Monday, November 26, 2012

Emeri's 4th month

Precious Princess is 4 months old today!!! She is becoming such a little lady. She sits quietly (when fed and not tired), smiles when smiled at, sleeps where I lay her, talks when spoken to, excuses herself with a smile after flatulence, and rarely spits up her food. lol All in all, a precious petite pretty princess. She is also growing well too. Know how I know? She is now in 0-3 month and some 3 month clothes! Whaoooo! At her 4 month app she weighed 11 pounds exactly and that was with a wet diaper and a onsie on. Emeri is 25 inches long putting her in the 80 percentile for her height but for her weight she was in the 3rd percentile. So tiny and long! 
Emeri has done well with our transition to Texas and of course has stolen the hearts of family here as well. Anywhere she goes she is a gem. We went to Golden Corral for Thanksgiving and the people at the table next to us went gaga when I took her out of her car seat to feed her. lol It was so funny. She is so sweet and brings such joy into our lives. Currently, Austin is in Utah waiting for school to end to return to us, when he does he will be shocked at how she has changed. Time just flys when you have kids. I am so glad and blessed to be a stay at home mom so that I get to see every moment of their precious and tender childhood.

Ladies and Gentleman presenting her Ladyship.............

Lady Emeri May Heath! lol Since we are still in the process of moving we had to improvise on the chalk board sign.

"Are you talking about me?"

"Oh sheesh, you are. Here I am." (blushing)

This picture is for Emeri's Uncle Juan.  "NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA Bat Girl!"

Emeri has hit a milestone this month. She can now grab for things in front of her and put them in her mouth!

I have the easiest baby! So a few posts back I mentioned that I hardly ever do tummy time with Emeri because I don't particularly want her crawling ANY time soon. Well, she has other plans. Emeri will do tummy time for almost a half an hour straight with no whining. Yeah, what the heck! I hardly ever put her on her tummy but when she is, she is there forever. She has also tried rolling onto her tummy too. WHAT! I never ever saw that from our boys. They skipped rolling altogether but not Emeri, I have a feeling she will be rolling very soon.

 Behind the scene of the photo shoot. I wanted to show you just how tiny she still is.

 Cousin Time! Because Emeri is starting to attempt to roll over she is always twisting and turning on her play mat. Bryce likes the play mat too, well, at least when Emeri isn't kicking him in the face.

See.......caught in the act.


Bath Time! 

Look how long her hair is? You can really tell just how long it is when it's wet.It lays about an 2 inches below her shoulders already.

This picture is for Jared and Sereen. Kadi and I totally think she looks like Preston here!

It is fun to play with Emeri's hair during bath time. It actually cooperates when it's wet.

This is what Emeri looks like when her hair isn't sticking up, which is never, so I thought you'd all enjoy it.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life at the Heaths house, well the other Heath's house

For the most part the kids are playing pretty well together. We still have our tantrums, hits, and grabs but relatively speaking the 5 cousins are playing very well together. Dang it! You caught me, okay, so 2 of them don't count. I guess keeping Bryce and Emeri away from the many kisses, trampling, and grabbing from the older kids counts to Kadi and I. It is tough work! All of this is so much fun though. We are happy to have such wonderful kids/cousins.

This is what Derek did every time Emeri was on her tummy. He just laid down next to her and stared at her face.

 This is what Andrew would do when he was with Emeri on the ground. The little stinker. lol No, he is usually really sweet with her and says, "It's okay baby" in his cute adorable 2 year old voice when sh cries.

The famous 'Bryce pose.' This is exactly how he sleeps no matter where he is. I mean look at the picture, he is in an uncomfortable car seat and he still manages to sleep in his Bryce pose. 

Baby Cousins! 3 months apart in age yet the same exact weight. They are so sweet and precious. 

 Dimple!...... Finger!...... The Pose!

On Friday the kids and I went with Kadi to her mom's house for a pizza party. Barbra was so nice and welcoming to us, and Kadi's sisters and Barbra watched my kids for me the whole time I was there. It was a great break for me and I appreciate their help immensely. 

Andrew and Derek were busting out some sweet moves to the One Direction song "You Don't Know Your Beautiful" It was super adorable.

Andrew was a little charmer at their house. He pretty much melted every girls heart. lol

SeaLife Aquarium in Grapevine

This past week Kadi, I and the kids have gone to the aquarium in the Grapevine mall 3 times in 3 days. We loved it! It has so many kid friendly exhibits and tanks. Plus they have an awesome walk through for the shark tank. AWE! Yeah I sort of freaked out the first time going through it. I don't know what it is, I just don't like to have water surrounding me entirely. It is creepy okay. Anyways I learned a lot there and hope that as the kids get older they will appreciate it as I did. 

Our boys in an observation bubble. 

Isaac standing in front of the shark tank. It holds 160 thousands gallons of water, that is why you can't see any sharks in the picture, because it was so big. I also like how they use huge dinosaur bones to decorate the tank. It gave it such a cool feeling.

Here we are standing on the edge of the shark tunnel looking through it. It took the boys a bit of a nudge to get them onto the it.

.......and still waiting.

The little dude trying it out and looking at the fish. 

Okay, I'll admit, I too was a little hesitant about the walk through tunnel. It wasn't the sharks that were freaking me out, it was the fact that I was surrounded by 160 thousand gallons of water that got me a little wigged out. Hugh...... yeah, totally claustrophobic about being under that much water.

In another part of the shark tank I was able to get super close to a nursing shark. It was so cool!

Isaac really enjoyed touching the shark too. It was such a great learning experience. 

Andrew dancing to the music they had playing. lol Silly boy.


So every time we went this past week I still couldn't get over my uneasy feeling when I saw these giant eels. I mean they were huge, creepy, long, and well huge! The first time we went we didn't realize just how massive these creatures are; we only saw a part of their bodies. The next day we were shocked to discover that they were about 9 feet long!!!! There bodies curled around and around and around. I am still freaking out right now just thinking about them. Hugh.....yeah not a fan of those or of Ursula, I am glad she died. No one who owns this type of creature as a pet deserves to live.

Guessing which container felt like real shark skin. It was crazy, the rough and scratchy one was correct. I never knew that.

The boys looking down from the second story into the shark tank. This aquarium also had guitar fish, the evolutionary intermediary between sting rays and sharks.  I never knew that guitar fish even existed  AWE!! I learned so much. It was so stinking cool. It looked like a shark with the head of a sting ray.

Hands on fun! The boys got to touch hermit crabs, star fish, anemones, and shark eggs. Yeah, cool huh, some sharks lay eggs instead of birthing live babies. So cool.

This is just a sweet picture to me.

Precious Petite Pretty Princess enjoying her carriage ride.

Cousin hugs! Wow, are pigs flying? (Totally a Kadi comment) 

Finding Nemo? Check. 

Okay so not only did this aquarium have loads of fish and fun sea creatures to look at and touch, but it also had a play ground at the end. How sweet is that?  This is definitely going to be one of our favs for getting the kids out of the house.