Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New Homeschool Year 2016

We can't believe how big our sweet babies are getting! What!!!! The three oldest are heading off to our homeschool Co Op group! Okay, so it's only once a week but the point is that they are all growing up so fast! -tear- Right before our eyes it seems. 
I love having the opportunity to teach my children, I don't know how long we will homeschool for but right now it feels like the right thing for our family. I love getting to see them grow and develop. Trust me, there are difficult days and tough times but all the moments in between are so sweet and precious. We are blessed to be able to homeschool again this year.
On Your Marks,,,,,,,Get Set..........GO!!!!!!
Oakley insisted that she be in the picture too. HAHA I won't complain! What great looking kids we have babe! We love you all so much!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Isaac's 7th birthday

Seven years old!!!! My oldest baby is seven!!! I can't believe this. I still remember not being able to sleep a wink the night before I knew you were going to come into our family. That night has passed seven times now. How wonderful. The memories we have had these past seven years have been incredible! So much joy, giggles, growth, and silliness has happened because you were born Isaac. We love you so much! You are a wonderful big brother and you have such a big heart. Your kindness and generosity is such an example to your father and I. You truly are a special boy. 
You love to play with legos, and any box you can get your hands on. You take those boxes and create something quirky that makes me laugh. You still sleep with your car blanket Grandma Ralph made you and have now mastered swimming and tying your own shoe laces. My how you have grown. I look forward to seeing how much you accomplish with the years to come. WE LOVE YOU!!
To celebrate Isaac we went to the Grapevine Aquarium. Daddy was able to come as well which was an extra treat! He was the one taking this picture. Exploring the ocean was a great way to share memories and have fun at the same time. We even got to see the octopus and the black tip reef shark get fed.
For a change of pace this year, Grandma Heath took Isaac and a friend of his choice out for ice cream, and to choose a gift at the store. We thought this was a great way to spend some one on one time with Grandma. He was glowing when he came home. It sure was a treat for him. 
 I love all of Isaac's different expressions. He is such a sweet boy. Thank you to all who gave Isaac a gift. He is one lucky boy.
Doesn't that cake look delicious?!!! Aunt Beka asked if she could make him an ice cream cake for his birthday. It was super yummy and the kids loved the idea of ice cream inside of the cake.