Monday, March 30, 2015

T-ball Fun

This week was finally warm enough to go outside! We love Texas winters; and T-ball too! So, that is what we played outside for about an hour and half. I showed the boys how to hit correctly and where to run for the bases. Andrew was so cute when he bent his knees up to bat. HAHA It looked like he was trying to not pee his pants. HAHA It was adorable. The kids and I played for awhile but the real fun was when Daddy showed up. Then we actually got to play two on two and kept score. It was the Blue Jays verses the Red Hawks. The boys came up with those names and I was impressed. 
This was a wonderful evening outside and now the boys can't wait to play ball next Spring.
I had to show them how it 's done,  I was sweaty from Camp Gladiator anyways. I can't help it, Go Big or Go Home! HAHA Wow, way to much competition inside of me. Oh yes, and you can totally take me serious with my brick held up tee, and my red star molded ice tray as second base. HAHA
Score board and a silly Andrew locking his mommy outside. Mr. Buster Pants!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

WiPe OuT RuN

A few months back, Kadi found an advertisement for a mud run that the TV show Wipe Out was hosting. She told me about it and of course we decided we had to it. We enjoyed reminiscing the good old days when I would come and visit Texas and we would laugh our abs apart while watching the show. So the decision was made, WE HAD TO DO IT! The hubs of course agreed, so we bought our numbers, ordered the shirt, and waited with GREAT anticipation. 
On the morning of the race I woke up with a sore throat. I knew I wasn't missing out on this though, so I put on Kadi's matching work out pants she got me and we headed out. Consequently, the weather was not helping my sickness. It was raining a touch and was really cold and over cast. I knew I was going to pay for it later but I didn't care, my adrenaline was pumping and we were all too excited for me to damper the situation. So, once we all met together, we put on our t-shirts and headed to the front of the line to start. It was a blast! Blow up obstacles, the big balls, bubble slides, and inner-tube rides were just a few of the stations there at the race. We had such a great time, it was an adult blow up play ground, and we enjoyed every second of it.
Here we are before the start of the race. We were nice and dry for about 5 minutes into the race, which was fun during the race but afterwards was horrible. We were freezing walking to the car. I could not get warm even on the ride home. Right when we got to Tammy's house, I jumped into her jetted bath tub and soaked in the hottest water I could stand. My skin was red from how hot the water was, but I didn't care, I was freezing to the bone. For the next 5 days I was really sick and congested but it was well worth it. 
I had to be constantly jogging or else I would start to feel my muscles cramp up from being cold. Even when we were in line for an obstacle, I still jogged in place. That is how cold it was.

Valerie was sweet enough to watch/hold Oakley for me during the race. It was so cute to see her asleep in Valerie's arms. Thanks girl.
Foam slides were a blast! I am thinking about putting one in our back yard. HAHA That would be an easy way to let the kids have fun and clean them at the same time.
 Inter-tube ballerina's. The boys are hilarious in this photo. It was fun to see them participate too.
The wall of death is what I called this one. Oh yeah, sure if you are 6'4'' this is NO PROBLEM AT ALL. For the rest of us average height people, swinging your legs over this two tower was a lot more intimidating. No worries though.......I did it......yes, with some help from that bar holding the wall up. Hey, don't hate the shorty for cheating......all that matters is coming down the other side! 

Funny pictures while stretching and standing in line for the last obstacle.
And the finish line celebratory picture!

Tammy's B-day

For Tammy's birthday she decided she wanted to go play lazor tag and whirly ball. We had such a great time and had a nice break from the kiddos. Afterwards, we ate delicious Cold Stone ice cream and savored every last bite! That Saturday we then had cake and ice cream with the kids so that they could see her blow out her candles. HAHA 
Yummy Yummy Yummy I've Got Love In my Tummy!
This sweet girl sat very patiently for Grandma Heath to blow out her birthday candles. She was primed and ready to go the moment we arrived. Love you so much my darling Emeri. Your smile lights up the room

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Break

During spring break, the Eagle Wings gymnastics program put on a day of open gym for a great price. It was the perfect thing for our boys to do. They were able to do anything in the gym and also had snacks, drinks, and a craft included. My favorite part of this was seeing how much energy was being expended. Early bedtime was go for take off. 
Andrew made a Pilgrim's hat for his craft, while Isaac made a basketball hoop. The four hours went by so fast but I was glad to see their new tricks learned and crafts made.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Growing up, we didn't really celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. One thing I do remember my mother doing was making sure everything we ate for dinner that night was green. One day I will be able to do that without eating only green beans and a green smoothie but for now crafts will suffice. 
That morning the kids used their dot painters to paint a Saint Patrick's Day picture. 
Later that day we baked a cake and I let the kids decorate it however they wanted. The only frosting I had was from Valentine's Day, and the only sprinkles were from Halloween, but they didn't seem to care. It was all sugar anyways, right.
Finished products.
Dinosaurs about to devour their prey!
Making these leprechauns was harder then it looked. Emeri's was only half done and Andrew's didn't even make it out of the cutting stage. Isaac was more motivated because of the paper fasteners that he had never used before, but besides his the rest of the leprechauns were lame or never created. HAHA

