Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bath Time

Ever since we've had Isaac we have never had a bath tub in our place. Fortunately though, after our third move being married we have been blessed with one! So the first week we moved in we gave Isaac a bath and he loved it. He splashed and giggled the whole time, well except for when he was eating his rubber ducky. So here are the pictures we took and you can tell from the first one that I was trying to be modest with my son by taking the picture of only his top half, but if you look at the rest of them you can see that I didn't have to. He just naturally put the duck in the perfect place. lol What a modest little boy! It is even natural looking. kind of.

You have got to believe me. We didn't put the duck there once. It was all him!
This picture is hilarious. When we were draining the water we let him stay in the tub so that he could watch the water drain. But what he found out was that his butt can stop water!! That is right. The flow of the water moved him down to the drain, and right at that moment Austin and I heard this suction sound and the water stopped. lol It was hilarious. My little all natural water stopper!

He looked so innocent when he stopped the water, but I know it was just his way of saying, "Mom, I don't want to get out!"

Trip to Tennessee

After the semester ended the Heath family got together for the last time for awhile. Mitch and Kadi are going wherever the military wants them to and Colton will be on his mission for the next 2 years. These are both great things but as a family we wanted to do a final trip together before we split. It was great fun. Even Great Grandpa and Grandma Wade got to see Isaac and Derek for the first time. It was so beautiful where they live. I hope to visit again sometime.Here are just a few pictures of the trip. This picture is of Isaac on the airplane wearing Colton's cowboy hat.

If you look close enough to Isaac's gums you can see where his first tooth came in the day we got back. There is a little red spot on the bottom gums! I was so surprised when I saw it. Yeah for my little big boy!

Family Picture on the Airplane

Here is a picture of the grand kids performing in front of the cameras. lol They had the perfect photo snap area for kids. They were too cute.

Isaac and dad in the shops watching the workers make taffy. It was very interesting to watch how they make it. I enjoyed the fact that all of the workers had to be dressed up like pioneers, it made the experience more real that way.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our New Addition

So, we finally had our first appointment at the doctors this past Monday and we're very excited. Isaac got to see his new sibling and the realization of a 2nd child finally hit Austin and I. Since this pregnancy has been a little easier on me, it hadn't hit either one of us until we heard the heart beat and saw the little bug. We are very excited and want to thank all of our family members for their support. Here are just a few picture of us at the appointment.
I am not sure what Isaac is thinking here, probably something like, you have got to be serious, now I have competition for attention! lol

No, I think he is excited. Well at least he was here because he thought I was going to give him the pictures to chew on.