Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5 Forget me Nots from Uchtdorf

If anyone did not get a chance to listen to Elder Uchtdorf's talk from the General Relief Society broadcast I recommend doing so now. It was incredible and so inspiring. You will feel so loved and so important. He is an amazing leader inspired by God and everyone that heard him the night of the broadcast can testify of that. So, listen to it now and whenever you doubt you are loved listen to it again.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods

to Grandma and Grandpa's house we go!

For the last two weeks the boys and I were in Texas spending some time with family. Present at this awesome gathering was Kadi, Lanae, myself, Derek, Logan, Andrew, Issac, Mitch, and Grandma and Grandpa Heath! It was a load of fun and family bonding, especially for the cousins. They played with light sabers, took bubble baths together, went to the park, played in the pool, and ran/crawled up and down grandma and grandpa's house. It was a ton of fun! Plus the girls and I got to paint molds of clay, decorated a cake, watched tons of chick movies, went to a painting class and painted on real canvases, and went shopping! Which I have to say, when Kadi and I get together to go shopping, we go shopping! lol Yeah sorry Austin, it was too much fun and the clothes were just too cute. -love you babe-

The week with Kadi and Derek:

Cousins! This was a very familiar pose for Derek and Isaac during our stay in Texas. Derek sitting, tackling, or doing some form of physical contact with Isaac was the norm all day. Isaac was just bewildered that someone was finally big enough to do that to him.
This was a rare shot that was taken of Isaac actually smiling in the middle of being trampled by Derek. lol Glad we got that one on camera.
The boys love Grandma Heath so much! "Thanks for playing, singing, feeding, rocking, and loving us!"
A trip to the park with only a single rider stroller. Yeah we are pretty much amazing. Three babies in one stroller. I don't know why we even bought our double stroller. lol This works great!
The two older boys liked being the ones to actually push the stroller instead of always being pushed themselves. They made it almost the whole 15 minute walk to the park.
oh oh oh. Kadi found these swords at kid to kid for 5 bucks! It was a great deal. It had 9 different colors it could change to and it also had a setting that flashes all of them really quickly. Isaac caught on pretty quick on how to use the swords having Mitch has his personal trainer. lol After Derek saw Isaac having fun with it, he quickly joined the fight.

Even Andrew took a fancy to the swords.

The bean bags were definitely a favorite for the boys as well. They could fling themselves on them and not get hurt. It was perfect. Even Andrew enjoyed it! (see video)

Isaac and Derek eating my birthday cake! Isaac had 2nds, just more proof that Grandma Heath's cakes are amazing.
So last Christmas when Isaac was introduced to these noise making rocking horses, he cried and wouldn't come near them the rest of the time we were there. I am sadden to say that still after 9 months of noisy toys he had the exact same reaction to the horses. Fortunately, it only took him 20 minutes to realize they weren't real horses and was able to enjoy them immensely the rest of the time we were there.
Oh this was one of my favorite parts about our trip, along with painting canvas and clay molds. For the next few pictures you will see Kadi and I getting to decorate my birthday cake at the shop like 'real' professionals. It was a blast! Scary and nerve wracking around real professionals, but a blast for sure. Just in case you can't tell what the end result looks like, I will clue you in. The big purple blobs are flowers and the orange circles are basketballs, not pumpkins. Those were Kadi's idea to make the cake more Liz like.

Wait for it....................
Ha Ha see, they are basketballs.

Finished product! It took us a good 3 hours. Thanks Mitch for watching the boys for us.
Please tell me you can tell they are basketballs. It was harder then it looked. The frosting kept getting plugged up.

The women who made it all possible! And you look great Tami.
This is a picture of Isaac 20 minutes after he met the horses.
Andrew liked the horses at first more then Isaac did. He squealed and laughed right when he saw them.

Hat Time! Derek found his BYU hat and of course whatever Derek had Isaac had to have one to. So we got Grandpa's hat out and put them on the boys. Derek's hat didn't even fit over Andrew's head. We really had to tug hard to get it to go even half way over Andrew's head. What a little big headed buster.
Now that is more like it. Grandpa's hat fit much better.

