Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Time

Each holiday is getting more and more exciting for our little family. The boys are getting old enough to anticipate things and actually react to special occasions. Austin and  I also did something new and fun this year for Easter. While the kids were napping, we made a trail of jelly beans from the boys room to their Easter baskets. We woke them up and told them the Easter bunny had visited and left a trail for them to follow. It was awesome! They loved it. 
The first thing Isaac grabbed from his basket was this chocolate egg. After he unwrapped it he put the entire thing in his mouth, and yes, after that he complained of a stomach ache.
The duded with their prizes! It is a tradition in Austin's family to give the boys squirt guns every Easter. So far we have kept that up. Austin is excited to get the boy better ones in the future but these ones work for now.
Painting Easter Eggs- The one thing Austin and I learned from painting eggs is that for next year, we will need twice as many. The kids blew through the eggs so fast. They kept asking for more but because we didn't have more we just let them paint their already painted eggs over and over again. It worked this year but probably won't next year.
For Emeri, I had the sneaky idea of just putting water in a cup and letting her "paint" an egg that way. It worked this year but it sure won't next year.

Easter egg hunt at Grandma Heath house! Tammy had also give the children each their own bubble wand.
 Let the race begin. We let the younger children go first because they were a bit slower. We also had two stairwell accidents during the hunt. The kids were just too excited.

Our little family on Easter 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sea World Part 3

The children's area at Sea World had fun splash pads that the kids got to spend some time at. 
 Party at the Splash Pads!
 The orca roller coaster was one ride we let the boys go on by themselves. I was intrigued by how they would react. Isaac actually had a smile on his face the whole time, while Andrew never was quite sure about it.

The sea lion show was so cute! Instead of just showing the crowd what sea lions can do, the trainers acted out a play that incorporated the seal's abilities. It was very clever and adorable.
  The last thing we did before we left the park was attend one more dolphin show. It was just that entertaining. During the show Emeri got a bit bored and chose Isaac has her source of distraction. She stood behind him and played with his hair and rested her arms on his shoulders. It was the most darling thing EVER! I was so glad Isaac was being super sweet about it too. Got to love them.
           Our last family picture with the dolphin stadium behind us.
 While heading out of the park, Austin and Jon spotted the hammer competition. I didn't think Austin was serious, but as he was watching the other men swing he came up to me and said this had always been his dream to try. Well, it just so happened that I had a 5 dollar bill in my wallet, so I let the man have his dream. I didn't think anything of it. When his turn came, his first swing only made the dial go up half way. I turned on the camera anyway and started recording. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I married the strongest man alive. Austin's second attempt made it to the top and the crowd started cheering. No, really they did, or else Austin wouldn't have known he had gotten it. HAHA It was awesome! I was so proud and shocked. That's my man. He was glowing for sure.

Sea World Part 2

On the second day we were at Sea World we went to the dolphin show that also had beluga whales, high divers, and synchronized swimming performers. It was by far the most entertaining show at Sea World. The high divers would do tricks off of the beams in the ceiling, and they had this swing that they did tricks off of too. It was incredible what they could do
After the show, the kids got to meet the Beluga whale trainer and got a close up look at the dolphins. 
Here are the boys with their Daddy on a giant mesh jungle gym. It looked so fun. They just climbed and climbed and climbed for about an hour. Now that is something I would love in our back yard.
While the boys were on the jungle gym, Emeri and I went to the carousal. She picked out her own horse and giggled the whole time we were riding it. You should have seen the tantrum that followed when we had to go.
Meeting Franklin! Yes!!!! I love it when reading can come alive for the boys. This was great, the boys did not want to leave the children's area until they got a picture with Franklin.
Our family in front of the big fountain at the entrance to Sea World
This was a giant swimming pool that held about 7 bottle nosed dolphins. People could stand in line and pay money to pet the dolphins or cheap people, like us, just hung over the edge and hoped one would pass by. Well, cheap totally paid of this time because one of the dolphins stopped right in front of us!!!!! IT WAS SO COOL! All three kids, Austin, and I got to pet one of the dolphins for about 20 seconds. It was so awesome. It felt so rubbery and wet. I wished I would have taken a picture but we were all so enthralled by the dolphin stopping right in front of us that we spaced it. Oh well, next time.
And of course I had to show Austin how much Emeri loved the carousal, so we went back together as a family. Totally worth it. She loved it again, and the boys thought it was pretty fun as well.