Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Frontier Park Splash Pad

After a long separation because of Austin's business schedule we had a fun family weekend! The day he got home was a Friday, and right when he arrived we headed out to the splash pad. The last time we went to a plash pad was in Springville Utah a year ago. This experience was completely different than that one. This time they actually got into the water! lol It was so fun to see all the chillins having a blast with their Daddy; who they've missed so much.

Can't get enough of these two boys!

 ........and their third boss! She loves to pretend to be "mom" already. When I tell them to do something, she is baby talking right along with me. lol It is so funny.

Love, Love, Love this Girl!!!!!

She didn't like to get wet directly from the water sprays. So when Austin took her over to one she did this to try to avoid them. lol It was so cute!

Here are the boys trying to get Austin wet by pushing him into the water. He is such a sissy when it comes to "cooler" water. It was a great video though! ENJOY!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sea Life Aquarium

The weekend that Austin returned from a week long work trip we spent the whole entire day together as a family. It is incredible how much Austin's presence helps with keeping the kids calm. Maybe it is just the load that is lifted from me, but I can definitely tell a difference in our family atmosphere when he is with us. It is hard having him gone so much but it sure does make me appreciate when he is here.

Here are the kids on a mini carousal before we went into the aquarium.

Emeri had a blast this time going to the aquarium because she was able to be set free. With Austin's help, I didn't have to strap her down in the stroller while I chased after her brothers. She enjoyed herself immensely!

A helpful brother pointing things out to Emeri.

The aquarium traded out their octopus for three sea turtles. The boys enjoyed a little surprise change.

Here are the boys enjoying the water tunnels. Emeri saw them in there and immediately thrust herself to the floor and wanted to try it as well. Her Daddy was a good sport and held her up to get a better view.

She loved it!

This is how close Emeri wanted to be at every new exhibit. She is just soaking it all in. Love the yearning for learning at this age.

The shark tunnel. Emeri was all over this!

This spot in the aquarium you can look down into the shark tank. Emeri knew just what to do.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Some of Emeri's 1 year photos

It was so much fun getting Emeri all dolled up for these pictures!! Thank you Lisa for taking these pictures for us! We love them.

These last few photos are of some of the things Emeri ha really enjoyed this month.

Pushing the shopping cart.

Dumping out the books off of the rain gutter shelves.

Emeri loves loves loves to play with her brothers in this school bus!

Her friend, the musical giraffe.

Emeri also loves to play in the toy kitchen. Her favorite thing to do is to pull down the oven door to climb on top of it to get on the counter. AKA---she falls and the whole thing comes down on her.

And of course she loves to play with her Daddy!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Emeri's 1st Birthday Party

She made it! Little Precious Pretty Petite Princess is now 1 year old. Emeri is such a joy in our lives. She has personality that is out of this world, and she also has the ability to make anyone fall in love with her. Emeri loves to give kisses, pull the books off of the rain gutter shelves, and splash in the tub. She has two teeth and her favorite thing to do is whatever her brothers are doing.  lol
On Saturday the 27th we had a little birthday party to celebrate. We invited a few friends and family to enjoy some yummy pizza and delicious cake from Tammy's shop. I would like to thank everyone for all their love and support for Emeri. We have been blessed with so many amazing people in our lives and we want to thank you.

Little Miss Emeri getting ready for the prayer.

Here is the adorable cupcake cake that Tammy did for Emeri's birthday. We chose a cupcake cake because her Papa (Jeff) always used to call her his little cupcake. Emeri loved Jeff so we thought it was the perfect choice.

Emeri was so patient waiting for us to get her pizza crust. She did still need the binkie or else all heck would have broke loose, but she was still pretty patient.

Once Emeri realized we were laughing at her she started giggling. She loves to make people laugh.

The happy birthday girl with her food.

Isaac enjoying some pizza.

Such silly little faces.

This doll that was given to Emeri made kissy noises and side I love you when she squeezed the tummy. She was confused at first but than I told her to give it kisses and she knew just what to do........ mouth and everything, several, several times.

Yeah more pink books!! Thank you Aunt Kadi!

This was by far Emeri's favorite gift. A singing card that played 'I See The Light' from Tangled.  You should have seen her face the first time she opened it! Her smile was so big! Than when she figured out she could control when it turn off and on she was historical. 

Our gift to Emeri was a princess tent and tunnel. She absolutely loves the school bus flip up tent we have for the boys, so we decided to add on to that and give her her own princess one. The kids have not stopped playing it since she opened it.

Emeri wanted to touch her cake so badly! Reach Emeri, Reach!

The look she gave us all when we wouldn't let her touch it. -Devastation-

But once we started singing her face lit right up!

Yummy Yummy Cake! Emeri did superb on her first birthday cake........probably because she had already had ice cream, popsicles, french fries, cookies, brownies, and candy----from Austin. She knew what sugar looked liked........

....and she was not afraid to eat it.

"HA HA HA Mommy!! I am having as much sugar as I want and you can't do nothing about it!"

"Oh wait, this stuff actually looks neat too? ....hummmm......I wonder how it would look........"

"!"   Oh yeah, that is right. She got it on the wall, the streamers, her high chair, in her hair, on the chair, and on the floor. So sweet Emeri, so sweet.

Love this picture!

What a work of art. I don't think she even ate any of it. I pretty sure she just spread it all over.

Kisses for Mommy---see she hasn't quite gotten down the closed mouth thing.

Grandma Heath was so sweet to help me clean up Emeri! She even bathed her for me and put her to sleep! YESSSSS I love Grandmas!!!

  Little Andrew already playing with his sister's new toy