Kadi you look so cute in this pic. It is crazy how we didn't even plan to do the same gangster face. We must be sister or something.
oh oh oh Here is a picture of the second time Andrew pulled himself up!
Playing horse with Aunt Kadi!
Totally oblivious to anything else in the room.
Funny Story. So on Tuesday we were doing sidewalk chalk in the front yard on the patio. I was making a Welcome Home sign for Grandpa and Kadi was drawing a motorcycle underneath the sign. During this process the boys were running back and forth on the side yard yelling and having fun. We laughed at them and continued on drawing our project. After we were done we noticed that the boys weren't by the side yard anymore. Kadi walked over to the neighbors front patio and she turned to me and said. "They went inside their house!" Yep, sure enough their front door was wide open and we started freaking out. I rang the door bell and we both started calling for Isaac and Derek to get out of their house. It was really awkward. We didn't want to scream their names in some strangers house but we also needed to make the point across to the boys to get out. Finally, we saw Isaac walking across their living room whining for me because he could tell this was not grandma and grandpa's house. He was frighten and relieved to see us at the door. We dragged him out and I harshly told him that it was not okay to go into their house, but it didn't really work because I was also laughing historically. Kadi eventually came out with Derek and told me he was in the master bedroom just walking around like he owned the place. lol We were lucky the neighbors were out in their back yard at the time. They never came to the door and we don't even think they knew about it. But boy will that be a story to tell Isaac and Derek when they are older.

The week Lanae was there

Texas continued....................That Sunday before church we took another cousins picture on the couch. All the boys looked so much bigger than the picture we took of them at Christmas, especially Logan and Andrew, they no longer needed anyone holding them up. It was so fun, the only one who actually smiled was Andrew; the looks from Isaac, Logan, and Derek were pretty much consistent with this picture. We tried everything, Lanae, Kadi, Tami, and I were doing every possible thing we could think of to make them smile and the only one to admit we were funny was 'sunshine' (Andrew)

These are pictures of Isaac in the tunnel tent Grandma Heath got for her Grandchildren. It was great for indoor entertainment.

Oh my word. lol This was hilarious. Logan kept crawling on his feet and hands at the park and one time he put his head down in this position. He was there for a whole minute or two. So funny.
Isaac and Derek in the airplane at the park. They look so studly with their shirts off. They were trying to dry off from the water fountains that were there.
Andrew lovin the water.
Logan loved this spout when it bursted up.

Andrew finally became a cuddler while we were there in Texas thanks to Kadi. I don't know how she did it but it was adorable. Thank you KADI!
Grandpa with the boys minus Logan who was asleep. Grandpa was spinning them around in his office chair while helping Isaac learn his ABC's. Isaac did pretty well, Grandpa must be a good teacher.
Andrew looking adorable on our visit to downtown Dallas.

One of the business buildings we visited had a water fountain court yard. It created a nice cool breeze on that hot Texas day. The water made different patterns and designs that were entertaining to watch. I thought it was a great idea to have in a working environment, I imagine that it helped people relax on their breaks.
Isaac loved going down the railings in the water court yard.

This was a huge animal cracker we found in the bag while we were snacking in Dallas. It was so crazy, I already had eaten a whole cookie off of it before we took this picture. Oh and yes, we used Lanae as our back drop.
The water court yard.
It was so awesome to see Lanae again. It just isn't right that we live so far away from each other.

Andrew had crazy hair one morning so I fixed it up! lol He almost looked like a young Zac Effron in Hairspray. Andrew's got the singing pose and everything.
Logan eating on top. Andrew eating Logan's dropped food on the bottom.
My boys had many accomplishments while we were in Texas. Andrew pulled himself up for the first time and had his two top front teeth come in. Isaac went potty for the first time in the toilet! I can't take credit for that, it was all Kadi! Thanks girl! You're amazing. Wish you were back in Utah with me for when I start potty training Isaac.

Fun pictures at the park. I love this one of Logan. His little head popping up over the next platform up which is so big and huge compared to that little man. So cute.
So Andrew isn't used to being put on the ground very much when we are outside because usually I leave him in the stroller. But because Logan was there and needed a crawling mate I tried to put him down as often as possible. As you can see he didn't really like it. He had his leg up like this the whole time he was on the ground. He did not like the grass. lol I can just see him saying, "don't bother me I'm just chillin with my leg in the air, I'm cool, I'm cool"
Lanae with the babies.
Kadi with the boys.
Sunshine on the slide. He loves the camera. I don't even have to tell him to smile anymore. I pull the camera in front of him and he smiles. What a little performer.

Logan loved the slide! I didn't even tell him to smile. That is all na-tur-al people.

Swinging with the cousins.
Isaac loved this zebra. He would get pretty wild on it.

The first day we got there the weather was amazing, warm with a cool breeze. Perfect. While Isaac and Derek were on the slide and in the pool Logan and Andrew sat at the picnic table wearing their matching shirts. Andrew and Mitch had a grand old time exchanging baby talk back and forth. We totally got it on camera. (see video)

Cousins Bath Time! We had to use Grandma and Grandpa's tub to fit them all in. Oh yeah and Kadi, the rubber ducky looks great! -wink-