Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween! The kids were so excited to finally go trick or treating. It is a long wait for kids from Oct. 1st to Oct. 31st. 
Curb side picture before the unleashing.  We have the cutest grandchildren in the world!
On the go! We had a blast with cousins on both sides! Family is what holidays are all about.
Our little Snow White loved her costume. She especially loved her purple pumpkin. Having girls during Halloween is so fun! They get to wear the dresses I only dream of wearing. 
We had quite the group strolling down the street. Twelve kids ranging from ages 5 to 4 months. We probably looked like a daycare center! HAHA I love it so much. Herding cats right? Is't that the saying? 
Good looking Dads who just happened to be wearing the same colors that night. Was it planned? I think not! (guess that movie)

Here are the kids enjoying their stashes afterwards! I love seeing how excited they get to see so much candy! Plus, knowing it is all theirs is the cherry on top. Oh I loved Halloween as a kid! What I love about my kids being so young during Halloween is that they don't notice an occasional missing piece of chocolate from their bags. Muhahahahah!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ward Halloween Party

Lanae and Sereen were in Texas for our ward Halloween party. After going through our costumes we noticed there were four different colored butterfly wings. With a resounding yes, we all decided to be coordinating butterflies for the party. It was a ton of fun primping, spraying, drawing, and dressing up. The Heath house was a happening place for sure. 
Getting ready was a blast. The boys' masks turned out great! They loved being in full costume, it helped them get into character that much more. 
Poor Bell looks so sad! She has just the perfect pout face. Oh look, her lady bug cousin came to save the day and her mood! We love you Savanna!
Here we are! The beautiful colorful butterflies! This was so fun, you girls are awesome. 
Little monsters!! Isaac was devouring a delicious corn bread muffin while his brother and cousins ambushed the fragile but fun having Bell. It was so cute to watch. I was surprised she didn't get hurt.
Three little munchkins! You guys look great! Such cute kids.
 Here is our 4th little baby on her first Halloween! She is the third child of ours to wear this tiger costume. The albino Bengal tiger just happens to be Austin's favorite animal. She sure is a cutey!
Family picture during the Trunk or Treat!
 Spider-man sandwich! No one purposefully coordinated but we ended up with 4 spider-mans! 
Pictures of the kids in action! It was hard to keep up with all of them. Isaac was gone before I could say " say cheese." It was a good thing this was a church activity or else I might have been a little worried that I never knew where he was. I am glad he was having fun though.
 Love this girl! I am so glad Jenna is in our ward! She is such a gem to have; very special in deed. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Lanae and Sereen's visit- Random

We love Grandma Heath! Oh Oh and we definitely love our big Brycesters! 
It was a blast to have all the cousins together. The boys are getting old enough to really play and interact. We hope they will continue to be the best of friends as they grow.
Ghost marshmallow craft! I couldn't help myself, I just love Halloween! We had to do a craft with treats and some fine motor skill development. Couldn't help it! It was just too fun.
I was impressed on the range of age that this fun little craft could meet. We had 5 year olds down to two year olds enjoying themselves. YES!!
Aunt Kadi is so awesome! She is the kindest and most giving person. We love her so much! And this picture of Derek is just too funny to pass up.
Sweet cousins. Savanna wanted to hold Oakley so badly. She is going to be such a sweet big sister to her little brother that is on the way.
Three peas in a pod! These three are so adorable together. They act the same way, they play in the same manner, and they even talk to each other. As well as little two year olds can talk. They sure were hilarious to watch.
I hope this picture defines Emeri and Savanna's relationship when they grow up. I hope they are always their for each other to fix their hair, pick out outfits, and have each others' backs. This picture is just too darling.
Grandma, Sierra, and Emeri posing for an adorable picture! Such beautiful girls in this family.
The kids got to enjoy Grandma and Papa's gift together. The play set was used well. We know Papa was their watching them because when Savanna flew off the swing at the highest point, did a complete flip in the air, and landed on her face, she wasn't hurt. We know Papa was watching over for her. Wonderful miracle. Thank you Papa. We love you. 
One day we all went to the Grapevine aquarium and afterwards treated the kids to the Rain Forest Cafe. It was fun to see them so mesmerized. Grandma took them around in groups of three to see all the different animals. They were so excited when it was finally their turn to go explore!
 The kids were captivated from the beginning, starting with the massive crocodile that lives in the swamp right at the entrance of the restaurant. 
What great looking frogs, I mean kids. 
Our waiter asked for all those who had birthdays in October to stand up in the middle of the restaurant and dance to a silly birthday song. So, Lanae, Kadi, and Bryce stood up and started dancing. It was great, they got embarrassed and we got dinner and a show! 
 Such great pictures of such wonderful people. I am so blessed to have such an incredible family.