Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our first attempt at Thanksgiving

I think it turned out well. There was lots of food and lots of fun. I am just glad we had an oven in time for Thanksgiving. When we first arrived in our house the oven took about 3 hours to get to 250 degrees. Needless to say I could not cook with that. The Wed before Thanksgiving though our manager bought a new one and I can now say that I am so grateful for ovens. The boys even got some good out of this whole charade; a giant box that we cut a door and a window out to make them a cool play house.

our new home, we moved again, blah blah blah

Our big helper during our move.
I couldn't believe he could fit into one of those boxes.
Here she be. Our new home. We were forced out of our awesome town home and moved to Springville. I am actually starting to enjoy our new place. The house we are renting is really old but also very roomy. There is a ton of space for the boys to run around in . Plus, an awesome park across the street as been well used by our boys too. The library is 2 streets over and wellsfargo, little cesars pizza, and a walmart are in about 30 seconds to a 3 minute drive away.This is the dining room. That door leads into the mud room and off to the left is another door for the garage.
Here is the dinning room looking into the hallway that leads to the bathroom and our 2 bedrooms.
This is the living (or we call it the play room). I love those french doors. We can just shut the boys in and say "adios," of course we don't but the thought has crossed my mine.
This is the family room. Yes the TV looks small but we have only had it for 2 years. We are just fine.
Front entry looking through the family room into the dinning room and into the bathroom.
front entry
Our awesome kitchen. The closest door at the bottom right corner of the picture leads downstairs into the basement. The door on the top right leads into a large laundry room/craft room where my sewing machine is, and right behind Isaac's little blue chair is another door that leads into the fenced in back yard.

Hope you enjoyed yet again another Liz and Austin home. Stay tuned for future homes in about a year.

Isaac Exploring

Isaac has finally discovered the dryer! Not only does he stop the clothes during a cycle but also likes to climb into the dryer to be dried himself. (see video)
Here he is trying to close the door
Here he has closed the door........on his fingers.
Isaac is a pretty smart kid. He kept asking me to "go fast" which to him means mom turn it on so I can spin. In this picture he was trying to push the bars to get it to go. Smart boy.
Here he is acting out what he wants the dryer to do. "Mom, fast" like this.

Isaac has also started to enjoy coloring, FINALLY! He says " markers, blue" several times a day. He colors so much now that he has to find interesting places to color so it doesn't get boring. Just kidding, I randomly found him under here one time coloring with his head on the ground.
Construction Sensory Bin. I have been obsessed with home school blogs recently and have found a lot of fun activities for toddler to do. Or in my case, things to distract my toddler so I can have a few minutes of peace.

This activity is also a favorite of his. The word for this is"puff balls" whenever he wants to do this one. I just cut holes in an old Tupperware container of different sizes and gave him the bag of puffs. He figured out pretty quickly what he was suppose to do with them.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Andrew's 1st Birthday

Yep, our little man is one now! I can't believe it has been a year already. Andrew is such a joy in our lives and we love him so much, he is even growing on Isaac now too. The two boys play so well together, I am really enjoying not having to entertain them every second. So here are the pictures of Andrew's birthday party. A caterpillar cupcake. We decided that we want to do some sort of cupcake cake for our kids' first birthday. Plus, it is way easy and takes a lot less time. Well, a lot less time if you don't rainbow the batter like we did. We did it to the cupcakes and it looked really cool, we used blue, gold, mahogany, and turquoise.
Birthday boy!
He kept getting distracted from the cake because we had just fed him before this so he wasn't hungry enough to try it. Eventually, we had to feed him the cake with a spoon and then he picked at it a bit but it still wasn't that much.
You would never know it but right before the party Andrew was sleeping and when we woke him up for the party he was in a really sensitive mood. If we did anything he didn't want to do he started screaming. lol We even had to whisper the happy birthday song to him when we sang it. It was so funny. The quietest I have ever heard that song sung. I am glad we got that on camera.

Present Time
I think Andrew's presents were more fun for Isaac then Andrew.
See, oh well, Andrew will enjoy them too when he is a little older.
This tiger was a huge hit! The mouth opens and a shines a light when you squeeze the tail and also makes a roaring and purring sound every other time you open the mouth. Andrew learned how to do it really quickly, now all I hear all day long is purrrrr........... roar...................purrrrr................ roar.........etc.
Thanks everyone for coming. I know it was just his first birthday and that he won't even remember it but I am still grateful.
Lightening McQueen outfit
Oh! His first hair cut! It was so sad, probably because he was screaming the whole time but also because it was sad to see all that precious hair go.
The new and improved Andrew Stephen Heath.

Two roommates knowing each other for almost 6 years with our little boys exactly 6 weeks apart.
I love Andrew's smile in this picture.
Andrew is glued to anything technological. He looked at me when I said his name and was back to the computer before the camera took the shot. lol
Both boys got their hair cut that night. Jess and Juan cut Isaac's hair, he did so well this time. He didn't cry at all or complain. He is getting so big.
The next morning with his new bib. I had to get pull over ones because he pulls the Velcro ones off at least 8 or 9 times during every meal.
Doesn't he look so different?
Still a happy boy though.