Saturday, September 20, 2014

Andrew's First Soccer Season

Andrew is now in his first year of soccer! He is doing so well! I am very proud of him. During his first game he scored seven times!  Five of those were in the opponents goal but we didn't tell him. HAHA There are no referees at this age anyways. Andrew did so well that we started to teach him about stealing the ball from others. It was a weird experience because normally we tell our kids not to steal but here we were encouraging it. It was a weird parent moment for us. HAHA Anyways, after a few tries Andrew did his first steal and scored. Austin and I were so happy for him. We were definitely those parents who were loud and annoying to everyone else but we didn't care. Andrew did GREAT! Go Green Lighting!
Andrew got his uniform the Thursday before his first game and when he came home he put it right on. That night we tired to get it off of him but he was too excited and I just couldn't make him. So, from Thursday night through Saturday night he wore his uniform. He was such an excited boy.
Here is adorable Andrew doing his pre-game stretches.
Here are some pictures of Andrew during his first game. He did great! His favorite parts were scoring (he would give me a thumbs up every time he scored), running through the parent tunnel, and getting treats afterwards. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Random September Fun

Sweet brothers protecting and loving their baby sister! I love how a baby brings out the soft sides of little boys. It is just too precious to watch Isaac and Andrew interact with Oakley. These pictures are good but they don't quite demonstrate the true compassion the boys display towards her daily.

Here is silly Emeri playing with crunched up fruit loops. I thought it would be an easier way to get colored sand than dyeing rice. She had fun dumping, scooping, and mixing all the colors together.
Cuddles with Daddy! This is one of Oakley's favorite spots! She loves snuggling with Dad. 
Isaac is starting to write his own letters. Anytime there is a birthday or a holiday, Isaac gets the opportunity to write letters to others. This particular letter was for Daddy when he got sick with strep throat. What a sweet boy. The other picture is of Isaac helping Oakley with her tummy time. She lasts a lot longer on her tummy when someone is distracting her.
Soccer fun! Now that the weather is not scalding hot, the kids have enjoyed some fun outdoors. Soccer is one of the many things the kids like to do out in the back.

Play time with baby Oakley. Oakley's smile just melts our hearts. Several times a day you see the kids trying to make her smile. They light up when they are successful. 
For homeschooling I needed a reward system for good behavior and no complaining. I asked Isaac what he would want as a reward. He told me he wanted fish sticks. I thought that was perfect because I could use that as part of his homeschooling experience! So, I told him that he could make us a fish stick dinner all by himself if he earned a certain amount of good behavior days. It worked GREAT!  A week and a half later we went to the store and Isaac picked out the fish sticks, sent them through the check out, opened the bag, turned the oven on, and did every step further on his own. It was great to see him accomplish his school goals and have fun with his reward. Love that boy.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Oakley at 2 months

Our sweet Oakley is as precious as can be! Her smile is so addicting and contagious. She is doing great breast feeding and loves to put her fingers in her mouth. She is such a joy to have in our family. All of her older siblings love to hold her and run to her aid when her binkie falls out of her mouth.
Oakley sure does make us laugh. She has such silly faces to share.