Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

This Easter was very different from the ones we have had in the past. First off, because we had it in Texas, second, because it was at Jeff and Tammy's house, and third, because Austin was not with us. Austin had a business trip in California the Monday after Easter so he decided to go the weekend before and visit my brother Jon and his family. (Okay you know Austin, he totally forgot it was Easter) 
Each year the boys get more and more into the holidays. Isaac kept asking me weeks before Easter, when it was time to "find eggs and candy." I am starting to learn not to talk about holidays too early before the day actually comes because it is too difficult at their age to explain that holidays are on a certain day. 
So, on Easter morning we went to church, came home and dyed eggs, and then while the boys were napping, Tammy and I hid the eggs around the yard. After the boys woke up they saw their Easter baskets on the table and were super excited. We let them "ohhh" and "aweee" for a bit and then sent them on their hunt. After their egg hunt we ate a delicious ham dinner with the traditional hocus pocus rolls for dessert. The rolls were a fun way to teach the boys about the Resurrection. First you make the dough and then fold a marshmallow into it, once it is cooked the marshmallow is no longer there. A perfect way to teach about the empty tomb on the third day of Christ's death. 

The first two pictures are of us after church in our Easter outfits.

The boys matched in their purple ties and the girls matched in their turquoise dresses.

One of the activities we did with the boys leading up to Easter was making bunny noses. Super easy, super cheap, and super cute.

And of course the bunny noses quickly became spiders, airplanes, and even butterflies throughout the day.

Here are the boys wearing their sun glasses they got in their Easter baskets while holding their monster Easter eggs we made that day.

It was fun having Easter at Grandma and Papa's house this year. Grandma helped the boys dye their eggs. Andrew was absolutely adorable trying to place his egg in "gently" like we were trying to explain. He would put his hand very slowly over the cup of dye and then when he got close to the vinegar he would suddenly drop the egg creating a large splash. At least he was trying to be gentle.

Here are what the boys got in their Easter baskets from the Easter bunny. Squirt gun, sword, and shades. 

Right before the hunt!

Outside hunting for eggs, or in Andrew's case, hunting and than devouring.

Andrew decided to take his stash into the bathroom after we were done. Or maybe after he used the restroom he plopped down on the ground too eager to go anywhere else to eat his candy.

We could not get a picture of her smiling with her eyes open and looking at the camera, so I just used this picture. I couldn't resist that face anyways.

There are some Emeri smiles.

Oh sheesh, the princess if always getting pampered. First Mommy brushing the hair out of her face, and then her brother asking her if the pink egg is suitable for her to play with. lol. Man oh man. Well, I guess we just can't resist the cheeks!

Here are the boys with their toys. Don't you love how Isaac's shades are upside down? He put them on all by himself.

Showing off their guns!!! Macho Macho boys, Macho boys!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Disney On Ice

My dear sweet husband called me one day and asked if a package had arrived for him. I told him that one had and he told me to open it for him. Of course I was thinking why but when I pulled out 4 tickets to Disney on Ice I got so excited!!!! We had never been before and had always wanted to go. Good job babe, and thanks Colt for the nudge. So here we are ready for Disney on Ice, Emeri didn't go but Tammy wanted her in the picture still so she held her up and ducked.

Here we are at the stadium about to go sit down. The hallways were covered with princess clothes, toys, accessories, flash lights and even photo booths where kids could take pictures with the princesses. I couldn't understand why people bought stuff there, it was way WAY over priced. Also, you can't really tell in this picture but Isaac was wearing a batman shirt and Andrew a basketball shirt. We really stood out. (I hope you found some gold worth digging Andrew because this picture is officially on the blog)

Here we are waiting for the show to begin. The boys were in awe at how big and crowded the stadium was; almost to the point of being a bit shy. After a few minutes though they started to get excited again. 

Mickey and Minnie Mouse were our hosts which was fun. We also got to see Goofy and Donald as well throughout the show.

The show started off with 'The Little Mermaid' and I had the thought to thank Kadi for having the boys watch it when we stayed with them for those three weeks. That was the only time they had seen it and I am glad for that exposure. Little Mermaid was our favorite for sure. Ariel did the most incredible performance. Not only did she act, skate, and lip sink, but she also did some rope acrobat 50 feet in the air with no hands. That was the scene when she turned human. It was incredible.

