Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Energizer Heath Boys

Why do I feel like boys just never stop moving. They have so much energy and they devour any new activity we do together. They literally are like the energizer bunny, they keep going and going and going. It has been tough to keep up with their sponge-like minds just wanting to touch, see, and play with anything. Here are some of this months activities that have helped me keep sane and the boys entertained.
Well this picture was just too cute to pass over. Austin does do a good job of playing with the boys when he comes home. So I guess this picture does count.
OH YEAH! Finally we are fully FULLY potty trained. I'm talking he doesn't wet the bed at night and he keeps his underwear dry all day long! It took 5 months to get to this point but oh it is so worth it.
I just had to have a close up picture of him on the potty. When is he ever gonna let me take one of him doing this again, nor when will I ever want one. lol
Movies. Yep, still one of Andrew's all time favorite things to do. You could wave a cookie in front of that boys face, scream his name, and he still won't budge. Can you say focused?
Homemade silly putty. It was actually really easy to make.
Here he is trying to blow a bubble in it.
After the straw wasn't cool anymore we played hide and seek with his toy cars. He really liked that.
Then of course we had to turn the silly putty into a road. Honestly that held him there the longest. It was so nice.
If anyone hasn't heard of water beads please call me right now! They are the coolest thing ever. My boys love them so much and will play with them for a good hour. No joke. You can order them from amazon and they come in packages as tiny little plastic pellets, you then put them in water for 5 hours and they grow into these fun squishy beads. Most people put them in vases to keep their flowers hydrated or for decor, but our boys just like scooping, pouring, and feeling them with their hands. You have got to try it!

I love how it entertains both boys and for such a long time period.

Then after water beads Isaac asked for a road on the sleeping bag. So I grab some 75 cent tape and went crazy. This doesn't usually keep Andrew's attention for too long but it is sweet to see him try to copy his brother with the cars.
He usually just ends up rolling around. lol
Or staring at me for something more entertaining for him. lol
Oh we got this train table on KSL for 50 bucks! Awesome deal, it was brand new, the women had never opened it. Our plan is to turn it into a light table. See future posts for that.

Waiting patiently for mom to take them outside. Andrew dropped the box as it was leaning against the wall and when I turned to go outside this is what I saw. Co cute.
Even cuter!
Bath Time: Still another favorite of theirs. Don't you love how naturally modest they are. It is not like I said, "now boys cover those privates up for the camera." lol
Yes, the master of reading and book shelf destruction. I clean this mess up so many times a day.
One of Andrew's favorite books. He will jabber and walk up to me like he is asking me to read this and then once I sit in that brown chair he starts freaking out and pulling himself up.
Isaac saw that Austin was trying to take a picture of Andrew and jumped right in to take the lime light. Brothers will be brothers.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

60 degrees in March

This winter has been one of my favorites so far living in Utah. It has snowed only a few times and the snow has not lasted more then 2 days before it melts. It has been fantastic! The boys have really enjoy it too. Here are some pictures of us enjoying the warm winter weather in our front yard.Aunt Beka got this blow up tee and bat set for the boys for Christmas and they finally got to use it this month. Doesn't Isaac look so cute, I can just imagine him doing this pose with real equipment on a real team a few years from now. What a natural, I didn't even put him in this position.
Batters up!
Isaac liked hitting the ball all over the yard too.
Andrew of course found the only patch of snow left in our yard and ran all through it.

Andrew also liked this ball too. He would throw it as far as he could, chase after it, catch it, and then roll on top of it in an attempt to keep it from his older brother and Rigdon. The funny thing was that neither of the other boys were even remotely interested in that ball but Andrew was determined to defend it with his life. lol

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Momentous Occasion

For the past year I have been prodding, bribing, pleading, and begging Isaac to blow through his nose. No matter what I used as motivation he never ever blew through his nose. To make things worse he actually thought the sound of blowing our noses was us sniffing so whenever I would tell him to blow out his nose he would sniff the snot right back up. This winter was the worst, he sniffed so badly that he would complain to me that his ears were hurting. I so was frustrated, there was nothing I could do to get him to blow his own nose, I tried everything. Finally, for the first time yesterday and after 15 minutes of bribing and forcing his mouth closed so that he could realize that breathing through his nose wasn't going to kill him, he did it. Well, he breathed through his nose and when he exhaled I praised him and gave him candy. I told him that was what blowing through his nose was and that if he did it really hard I would give him some candy. It worked! Today has been a fantastic day of blowing. Finally after 2 and 1/2 years my son can blow through his nose. The best part about this is that this morning I heard my 16 month old Andrew sniffing and I went right over to him, put a tissue to his nose, showed him how to do it once, and he did it just like that. Yeah, I laughed pretty hard.