! She's been so helpful, especially these past few days! Thanks so much girl, you are truly my life SAVER!

This was just today during Andrew's tummy time. I had laid him down when Isaac came around the corner and without me saying anything Isaac got down on the blanket just like this. It melted my heart. Isaac is such a good big brother to Andrew. We all can't wait for Andrew to be a little less fragile so Isaac can play with him a more.
They were both content for about 5 minutes and then Isaac became bored and whipped out the measuring cup.
Yep, he started tapping Andrew on the head with it, so tummy time was cut short but boy was it sweet.

Issac's new friend

Just for the heck of it. His eyes are so blue and his cheeks are huge! He's still our little boy, but he's learning to make new friends. Check it out.Last week I was finishing up feeding Andrew and I noticed Isaac on the floor with a very concentrated and focused look. Like you guys, looking at this picture I saw nothing that could possibly hold a 15 months olds attention for this long. He was down there for a good 5 minutes.
When I was finished with Andrew I came a little closer and could finally see what Isaac was fascinated by. If you look at this picture carefully and follow Isaac's gaze you can see a tiny dot on the floor.
Here it is a little closer. Yes, it was a spider and yes, he wanted to touch it and just about ended it's life doing so. lol I am just fascinated by how something so small can get his attention while in front of him a few feet off are all of his really cool toys. I'll never understand, but hey I am grateful my son finds joy in the little things in life.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Isaac and Andrew's first 3 weeks together

This was hilarious! Isaac found a balloon we had received for Andrew's birth and went crazy with it. He would walk around hitting everything with it, but eventually he got bored with that because the next thing I know he's doing this..............

At this point he was rocking back and forth on the the balloon. Then he started bouncing on it with his tummy. It was so funny!
This picture was taken because Isaac was getting mad that I was not paying attention to him. I was taking pictures of Andrew and he kept pulling on my shirt and reaching for the camera. So I took a picture of us but I don't think Isaac really was feeling it. His face is price less here and it reads, mom I don't want to take pictures, I want to play hide and seek, or something more entertaining than this.

This was the first day bringing Andrew home from the hospital. After Isaac's nap we brought Andrew in to Isaac's crib and gave the boys some bonding time, well more like Isaac poking Andrew time. I am just glad Isaac likes Andrew and doesn't get jealous when I hold him. Andrew swaddled in his new blanket that Grandma Ralph made him. This was about a week after he was born.
Here are my boys. I love being out numbered. My protection keeps getting stronger the more boys I get!
This picture is for Derek! I just wanted him to know that he isn't the only baby Isaac likes to try biting/kissing/slobbering. Not sure what he is actually trying to do when he does this but it's funny that he's kept it up since Derek. (Ask Tammy for the picture)
Here are our 2 boys! Isaac looks so big next to Andrew.
I love this face! It says, don't you even think about taking another picture mom, all over it!
this one too! But more like, mom do I have to take another one?

Here is baby Andrew 2 days old. He's such a little cutie, but I am biased of course.
Here is Andrew a few days old. He finally had his eyes opened for more than a few minutes. My vote is that they will be brown. What's yours?

I don't know what it is about our place but it just seems to bring on the snoozes. Just kidding, I thought this was a cute picture of Austin and Isaac. Isaac actually stayed there for awhile cuddling with Daddy. Oh and I don't know if you can see it but there are four people in this picture! Oh wait, I think I took this picture during one of the BYU football games when they weren't doing so well. Good thing that's changed.
About two weeks into having a younger brother, Isaac was getting really antsy in our little apartment. It's been a lot colder lately and I haven't been up for taking Isaac on our usually morning walk, especially with a newborn. So, our little family of four packed up and headed to the indoor play ground inside the mall so that Isaac could get a little breather. You should have seen him, he just lit up when he saw the other children. He was probably the youngest one there but definitely not the smallest, but I hope you enjoy the pictures.He kept wanting to go up the slide instead of down it.
Austin got pretty into it as well. (Thanks honey)
Isaac coming through the tree house.

Smiling for the camera.
Isaac checking out the tree house.