Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween was quite the workout this year. Our little cowboy and Captain America where all over the place. Their 'never stop to walk' cousin was the ring leader and I swear there were times when he was 3 or 4 houses ahead of us adults. HAHA 
The princess Cinderella had a ball!! She wanted to participate so badly. After we got on a good rhythm I let her down and oh my word, she was so adorable. She would just waddle in her little princess dress up to the door, bucket in hand, and brown eyes on full capture. It worked. She got more candy in the one street she trick or treated then her brothers did doing several streets. It was so funny. All she had to do was linger a little bit and the people at each house would say, "Oh, do you want some more?" "Take as much as you want Princess." She just kept grabbing and grabbing. The perfect plan.

All his hard work! Well, technically we took out all the candy that wasn't chocolate and gave that away, that wasn't even counting the Trunk or Treat stash he had.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ward Halloween Party

Our ward Halloween party was crazy this year!!! We had over 500 people at our stake center and there was absolutely no where to sit. It was great! Not only do we have an over flowing ward but we also had a ton on none members come as well. It was GREAT!
Before the party I let the boys choose what they wanted to dress up as. Andrew quickly chose Captain America and was very satisfied. Isaac, on the other hand, put Superman on, then changed to Iron Man, then Hulk, and finally ended on a Ninja. LOL Crazy Boy! Emeri of course, being fairest in the land was the most adorable Snow White. 
After eating a ton of chili and corn bread, trunking treating began and the boys loved it. Isaac is getting faster at it each year. I could hardly keep up. It was a fun night to remember.

The fair maiden was a bit tired that night.

Trunk or treating with Dad. Austin participated in the arm wrestling contest and got second place. Oh yeah babe. Super Man is super sexy.

Don't you love all the leftovers Andrew is saving for later?

Family Picture.

Finally when we were cleaning up, Emeri got some treats in her belly started acting more normal. Don't you just love the outfit? She was the perfect Snow White.

Silly boys who I love so very much.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Harvest Day

During our stay in Utah, Ally's family had what they call a harvest day. This is a day where everyone who can comes and helps harvest food, eat food, and play. I LOVED IT!!! I learned a lot and had such a great time getting to know Ally's family. They are so wonderful. We had the harvest day at Ally's parents house/farm and the kids had a great time. Not once did they say they were bored, or wanted to watch a movie, or wanted to go home. It was 3 acres of fun for everyone. Even little Emeri had a blast washing corn, eating scones, and looking at the pigs. Their home had such a wonderful atmosphere and none of us wanted to leave. We love the Bigelows and are so glad we got to share that day with them.

Funny Faces!

Grandpa Bigelow found a caterpillar for the kids to look at and Andrew was the only one brave enough to hold it.

Here is Jaime, Kimmy, and Emeri walking over as girls to see the pigs. 

Here is Isaac riding on the back of Grandpa Bigelows tractor.


Grandpa Bigelow let the grand kids play in the shovel of the tractor. I was so proud of Isaac for participating and enjoying himself. Of course, I don't think he had as much fun as Andrew. Andrew got to ride on Grandpa Bigelows lap and control the shovel that the kids were in. When Andrew shook the control back and forth the kids convulsed, he thought it was so funny.

Andrew having a ball!

Look how much fun Isaac was having! He even laid on his back and hung his head out of the shovel. It was so fun to watch him.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Baby Hadlie

Baby Hadlie's birth was the first one I had been to besides my own. IT WAS AWESOME! I loved every second of it. It was so spiritual, bonding, and wonderful! She started contracting on Thursday when we were at the City Creek Mall with Susan during her lay over. Jess didn't tell us but she started contracting when we were there. Around 10:30 that night she text me that she was in labor and I sped off to the hospital. It was perfect timing because my kids were asleep at Ally's and I had all night to help out. So, I my sister, Juan, and mom at the hospital and it all went from there. It was a blast to be able to know Jess's desires to have a natural birth but to also know what she was feeling and what she needed to calm down and relax. Jess did fantastic! I was so proud of her. Her little girl was put into her arms only a few hours after we arrived at the hospital. That is how well she did. Love you Jess so much! You are such a wonderful mommy and sister!

 Here she is! Beautiful Baby girl.

Unfortunately my two youngest kids got sick when we were there so they weren't able to see baby Hadlie, but Isaac sure loved holding her.

I love you baby Hadlie.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ally's House

My dear sweet cousin-in-law Ally, who is just like a sister to me invited the kids and I to stay at her house while we were in Utah. They let us borrow their spare room in their basement, their car, and food! I was completely overcome with love and gratitude for Ally's generosity. She is one of the most giving people I have ever met. I am pretty sure she is my idol. Her and Josh were so kind to let us stay. The boys especially liked it because they have three girls who are exactly our kids ages. It was wild fun everyday!
Personally I loved our long night chats. Ally and I would stay up till 2 clock in the morning talking. It was so easy and so fun. I just love that girl. Thank you Ally for everything you did for us. We love you guys so much.


Holding hands and dancing was a very common thing we saw them do. HAHA I think Isaac and Jaime married several times and also broke up many times too. HAHA

We loved it when Aunt Ally played the piano.

This picture was just too cute to pass up. Look at this petite little princess with her skinny jeans and high pony tail. Love you Emeri!

For Ally's Choir Halloween party, she let the kids get her dressed as her costume. It was so fun to see how many scarfs and hair bows they could fit on her. HAHA Ally was such a good sport. She even let Jaime do her make up and each kid paint one of her finger nails. 

My boys were very focused when it came to their turn with the nail polish. 

Finished Product! Don't you love Andrew's arm? You better know if you stand next to Andrew in a picture you are going to get the shoulder. HAHA

 This was so cute! They seriously look like twins.

Emeri loved helping baby Lizzie. She will be such a good big sister.