Monday, January 31, 2011

Andrew rolled over today!!

Yep that's right. Our almost 3 month old rolled over today, and not just once, but 4 times!!! I couldn't believe it. I almost wanted to say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, because that means he's getting that much bigger. Why do our babies have to grow up so fast, I know, I am talking to the choir for some. I am glad Andrew decided to do it today though because my sister Jessica was over for three of the rolls. It was nice to have someone there as a witness but also to be able to share that experience with her. This picture is pretty typical now. Whenever we do tummy time with Andrew it's more of Andrew and Isaac tummy time. I love how they are bonding already. Isaac can even point to Andrew when you ask him, "Where is Andrew?"
I had a video of him rolling but it won't upload! Sad day!

Isaac knows his body

Yesterday Isaac was running around talking to himself so I decided to video tape him because he was just too cute. While I was recording I thought about having Isaac show all of us what body parts he knows. He did pretty well I think, but the craziest thing of all was when he said one of the words. It completely took me off guard! He's so smart. Watch for yourself and see if you can tell which body part he said. (It's pretty obvious)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who is this kid?

The tittle of this post is perfect for describing Isaac ever since we moved into our new place. I don't even know who Isaac is anymore. He's actually getting into stuff now. I know crazy right, for the last few months I have had to show Isaac where the pots and pans are because he hasn't explored enough around our house to know where they are at. Now I am not so sure I should have helped his exploration skills because ever since we've moved into our new home that's all he's done. From vases under our sink, to the plunger in our bathroom, Isaac is now an expert explorer, one who I feel is making up for lost time. Here are some pictures of Isaac's best exploration; the toilet paper roll.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Boys' Quirks

I don't know what it is about my boys but they just have to have something in their mouths at all times. For Andrew it is either his fists, his pacifier, me, or part of his clothes, which in this picture he chose his zipper. It was actually pretty cute, I was feeding Isaac and I turned to check on Andrew and he was being teased by his own zipper. He kept pulling his head side to side trying to get it into his mouth. lol It was quite entertaining. (see video)Yes, most of you can guess Isaac's quirk. He always has either something in his mouth or hands, and sometimes both. On this particular day it was a peanut butter cookie and a green remote to one of his toys that he just had to have with him at all times.

He even tried climbing the stairs with both of them and actually made it up them. lol I was impressed but also worried. lol

This is where our little family ate when we first moved in because we didn't have a table. We ate like this for about a week and a half. Now I can say that I am truly grateful for the little things in life. It will be fun to tell our kids about the time we ate on the floor. Hopefully that will make them appreciate what they have more. lol

Andrew's Tummy Time

Here are some adorable pictures of Andrew during his tummy time. He is holding his head up so well now. My little old man is looking much younger now, especially when he smiles! Enjoy them, because I sure loved taking them.

Here is our little gangster with a big belly.

Sitting in the hallway of our new home with my boys. I am so blessed. lol Also, I just love how they both have that same stare. What is it with our kids, maybe Austin and I are just to much for them to handle, so they just stare.

Our 5th New Home!

Yep that's right! Our 5th home in 2 and 1/2 years! I know you won't believe me when I say this but I promise you this will be our last home until we graduate. We won't be moving unless we get kicked out! People in our complex have 4 kids in this place and one family is about to have their 5th! lol
We are really enjoying our new place. Our ward is so nice and welcoming and all of our neighbors have children Isaac's age so we are really happy and excited to be here. For those of you that won't get the opportunity to see our place, I've taken some pictures for you. Oh and don't pay attention to the mess, all the time I had was for either taking these pictures or cleaning. lol When you see it just blame Isaac! lol
Here is our family room
Here is the view from the front door.
Here is that hallway from the last picture.
Here is my beautiful large kitchen!
I can't forget Isaac's favorite part of our house.
If you zoom in you can see him smiling. He loves it!
This is the view from the top of the stairs.
This is Isaac's side of the boys room.
This is Andrew's side once we move him in here in the next few weeks.
So here I am standing in front of the boys room looking at the guest bathroom area.
Here is our master bedroom. I love it!
We have 2 closets!!!!
My favorite part of all is our master bath!!!
Here I am standing in the doorway of our room looking into the boys room.
I like that the other two rooms are next to each other.
Oh and the other thing I like about that second closet is that it's raised, so Andrew's been sleeping there while we unpacked and organized the house.
Close Up!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Isaac's New Crib

Ever since we moved into the condo Isaac has slowly and sneakily been destroying his crib so that he could get a new one. Every morning I'd wake up to aloud banging, like the sound of someone hammering, in Isaac's room. Unfortunately I think fixing a hole in the wall from a nail would have been cheaper then what the noise was really coming from. So try to imagine this, every time I heard this sound I'd enter Isaac's room and find him laying on his back kicking the his crib. Oh and not just kicking for fun, but kicking with purpose! With both of his feet as hard as he could he'd kick the crib in the exact same place. So, over the months we were living in the condo, Isaac was secretly and slowly destroying his crib so that he could get a new one, and last week his plan was accomplished. I must saw, he enjoyed it immensely!

Our little walking zombie

Last winter Isaac got these gloves and this hat from Grandma Ralph for Christmas and now he finally gets to wear them! As you can see from these pictures Isaac didn't really know how to handle all them. His hands were in that position the entire time he wore those gloves. Even when he was walking around outside he still kept them in that position. He looked like a little walking zombie. lol

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cousins During Christmas

Here are some pictures of the grand babies during Christmas. It sure was fun to have all of them at Grandma and Grandpa Heath's house. It was also entertaining to try and get all the boys smiling (or at least looking in the direction of the camera) all at the same time. We had fun trying though. It will be quite the site in two years when hopefully all of us are back there again. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Isaac Attacking The Bouncer

This is a perfect example of what Isaac is really like when he is not struggling with sickness, teething, diaper rash, has been fed, and just woke up from a nice long nap. Basically you will see Isaac doing some interesting things; getting into a fight with Andrew's bouncer, attacking the couch and losing badly, and also acting drunk. Check it out! In all reality, I am pretty sure all of that craziness and bouncing was because we had play group today and the family's house that we went to had a little trampoline that Isaac played with the whole time. Playing with the bouncer that way was probably his way of telling me that he wants one, and that it would be safer for him and Andrew if he actually bounced on a real trampoline. We'll see son.

Andrew at 2 months

Yeah! Andrew has reached 2 months already. Man kids grow so fast, and I know I'm preaching to the choir when I say that. Well, Andrew is a talking and smiling machine. He definitely has more............I don't know how to say it, more to say then Isaac did at this age. It has been fun to have two boys with such different personalities. -Don't worry boys, mommy loves you both equally. lol Anyways, hope you enjoy the pictures because I loved taking them.

This one was my favorite, I can just hear him saying: "Thank you, Thank you very much" to some girl in the future.
His smile is so precious. It makes everything worth it to mommy when he smiles.

Although he does have a different personality then Isaac, there are moments when you can tell they are brothers. For example, I often find Andrew with the same blank stare that Isaac has when I am not playing with him. See for yourself.
BROTHERS!!!!!! Well, more like ISAAC STEALING ANDREW'S BOUNCER! Andrew is a good brother and loves to share with Isaac, or maybe he just doesn't have a choice yet. lol
For being a Heath baby, he sure is quite the chunk now.