Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Random April Fun

Ever since I have started going to Camp Gladiator, the kids will often try to show me how they can work out too. They have come with me to my workouts and have gotten to see some of the things we do. Isaac even practiced doing push ups and showed them to my trainer. HAHA These next few pictures are of the kids in the kitchen doing push ups and jumping jacks. 
Of course working out leads to a little booty shaking. Andrew loves doing it to be silly.
Speaking of silly, this little girl of ours is starting to only give silly faces when in front of the camera.
She is silly while sitting in Daddy's lap, when she is out playing in the mud.............................
when she is getting all ready for Sunday, and............................................................................
even when she is ready for Sunday! Goofy Emeri loves to make me laugh. We love you silly bean.
I loved doing Emeri's hair like this. It's like I have a life sized doll to play with, but ALIVE!!!
One week in April Aunt Kadi was sick so we made her a get well card. The boys made the card while I made a dinner for her. We love you Aunt Kadi.
The picture of me is one I took to remember the sweet flower in my hair. The boys love to bring me flowers from outside, especially our roses. Love you darlings, thank you.
Friends and dinosaurs. This little boy lives a few houses down from us. Isaac and Andrew enjoy playing guns, and riding bikes with him. The other picture is of a time when the kids were playing dinosaurs together. It was just the perfect picture to take, I couldn't pass up the boys faces next to Emeri's. HAHA Serious deadly dinosaurs next to happy dinosaur.
Speaking of dinosaurs, the zoo had a large display of dinosaurs out for the summer. The kids had a great time and even got to see a large play using several giant puppet dinosaurs. 
Emeri is now starting to enjoy coloring. It is cute to see her stay focused for more then a few minutes.
The kids love their Nerf guns. On occasion, I will print off random animals for them to shoot at. On this particular day the kids pulled chairs up and hid behind them so that the animals wouldn't see them. You know, stealth mode.
AWE!!!!! DISGUSTING!!!! I don't know know what they were playing, I think they were playing puppies or something. But yes, what they look like their doing is exactly what they were doing. These picture were taken through our back door window. They had know idea that I was taking them.
A family in our ward had a outside movie night at their house. We watched the movie called The Book of Life. It was a great family outing. The Griggs are such a great family, we love hanging out with them.
Random cuteness I couldn't help but take a picture of. Love both of these pictures.
Somehow, the discussion about smoking came up and Isaac was asking some really good questions. Daddy answered the questions in a fun way to help the boys really understand what it would be like. The straw and jumping jack activity always comes to mind when teaching about smoking.
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! My heart is so full. These sweet children of mine are my everything!!! I love you little ones. You bring so much joy to Austin and I.
Spider man verses Bat Dog
Andrew enjoys getting Andi riled up to play superheros with him. Andi loves the attention so it's always a win win situation.
We love to smile! Smiling is good for the heart and soul! Be happy, don't worry, we are a family and we love to be together!
The kids enjoy taking out pillows and making beds with them. I came into the room from putting Oakley down and saw this adorable scene. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Easter 2015

The Prosper library was having a small Easter Egg hunt that I took the kids to. The older three had a blast collecting eggs and meeting the Easter bunny. Oakley was having a hard time because it was during her nap time, poor baby. Isaac and Andrew are really starting to get the concept of running faster means more eggs.  It was quite the 5 minutes to behold.
Darling Emeri was too cute collecting her eggs. She was so mellow and ladylike about it. 
Isn't this the cutest picture EVER!!!! They were one happy bunch of kids with those baskets.
Then the following Monday we had FHE and dyed out Easter eggs. The stores now have some pretty nifty egg dying kits. The ones we had this year came with markers, stencils, stickers, pipe cleaners, colored cotton balls, and the dye. It was such a fun evening, and the kids really enjoyed it.
I tried really had this year to teach our kids the true reason of why we celebrate Easter. The candy, eggs, and bunnies are an easy distraction, even for me. So, my goal this year was to do more Christ centered activities to help our children learn what Easter really is about. The first activity we did was making a paper plate tomb stone with the Resurrected Christ inside.
Then, after some egg painting (because they asked for it) we did an experiment to see if our white carnations would turn red if they sat in red dyed water. This experiment helped the kids visualize the idea of Christ took our sins upon himself. I thought this was a great activity but a bit hard for the kids to wait for the results. It took a few days for the flowers to absorb the colored dye.
This activity of the resurrected Christ in a cup was so cute! The boys decorated the cup to look like the sky and clouds. Then we punched a whole through the top and put a sting through it with a picture of Christ glued to the end. The boys then pull on the string to have Christ rise from the dead and go up into heaven. It was a great visual for them, plus, something more then just a craft to look at, but one to actually interact with.
Aunt Becka bought these adorable Easter noodles that we ate for dinner one night. The noodles were shaped into eggs, bunnies, and carrots. Spaghetti was never more fun to eat.