Monday, September 27, 2010

Isaac Walked Today

As many of you know, we've been praying and hoping that Isaac will walk before his sibling gets here in November. Well, today things are looking like that might just happen! During my class on campus Austin was watching Isaac outside and he said Isaac was taking a few steps on his own while Austin was holding the back of his shirt. I came out after class and he showed me his new accomplishment. Little did we know though, that Isaac was holding back because when we went to drop off Austin's homework in the math lab Isaac took off all by himself. I was about 20 feet from a computer that was about Isaac's height. He was holding on to my finger when all of a sudden he let go and starting giggling and walking towards the computer all by himself. (he was giggling because our computer at home is off limits and he tries all the time to get to it before we can stop him, so you can imagine his eager little walk to beat mom to this new computer) So let's just say I was in complete shock but I couldn't react to his achievement because people were studying all around me. So I praised him as quietly as I could and had him do it two more times. Each time he took off and wobbled over to the computer! It was so amazing! No more excuses for Isaac, he is a walking machine! He is asleep right now but videos are pending.

At the Park with Grandma Heath/ Pics of Logon

Here are some pictures of Grandma Heath and Isaac at the park. Lanae was still in the hospital the first few days grandma was here so we got to hang out with her for awhile.Isaac's favorite part were the swings. He got a kick out of them. He definitely will be a roller coaster boy when he grows up.

He loved this caged tube but after awhile he started to cry. We had to drag him out of it because he was holding up other kids.

But he never gave up. He eventually learned that you go all the way through the tube to get to the other side.

Here are some pictures of Logon and Lanae at the hospital! He was so adorable and little. He makes Isaac look like a giant next to him. Good job Lanae and David! You two make one good looking kid!Aunt Lizzy and Logon share the same birthday! Hooray!
Two cousins, only 13 months apart. They look different now but they will be running around together very soon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

2 Months Exactly

YEAH!!!!! Today is September 9th and exactly 2 months from today our little family will have a new addition. I can't believe how fast the time goes. Here is a picture of how excited Isaac is about his new sibling. Okay so he always has this face but come on, he's hard to work with.Here is our newest little one 31 weeks along!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Copy Cat

So this video was from when he was 10 months old I think but I couldn't resist putting it on the blog. I think I may have tried before and it didn't work so here it is now. It's just a video of our little copy cat!
Hey guys! Here is a video of Issac talking. He sounds like those little teddy bear things on star wars. I have no idea what they are called but you get the point. It is super cute!