Saturday, May 28, 2011

Andrew at 6 months

Mr. Sunshine is growing so much. As you can see from the drool on his shirt, Andrew has been teething lately and has popped out two teeth on the bottom. He no longer has a toothless grin.
I think Andrew looks like Derek a little bit here.

Sorry it took so long to get Andrew's 6 month pictures up. Time is just flying.

He loves to sit up and watch his brother run around.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RaNdOmNeES in MaY

My big helper likes to do the dishes with me now. Well more like I still do the dishes and he washes the bottom of the sink. But at least he's not grabbing the knifes out of the dishwasher when my backs turned anymore.

Isaac was trying to give Andrew some of his chap stick, but Andrew kept opening his mouth to eat it, he really liked the root beer flavor.
Isaac really enjoys holding Andrew now but Andrew doesn't like it so much. Probably because Isaac is always carrying around a chap stick or two and hits Andrew with them when he's trying to pat his head.
Isaac has officially started sword fighting lessons. His opponent, a balloon. Isaac his pretty smart in choosing this item for practice, it's a big colorful target that doesn't ever have a counter attack. Isaac's pretty good at it. (See video)

Here is Isaac stretching after his hard workout. (see video)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Isaac's Swimming Lessons

This summer our little family will be spending a lot of time at the pool because Austin and I got the pass of all passes. This pass enables us to go to 7 peaks and both Trafalgas for free for a whole year. Since our families have either left us or are working like crazy, we decided to get these passes so we won't die of boredom this summer. During the whole month of May Isaac has been in swimming lessons twice a week so he can get used to the water and learn some survival techniques; such as hanging on the wall and floating. The first lesson he had the water was so cold he sucked himself to me like a leech and by the end of the lesson his lips were bluish and he was shivering. lol But now that Isaac's on his third week, he is completely different, he splashes and blows bubbles, floats (with assistance) and can even hang on to the edge all by himself. Its been a fun family activity and it has gotten us very excited for 7 peaks to open.
The boys and I being bored.

Duck Walk on Campus

Last month Leanna Howard told us about a duck walk that was happening on campus to celebrate the finishing product of a new stream that BYU had built. The stream starts around the Smith Field House and ends at the duck pond. At the beginning of the stream we paid 1 dollar to get a rubber ducky that we personalized with some brown hair and a blue shirt. Then at the very beginning of the stream Isaac got to throw his duck into the water and watch it float down stream. It was a fun family activity and Isaac got pretty into it until he saw other kids throwing rocks into the stream and then that was all he wanted to do. It was fine. At least we got to be outside, plus there was ice cream at the end!

The only thing that distracted him enough to stop throwing rocks. Boy do I wish we had a dog sometimes.