Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Lights in Salt Lake

We took the boys to Salt Lake to see the lights for the first time. Isaac was the only one to kind of appreciate it but it was still fun for both. There were some Christmas lights that were on bushes right behind some benches that we sat on and the boys really liked touching those. They were pretty neat, they weren't pointed like most Christmas lights, they were flat headed. Isaac and Andrew loved all the bright colors and figurines, but weren't too big a fans of the cold. Isaac did recognize the temple and pointed it out several times. He also liked the water fountains and the big Christmas tree in the Joseph Smith building. All and all it was a success and time well spent with our boys.

Our little boys all bundled up.
Some awesome red lights that lit the place up.
This was Isaac's favorite. He kept wanting to go under the rope and hold the sheep. He would say "sheep, up" with his arms stretched out. As you can see from his face, we wouldn't let him do that.

The most amazing man in the world. I love you Austin.

The giant Christmas tree in the Joseph Smith building.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Andrew Walking!

Enjoying the New Home

These are some pictures of what our little family has been doing the last 2 weeks we have been here. I think the boys have already gotten used to it and recognize it as home. Okay so it helps that we got them some cool rugs to go in their play room but I still think they are adapting well.This is a picture of Isaac coloring on his play house. We still love that giant box we got from the oven. It is still a favorite toy this past week and a half. I am glad it is lasting so long.
I am taking the picture from inside the box and little Andrew is trying his very best to see mom. We were playing a game of peek-a-boo and I couldn't resist this face. I had to take a picture.
Andrew finally got to rest on mom after our workout video together. More like mom trying to workout but Andrew kept crawling all over me using me as a jungle gym.
I promise just a few seconds ago I was doing crunches.
Family Activity. We made Christmas decorations one night and it was a blast. It really helped Isaac learn about Christmas. He now can point out at the store or in the car Santa, the snowman, or reindeer, and anytime he sees Christmas lights on a house or Santa's hat on random strangers he will yell Christmas and point right at them. The true meaning of Christmas lessons are still to come. lol

Little Andrew trying to copy his big brother on our new road rug. I wish I could upload videos. It was hilarious hearing the sound Andrew thinks a car makes.
Yea, are you surprised just as much as I am? Isaac actually smiled at the camera long enough for me to take it. So cute!This is probably the most hilarious picture of Andrew. He looks like an old man trying to smile while in a state of constipation. I love this picture.

Isaac got into this bucket and put the lid on his head all by himself. Then he kept saying "on" to me. Meaning he wanted me to close the lid with him in the bucket. He almost fit but then he started whinnying.