Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Emeri May Heath

Introducing the 5th member of our family, Miss Emeri May Heath. Born July 26th 2012 at 1:39 pm, weighing in at 7 lbs. 6 oz. and 181/2 inches long. Our little lady decided to come 8 days early and mommy is forever grateful for that. lol She is such a wonderful addition to our family and we can't wait to get to know her little personality as she grows. 
 Here is Emeri 4 days before her birth at 38 weeks. To all you pregnant or to be pregnant ladies out there you have got to get on pinterest for the skirt tutorial that I am wearing. It is called a maxi skirt and it is so comfortable, we made them for a relief society activity last week and we all wore ours the next Sunday. Sadly, I only got to wear mine once but I am not complaining.
 Moving to the recovery room. She is about 20 minutes old in the next 5 photos.
Such a proud Daddy.

 Proud parents of 3!

 Look at those big dark eyes, not the dark circles around mine from being awake in labor since 3 that morning. What a happy exhausted mess was I. lol
 Daddy watching over his little girl before her bath.
 Bath Time!

 Austin said that Emeri hated her bath but once they wrapped her up and were washing her hair she was in heaven again. The face says it all.
 This is what Emeri looked like when they brought her back from her bath! I can't believe all that dark hair and I totally forgot they put bows in girls' hair. Actually, I sometimes forgot Emeri was a girl, several times during our stay at the hospital I kept calling her he and "my little man." My best fluke was right after birth when they put her on my tummy, the first thing I said to her was "hey handsome" yeah, it was pretty bad, lol I only do it on occasion now.

Here are some pictures of the boys getting to see their sister for the first time. They were so cute and HUGE! 

 I had to put this picture on the blog. Look at Andrew's adorable smile, holy cow. 
 Here are my 3 babies. I would do anything for them, it is incredible how your love expands instead of divides when you have more children. I feel like I am going to explode with love. 

 Yay! Austin finally has a match.
 Hanging out in the hospital room as a family.

 Going home outfit. Look Lanae I told you she would look good in navy blue

 The boys fell head over heals for Emeri when we got home. 
 Using magic soap to help baby sister not get sick.

 Kisses for Emeri
 This past Sunday before church I found Isaac rocking Emeri and singing "I am a child of God" to her. It was so sweet!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reading, Tummy, Batman, and Toddler Bed

Recently the boys have enjoyed sharing our big brown chair to read together. Sometimes they have their own books and sometimes (on rare occasions) they share a book. In these pictures I got that rare instance where Andrew was letting Isaac read to him. Andrew's favorite books right now are anything that has to do with dinosaurs and Isaac's favorites are Curious George or the Franklin turtle books.

 Our little girly at 37 weeks.
 Over the past month during our Walmart trips, I have seen this Batman pj outfit and have resisted the urge to buy it. As you can see the resistance was broken, I justified it in saying that the pj's might not be there by the time Isaac's birthday came around. I know, I have it bad for my kids. He loves it though! He wouldn't stop smiling when we were putting him in them. He wore the pj's for 2 days straight until finally I snuck them off to the laundry room when him and Andrew where in our pool.  During those 2 days he would wake up from his nap hyperventilating because his cape had fallen off when he was sleeping. It was so cute. I makes me feel totally justified.

Look at that genuine smile. I would do anything for it.
 Here is one of our boys daily activities together; climbing on the edge of Isaac's car bed, jumping off, rolling into each other, and crashing to the ground in a boy heap. They do this every morning after breakfast until someone gets hurt. Usually it's Andrew because Isaac is always on top of the boy heap but every once in a while Andrew has his moment of King of the Hill.

 Andrew's poor face. Austin was walking to 7-11 with the boys and Andrew decided he wanted to get out of the stroller before Austin had stopped. It looks pretty bad and hopefully won't scar up but for now we just call him scar face. lol
Our little Andrew is all grown up and in a toddler bed now. Okay so we actually need the crib for our little girl and want to get Andrew accustom to a toddler bed before she gets here. So, he didn't really have a choice but I think he is okay with it. Both Andrew and Isaac climb up on Andrew's bed several times throughout the day. He has stayed in it to sleep so far but we will see, if he doesn't sleep then at least he can't open doors yet so he is stuck in his room. lol

Funny Boy Faces
Boys and their blankets. 
I even found them eating in Andrew's bed once. I was mad at first but then I noticed they were talking and sharing the crackers so I embraced the moment instead of ruining it. They are so cute when they share together.