Saturday, August 30, 2014

Random Cuteness

Here is Emeri saying a prayer before meal time. It is the sweetest thing to see children prayer. I took the picture so that I can always remember their innocence. The other picture is of Emeri wearing her new princess shoes. She loves walking around the house with them on.
Here is Oakley around 2 months old and Emeri strutting her new shades!
For a fun craft the boys made race cars out of toilet paper rolls and milk jug caps. 
HAHA This was awesome. Emeri came around the corner when I was in the kitchen just like this. Her little butt cheeks sticking out made me laugh so hard. It was so adorable. After about two or three more steps they fell right off and Emeri said, "ah oh mommy."

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Remlinger Farm

While we were in Seattle, Aunt Beka took the kids and I to Remlinger Farm. I can't believe I lived in Seattle my whole life and never heard of this place. It was so fun. There were horse rides, mini roller coasters, a train, animal petting, a hay maze, yummy food grown right on the farm, and a ton of rides for the little ones. It was a fun packed day. Thank you Aunt Beka! It was awesome.
The rides were so fun for the kids. I was really impressed with how many rides there were on the farm. Plus, the rides were all free after the entrance fee, oh yeah!

Here are the kiddos on their pony rides! This was Andrew's and Emeri's first time on a pony. They loved it. Emeri looked so cute on her small pony. So precious.
Here are the boys on a carved wooden bull and Oakley at 8 weeks old. Such pretty blue eyes!
The kids even went on a canoe ride! This place was so fun!!
Petting some farm animals! They had chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, and goats for all the kids to pet.

Tea Pots were a hit with the kids. They couldn't stop laughing while the ride was going.
We love Aunt Beka and Uncle Samuel! Thank you both for a wonderful day!
Here were the boys before the mini roller coaster ride. They were so excited and so silly! 
Surprise!! Standing behind us in line were friends from my childhood. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Isaac's 5th Birthday

5 years old now!! Isaac, these past 5 years have been the best for your father and I. We have had so much joy, laughter, and fun ever since you came into our family. You truly are a special boy. Right now you have mastered making your own bed, getting dressed, and saying your morning prayers all by yourself. You enjoy cooking with me, reading the Magic Tree House books, and going on long bike rides with Dad because you get to ride on the street. You are also very sweet with your baby sister Oakley and you love to take care of her. You are such a big helper to mom when she asks to help with Oakley. You have recently started to read and you are picking it up very well. I can't wait to keep learning with you! You also have learned about legos and enjoy creating new things. Your favorite color is still black, and your favorite super hero is Batman. When you grow up you want to be a paleontologist. 
Isaac's birthday party in Seattle. 
Let's just say Isaac was very excited to get his first lego kit for his birthday.
Great Grandma Allred sent Isaac the coolest birthday card that had this inflatable football in it. 
Isaac's party at Grandma Heath's house. He asked Grandma for a Lego cake and it turned out great. Look how excited he was when he saw it for the first time. 
We celebrated Uncle Jon's birthday as well that day.
Aunt Kadi put one of Clara's diaper covers on Emeri's head. She even pulled Emeri's pig tails through the leg holes so that her hair would still stick out. HAHA It was so funny, especially when the cover started falling down her forehead and squishing her eyes.
We love Grandma Heath and are very grateful for everything that she has done for us. We love her cakes, all the yummy meals she prepares, her home that she lets us take over when we visit, and the gifts she gives. Thank you Grandma Heath for the giant lego kit!
Uncle Colton holding his little niece Oakley.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dash Point

Trip to the beach! Aunt Beka took us for a fun outing at Dash Point. We played in the water, ate some yummy lunch, and played in the water some more! Now every time the kids see a picture of a beach they start talking about when we went to one with Aunt Beka! 

 During the month of August, the ALS ice bucket challenge was going viral. After watching Uncle Samuel, Uncle Jon, and their Daddy do it, the kids wanted to do it too. It was so adorable.