Sunday, July 26, 2015

Emeri's 3rd birthday

Happy Birthday sweet Emeri!!!! You are so full of life and excitement. Our family is blessed to have your radiant smile and silly personality. Your favorite movie right now is 'Frozen,' you love the book 'Starlight,' and your favorite color is pink. You are SO excited for ballet to start this fall and love to wear your tutu. We love you EMERI!!!! What a big girl you are.
For an activity on Emeri's birthday we built 'Frozen' ice castles with shaving cream and blue dyed ice cubes. Then we did a 'Frozen' craft where we glued the snow on Olaf. It was super cute. 
Isaac wrote this birthday note to Emeri that morning. He did it all by himself. Such a sweet brother.

Here is a picture of Emeri and Grandma Heath with the cake she made for her. It was an Elsa doll cake and Emeri got to keep the doll. Emeri's eyes went crazy with joy when she saw it. Thank you Grandma! It was a beautiful cake. These other pictures of Emeri show a bit of her quirky personalty that we love. She is silly, sweet, adorable, beautiful, and angelic! We love you Emeri!
Here is Miss Emeri during her party. I found character masks from 'Frozen' that all the kids loved. Emeri of course was Elsa. We can't believe our big girl is 3!
 Grandma Heath told Emeri she could pull out the Elsa doll before it was served. She loved the freedom to touch the cake. She also loved the pack of gum Uncle Jon gave her and the Anna doll that came with the Elsa cake doll from Grandma Heath. Thank you, thank you to all!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Fun Memories at Grandma and Grandpa Ralph's House

Emeri and Aunt Beka were two peas in a pod. It was so cute to see them interact. These pictures were of Emeri doing Aunt Beka's hair. Lovely darling, absolutely lovely. 
Four wheeling of course was a must. Uncle Ben even let Isaac steer the quad all by himself. He was in heaven; all the kids were.
Beads with Beka! Aunt Beka always had some kind of fun craft for the kids to do. This day it was bead necklaces. Aren't they adorable?!!
Water play was the main event at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The kids were in it every day! Water balloons, squirt guns, and splashing in the pool were a daily activity.
Uncle Ben got involved in the pool on occasion. It was Uncle Ben verse his niece and nephews.
The kids got creative and started jumping off a stool that was stacked on a chair, into the pool. Scared me at first, but then I saw how much fun they where having with it so I decided to just look away.
4th of July pipe cleaner fireworks. Fake, fun, and fireless.
Grandpa Ralph took the boys to the Pacific Raceway to watch the race cars. After the race the boys got to go and sit inside of the race cars with Grandpa. They even came home with these cool hats; along with very enthusiastic stories to tell me. Thank you Grandpa!
Dash Point Beach. Aunt Beka and Aunt Jessie came with us to the beach. The first thing Isaac did was walk into the sea weed and lose his flip flops. He looked everywhere in the water for them, but could never find them underneath all that green stuff. HaHa The kids found lots of interesting things. They collected dead crabs, sand dollars, sticks, feathers, and lots of sea shells. The kids' favorite thing was this creature a women found which looked like a sea slug. Andrew braved the creature and touched it, he said it was slimy. 
We had a bit of a rough spot with Oakley. She got sick and was running a temp of 103' for a good 5 days. On the 6th day I took her into an urgent care. After 2 hours and 3 tests later, they finally figured out that she had a UTI and a small bronchial infection in her lungs. She was so tired and sick, but still my sweet girl.
I love these people and their faces!!! They were all being so cute and sweet to each other. Grandpa and Grandma's swing is one of their favorite places to hang out on.

Berries, berries, berries!!!! Come get your berries! The kids love to pick the raspberries, black berries, and blue berries that are all over Grandma and Grandpa's yard. Every morning they go out before breakfast and eat to their hearts content. YUM YUM!
One day we had an unplanned water fight. Uncle Ben and Andrew were going at it with water guns and then turned their aim at me! It was over then, Grandma, Ben, myself, and the kids went all out.
More hanging around the swing and an adorable picture of Oakley crawling around. Sweet baby! She felt much better after we figured her illness and were able to get her some meds.