Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Isaac's Explosion

Yesterday truly was a test for our family on preparedness. Just like normal we were exercising in the Smith Field House at BYU. I was in the weight room and Austin and Issac were on the track. All was going well until Isaac exploded completely out of his diaper, and I mean exploded. The horrible part about it though is that Austin hadn't noticed until he was letting Isaac play on the stairs and saw brown globs and streaks on the steps where he was playing. Then Austin looked in the stroller and that verified it, Isaac's poop was all over it, and now the stairs as well. Fortunately for me I didn't know any of this was happening until I came down those stairs and saw the mess. I didn't realize what it was at first. I just thought someone had dropped their brown sweet potatoes all over the stairs. Then it hit me though, that is exactly where Isaac plays when we are finished working out, but Austin and Isaac were missing. I looked outside and Austin had Isaac isolated from everyone and everything, and when I got closer I finally realized the amount of damage done. It was indescribably the grossest thing I have ever seen. To make it even worse Isaac was noticing this "different type of dirt' on his legs and was playing in it; what a dilemma. So, Austin and I took turns running back and forth to the bathroom bring loads of paper towels to clean the mess, but the more Isaac moved the more mess he made. I finally had to take him straight to the bathroom and clean him up in the sink. (don't worry I sanitized it afterwards) I had to strip him all the way down and basically give him a bath in the SFH bathroom. It was really embarrassing but what could I have done, this just happened to be the one day we forgot to bring his diaper bag. The only cute part about this nasty situation was that Isaac was swallowed up in paper towels in the car to cover his naked wet body. Okay, maybe it was only somewhat cute, it's going to take a lot to make up for the stuff I had to scrub off of him. Once we were home both Isaac and myself got straight into the shower and 20 minutes later he was fast asleep, not caring or remembering the last 45 minutes of the worst poop explosion known to man. As for Austin and I, we're still recovering from the fact that this just had to happen on the one day we forgot to bring his diaper bag.

P.S. Sorry, no pictures taken this time, or wanted.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Him/Her Pictures

Sorry it has taken me so long to put these pictures up. (Kadi has asked several times, sorry girl, lol) So here is our newest little addition. Not much to see yet but trust me I can definitely tell it won't be long. The first picture is him/her at 22 weeks. This one is at 24 weeks.

Our weekend in Vegas

So this past weekend our little family took a quick trip to Vegas to visit one of my friends that has a little boy 3 weeks older then Isaac. It was nice for Isaac and Anden to be able to meet for the first time and socialize. It was extremely hot though. At nine o'clock at night we went outside and were sweating. I can't believe I am saying this but I was glad to come back to some cooler weather. Here are some pictures of Isaac during the 5 hour car ride. He really liked the first hour or two because we turned his car seat around to face forward. He had so many things to look at, too many things as a matter of fact. After awhile we had to turn his seat back around to help him fall asleep; it only took about 5 minutes back around and he was out. Look at those chunky legs! Austin doesn't like to put shorts on him because he likes to see those little chunkers. This is my friend Amber. We went to the gift shop at the Rain Forest Cafe and found these cute hats!
This was in the Bellagio! (not sure how to spell that) It was a huge garden display with crazy colored lights and plants.

This was right outside Excalibur. You can't see it but trust me we are all sweating. It was so intense.
The boys and I in the garden show. We tried to spend most of the time here because it was inside with lots of AC.
We also got to see the Bellagio water show. It was pretty exciting and very pleasant because the water helped to cool us off. I was surprised they did the song 'I am proud to be an American,' it was actually refreshing to have an appropriate song played on the strip. I didn't get all of the song but here is a little taste of what we saw.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

This year was Isaac's first 4th of July and also Isaac's best friend Brinnley's as well. They have been good friends basically all of their lives, which yes, has been only about 11 months but still. They can definitely recognize each other and they love to follow each other around and steal each others toys. For their first Independence Day we had a mini barbecue and went on a nice walk, both kids had a grand old time. Sadly though, they weren't able to experience any fireworks because it was Sunday but they didn't mind because we celebrated our freedom in a different way that I think they enjoyed much MUCH more. With DRUMS and DANCING!