Next was Tangled and I was soooooooooooooooooooooo glad they did this movie. I was hoping from the moment I knew we were going that they would do Tangled.  The reason why is because of Andrew.  Most of you have heard or have seen Andrew's obsession with Tangled. He loved this part and was mad when the next movie was being presented.

Intermission Pictures. 

 We were bored. 

Next Goofy introduced Brave. They did great with this one as well. They even had the three warriors who were fighting for the princesses hand in the show. My favorite part of this movie was when she shot her arrow, it was a sparkler one. Basically, it looked like a firework in the sky which the boys loved. Austin thought it was silly because that wasn't part of the movie at all, but I just told him it was for show.

I love Scottish accents!!!!

 "Oh, that's attractive"

The last movie they did was Beauty and the Beast. A classic. I was impressed
 with everyone who skated and walked the many stair cases they used as props. I totally would have biffed it.

Lozilu Mud Run

Girls just wanna have fun! And that is just what we did! On March 30th Kadi, Tammy, and I did our very first mud run. It was the perfect day to have one, no wind, not too hot or cold, and of course wearing matching pink outfits. I of course wanted to make tutus for us to wear as well but I just didn't have the time. No worries though, next time when all the sisters are together is when I will have to bust those out. lol Our team name was the Dirty Darlings and I think that fit us perfectly. 


Girl Power

Pretty in pink all the way down to the socks. Oh yeah.

Our man supporter, baby watcher, camera shooting Jeff! Thanks for all your help! Also a shout out to Kadi's mom for supporting us as well. You guys are too sweet.

We are way in the back warming up with some stretching and light jogging. You know...because we are all hard core and stuff.

The under-overs. This was one of the unders. I couldn't believe how much stomach muscle you had to use to do that army crawl. Obviously I wasn't using any because my stomach was completely on the ground.

Kadi on the other hand rocked it! Military training does come in handy. 

This was the 1/2 way point so I thought of the idea to make the 1/2 way sign. Yeah didn't realize until after that my two was facing the wrong way. lol

Oh this one was fun yet annoying. It was a web of thin ropes that was caked in mud. Sometimes you wouldn't even see the rope that you were caught in which was super annoying if you were trying to go as quickly as you could. Plus, we had just come from a pool of mud. We loved that obstacle, we did a little bit of mud wrestling in that it. Hence the complete mud from our shoulders down.

Dirty Darlings Baby!

This was freaky. It doesn't look that high but it was and it was also very wet and muddy. I have somewhat of a confession to make right now..... I am almost acrophobia. Seriously. I hate heights. I should have just done the shorter one that Kadi and Tammy did, but then my sports pride kicked in and it was all over from there. When that is kicked in I will accomplish my goal or die, how do you think I have had my babies naturally? lol

I don't know if you can tell but in this picture I am so tense (again the height thing). I am clinging to the ropes with all of my might. Tammy kicked my butt at this one, she was fearless and 20 pounds lighter of course. lol Hot Grandma that one is!

Ugh!!!!!! Kadi Bo Badi!!!! I had just bent down to tie my shoe and my dear sister Kadi rubbed her muddy hands all though my hair. lol I was so shocked that the only thing I could think to do was to act like my boys; pull out the gun. lol

Here was the blow up toy. So much fun!

I had no more strengthen from the last few obstacles so I just rolled down the slide...........

.......and off of the obstacle entirely.

Here was the last obstacle.  We had just made a last minute ditch effort to run to this obstacle and when we got there we regretted it. The mud was so thick that we were literally stuck if we didn't keep moving. We were so tired from just running to this obstacle that we were too tired to move. At least this is how I felt, I guess you can ask Tammy and Kadi if that is how they felt too.

The other reason why I think this was so hard was because we had gained about 20 more pounds on us from all the mud we acquired from previous obstacles. lol 
Oh, here is the prefect example of me being stuck. I seriously could not get up, I was so proud of Kadi for being able to. Here is a moment when I didn't put my sports pride into gear. 

I honestly think this obstacle took us the longest. (See Kadi's blog for her monster comment on this picture, it's priceless)

Running to the end!

Victory picture!

Jeff helped Kadi and I clean up after the race. didn't do a thing. It probably took about 45 minutes for us to clean up enough to change into some different clothes. Then even after showing I still found dirt when I blew my nose and cleaned my ears a few day later. Yuck! lol

Dirty Darling Champions!! (I think Tammy was eating a piece of chocolate here)