Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dinosaur Museum

Over the past few weeks I have introduced dinosaurs to Isaac and he's actually gotten into them a bit. At least as much as a 1 and a half year old can get into anything. I purchased some dinosaur toys at the dollar store and just happened to have a few dinosaur t-shirts as well. We even went to the library and got some dinosaur books. The best part about this little phase that he is in was the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. Kathy and Bill provided us with some tickets and our little family spent a Friday evening exploring the different periods of the earth. Austin and I actually learned a lot and we hope to go back some day without the kids so we can take our time reading about each time period and each dinosaur. We knew if we took too long the babes would start to get restless so we took the tour kid style and enjoyed Issac's excitement at the dinosaurs. (As much as Isaac can)

Don't they just look so thrilled to be there (Like I said, as much as Isaac can show excitement)
We asked him where the dinosaur was
This was hilarious. I want to be the person who found fossilized dino stool!
An example of what a paleontologist work place looks like
The front leg of a dinosaur that I can't remember

Isaac really enjoyed the part of the museum that was hands on.

So this picture of us and the picture of me with the kids in the previous picture were in the same room. The tan dino is called a superasourus and the other one is a brachiosaurus. The two largest dinosaurs standing next to each other. The superasourus's tail went farther then the whole body of the brachiosaurus. It was humongous and so neat to see.
The dinosaurs museum had a lot of kids activities. Here the kids were able to dig and bury toy dinosaurs.
Isaac wasn't too big a fan of the sand.

This was another fun activity where you match the bones to the right prints in the ground.

This was a fun little scale that compares your weight to the weight of certain dinosaurs. This is the closest dino that our whole family came to when we got on the scale. The heaviest dinosaur was the superasourus which was 200 lbs x 225 lbs

A Fossilized Dinosaur Egg Nest!!! Poor baby dinosaurs, they're stuck forever. ;)
So I wanted to get a picture with Isaac and this dinosaur but he would have nothing to do with it. That is the closest he would get without my assistance. lol

And even when he was on it he still wouldn't let me go.
So we took the picture together.
The 2 Tyrannosaurus Rex were so cool.

This part of the museum really surprised me. I guess when I think of dinosaurs I only think of the land ones but they had a really neat room full of water dinosaurs.

Isaac loved the real fish
This picture is of a full grown elephant who over time became this small because it lived in a place with no predators and little food.
This dinosaur is only an example of what they think it would have looked like because the only fossils they found were it's teeth. So they proportioned it's 7 inch teeth with sharks today and scaled it to the size they believe it would have been and what it might have looked like.

Here we entered the period of the mammoths and it was crazy to compare it to little Isaac.

This picture is of a one year old mammoth when it died.
lol The only reason this bird is on our blog is because of its name. I still can't believe I saw this.
Isn't that AWESOME! Heath Hen. Who would have guessed.
The last part of the tour came to this digging quarry where the kids could dig for dinosaurs molds which make them really look like dinosaur bones. Isaac was hilarious doing this because the dinosaurs were buried in sand which Isaac has never walked on before. I had to drag him in and he only would go has far has this rock. Eventually we picked him up so he could dig for the bones which were further away then that rock he clung to. He picked it up pretty fast though. He grab a brush all by himself and started brushing the sand away. Then he started to flick the sand all over him which made his clothes and hair full of it.

It was definitely a fun family activity and we want to thank Kathy and Bill for giving us those tickets and for feeding us dinner.