Monday, February 27, 2012

February Fun

February 18th was my sisters wedding! It was a beautiful sealing that showed their faith and devotion these past two years. The day was a perfect 58 degrees with no wind and a ton a fun. I am so happy for you guys.
Of course Andrew was trying to pick apart her flowers, they were so beautiful.
Isaac taking a bite out of a grape fruit.
Andrew taking a bite out of his grape fruit and Isaac realizing he should have listened to mom when she told him not to bite the peel.
Trying to get both boys smiling on camera at the same time. Of course Isaac has to be looking away. There is no one else in the room, I have no idea what he is smiling at.
Wrestling Time. Although it was difficult at the beginning I am so glad that I had my boys so close together. They play so well which gives me time to myself. I just hope they stay this way forever.

Andrew, still always needing something in his hands.

Isaac is obsessed with climbing now. He wants to climb over everything, and he also as masters some jungle gym bars at the park recently too. His motor skills are developing like crazy.

These videos are very repetitive so if you don't want to get sick don't watch them for to long because it made me sick. The second video is awesome because you can tell that the spinning finally got to Andrew too.

Lanae's Surprise (the little stinker)

So a few months ago my dear husband got together with Lanae, Jared, and Sereen and created an evil but awesome surprise. Jared was leaving town for a week and he wanted Lanae to help Sereen out and keep her company. The evil part of this plan was that I was the only one who didn't know she was coming, and to make myself look even more pathetic, I had called Lanae just a few days before she got here telling her that I didn't want to wait until May to see her and Logan. She got to our house on a Sunday and Austin didn't give it away but hinted that something was up. His give away was that before our 9 o'clock church, he was cleaning the house, and his excuse was that he just had an itch to clean. No, he never cleans on Sunday mornings. I just brushed it off though until he started cleaning again after church. Okay,what the heck, we knew Jared and Sereen where coming over for dinner but not for a few hours, but low and behold the door bell rang. Isaac and I opened it and there was Jared and Sereen holding a baby, not a new born which I know Preston was, but a little toddler. A brown eyed, brown haired, olive skinned little Logan! I caught on pretty quick and screamed her name, than I spotted her and gave her the biggest hug. I kept calling her a little stinker, I was obviously the only one who didn't know she was coming. She says this was pay back for not telling her sooner that I was pregnant. lol Lanae, you can pay me back this way anytime you want!
Cousins! This picture reminds me of a hamburger. Two golden buns sandwiching a juicy brown patty. Let me know if you need me to explain further. Let's just say we took Logan with us to Walmart on Saturday and for the first time Austin felt like his features were finally noticeable, even if the kid wasn't his kid.
After I took the picture of the boys Isaac wanted me to take a picture of his dinosaur.......
and his tiger.
Curious little boys trying to destroy, I mean play with Jared and Sereen's boom box.
We went to the mall that week too. Here is what our little caravan group looked like.
Sisters! Thanks so much girls. This was one of the best weeks I have had. It was so much fun and so memorable. Can't wait to be together again soon.