Monday, March 16, 2015

Heath March Madness

Andrew had his first talk in Primary in March. That kid cracks me up. During his talk he was giddy and jumpy, he could not hold still. Finally, Austin asked what was wrong and in the microphone Andrew said he had to pee. Andrew thought that was funny and laughed even harder and was really moving then. Austin quickly finished and Andrew ran out the door laughing all the way to the bathroom. The primary leaders were rolling with laughter. 
The other picture is of all three of us feeling crummy and resting on the couch.
I know, this is so grouse! Andrew and Emeri had a fetish with Andi's cage. They loved getting inside and playing with their toys in it. I kept trying to get them out but apparently it was too fun.
Andrew is starting to learn that he can get what he wants faster if he does it himself. He had earned the surprise bag for filling out his star chart for good behavior and was done waiting for me to get it.
These two silly monkeys have really become creative with the magnet shapes we have. Emeri is holding a rocket ship she built herself, and the other picture they had made cat faces.
I caught Emeri reading Oakley a book. Oakley thought Emeri was so funny.
Isaac discovered he is big and strong enough to give piggy back rides to Emeri. Also, Isaac still enjoys building roads for his cars to drive on.
Here is Emeri helping me to make a green smoothie. We eat them at least once every other day if not every day. As you can see, even Oakley enjoys them.
The silly boys were being funny with their food. Andrew told me he was pretending to be a pig while he held that cucumber up to his nose. I thought that was clever. Isaac and Andrew like to help me crack eggs, but for some reason one time they thought it was funny to shove them in Oakley's face. She didn't mind, it gave them all a good laugh.
Sweet little Andi is getting so big now. She is 4 months old and getting as big as ever. Her curly fluffy hair makes her that much cuter. The kids sure enjoy her, even Isaac who occasionally spills her food while trying to feed her, still loves her.

Andi knows exactly where to sit and wait for messy kids to feed her.  
Isaac loves carrying Oakley around. He is so gentle with her and loves to take care of her. He has the big brother role down well.
These two silly squirts were cracking me up at meal time once. Andrew was pretending to be a baby puppy while Emeri was the mother dog feeding him his dinner. The way they talked to each other and pretended to actually be a mother and baby was adorable.
Isaac is taking a music class called "Let's Play Music" and he is now seeing the different notes in his every day surroundings. Here, the blue plates are placed on 'sol sol do' and Isaac is making the sign for the 'sol' note with his hands.
Isaac came running to me all excited and told me he could feel a loose tooth. I told him that eating a carrot would help his tooth come out sooner. Before I knew it, all three kids were chomping on carrots while riding their bikes. Andi was very attentive to the carrots as well. She was patiently waiting for the smallest and weakest member to accidentally drop her goods. 
During one of our library visits I found some beginner drawing books that I thought the boys might enjoy. They have been doodling a lot these past few months so I figured we could try these out. With hardly any help the boys did a fantastic job. I was SO proud of them. They get it from their Daddy and Grandma Heath, definitely not me.

From my bedroom I could hear, clump, clump, clump, clump. I came out after I was done getting readying for a date and saw Miss Emeri looking all dressed up and ready as well. You are such a doll Emeri. I took a picture of course, but then the different poses just kept coming. I couldn't stop.
The season of coloring has started in our family. The reason this is happening is because of a little black box; a new printer. We were tired of our old printer running out of ink on us every two weeks and with low quality pictures too. We finally chucked that one out and got us a fantastic one that we are so happy with. Since this new swap we have printed out probably 12 coloring pages a day. 
Here are some of the boys favorites they have colored. This amount isn't even half of what they colored. It has been so much fun for the kids and also lots of free time for mommy. So......after I took the picture of the boys and their Great Wall of Art, they asked if I could take pictures of them "doing this?" Sure!!! Why not, you're 4 and 5 years old, you can take a picture like that and it's still cute. lol
Here are two adorable pictures I captured of Andrew and Emeri. Andrew wanted to take a picture with his teddy bear, and Emeri is wearing a shirt that once belonged to my sister Danielle. Both great pictures.
One afternoon the boys and I did a Plan of Salvation chart that I found online. The girls were asleep and we needed a quiet activity to keep them busy. The boys loved to color, cut, and glue the different parts of the plan on their charts.
Isaac has become a big helper. He enjoys cutting the veggies up for lunch. He also likes taking care of his siblings, which includes twisting Emeri up in her swing and letting her unwind.
Emeri is getting quite courageous on our patio swing. She does this trick where she leans on the belt and twists herself from side to side, or does that while Isaac twists her around.