Sunday, May 27, 2012

What will little sister look like?

During the last months of pregnancy I like to start thinking about what our babies will look like. With Austin and I we never know because the possibilities are so extreme. Here are some picture of us when we were young and some pictures of what we have already created. (hint: Isaac and Andrew) Do I have any guesses or thoughts on what our next little one will look like. There seems to be a fairer pattern so far but you never know.
 Pictures of Austin in the hospital and a few weeks old.
 I am not sure how old I am here but I am guessing around 7 or 8 months. 
Here is Andrew at 6 months old
Austin from kindergarten to 3rd grade.
My third birthday, isn't it crazy to see my brother next to me with such dark hair and then my cousin with the matching blonde on the other side. 

 Any resemblance? 

Shaving Cream Party in the Pool

At the beginning of the month I had my friend Ashley over to visit along with her son Rigdon. It was nice to catch up while the boys played outside. After lunch I put Andrew down for his nap but Isaac and Rigdon still had tons of energy left. The empty pool was loosing its novelty so I decided to spice it up again with some shaving cream. It was a hit! Both Rigdon and Isaac had a great time and were entertained for a good 45 minutes. The pool was pretty slippery which made the slide even more enticing to Isaac because sometimes he would whip down it and clear half of the pool. It was definitely a success and I can't wait to try it out with Andrew.

 Isaac had to hold on to the edge most of the time or else he would biff it. It was really funny to watch, Ashley and I got a kick out of it.

 It was such a mess.
 They kept colliding into each other.
 I absolutely love this picture. What an adorable smile I caught on camera. 
Clean up time.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Isaac's First Dental Appointment

 Yep! Isaac had his first dentist appointment last week and it was a total success. Oh don't worry, I had to really hype it up and prepare him for what was going to happen. A few days before his appointment we went to the library and checked out 'The Tooth Book' by Dr. Seuss. It was a perfect book describing all types of teeth and had a little bit about the dentist on the last page. I read that page with lots of excitement and told him that he would be able to visit the dentist too, just like the boy in the book. Then I told him that there were toys and a TV at the dentist which was completely honest. Our dental office was really nice, every room had a TV that kids could play Nintendo on while getting their teeth cleaned. So, after talking the dentists up and telling him that having someone else clean your teeth was "so much fun," he was looking forward to it.
 Here are some of the toys he picked out to play with while we were waiting to be called back.
There was also an awesome tree house in the office. I am telling you, this was the nicest dental office I have ever been to.
 Then when we were called back the dental assistant started off by showing Isaac what all their little gadgets did. He of course wanted them to spray the water and air on his car that he brought.
 Isaac was a little hesitant to lay back on the chair........
 so I laid down with him, but only for about 1 minute, their little sister was making it way too uncomfortable.
 When I sat up he got really nervous and wanted down but the smart assistant brought out a Lightning McQueen toothbrush and asked him to show her how he brushed his teeth.
 That too only worked for a little bit so I had the fun idea to throw Andrew up on the chair too. Plus, the dental assistant had this amazing mind boggling technological box that grabbed their attention immediately.
 A TV.
 That worked great. By then the doctor came in and was amazing with Isaac. The assistant couldn't get Isaac to open his mouth at all for her, but the doctor worked his magic and Isaac participated wonderfully. He used his mirror to "count" Isaac's teeth, that was a brilliant move to make on Isaac because we are learning how to count now so Isaac understood what that meant. Isaac even got to the point where he was telling the doctor where to count; "over here," "tight here," "count here." So cute.
Then of course Isaac had to use the mirror to count his car's teeth too.
 And of course Andrew ended up with the Lightning McQueen tooth brush in the end. 
 Isaac's new pj's! The best part is that they were free. Aunt Cathy gave us some hand me downs and while I was going threw them Isaac spotted Mator and had to put the pj's on.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Trains, Pool, and Sand

The boys and I have loved the warmer weather lately. It has not only kept them occupied but has given me time to catch up on some reading. It's just blown me away how fast our little guys have grown and developed. Isaac's language has exploded and Andrew's height has done the same. He is now above the 99% for his height. I didn't realize he was so tall, I guess we always compare his height to Isaac's and Isaac is really tall for his age too. I love it though, a basketball team in the making. So here are some great pictures and videos of some fun things the boys have done these past few weeks.

 The boys are absolutely obsessed with trains. Every time we hear the train outside they stop what they are doing and listen and mimic the train sounds. If we are outside they still drop what they are doing and immediately run to the sidewalk and say "oh mommy train," or "see train mommy?" The reason they run to the sidewalk is because they can look straight down our street and see the train pass by. I thought it would get old by now because we have been here for 6 months but they still react the same way every time.
 Usually we use these water noodles for swords and a marble run but Isaac saw them laying down on the floor in a pile once and said, " mom, train tracks!" It took me a second to understand what he was trying to tell me but I eventually got it and the tracks were a hit.  We even turned it into a hopping game as well, to work on some balancing skills.
 We finally have a kiddie pool! This was our replacement for 7 peaks this year because I am due at the beginning of August, so we thought this would be a more useful and cheaper route. The pool needless to say was a huge hit!

 When the pool was first introduced to the boys, it was more of a target practice than anything.

 Then Isaac took the first step....... 
 ....and we kind of just threw Andrew in, we knew he would love it once he was in.
See, Andrew went down this slide over and over again. It was hilarious trying to see him climb the steps by himself. He refused to use the middle step so he always ended up doing the splits and then falling into the water.
 I had to put Isaac on the slide for this picture. This was the only time he went down it, he preferred driving his cars down instead.
 Then is started to get cloudy and a bit cold with their shirts on so I stripped Andrew, but it still didn't work.
 He just wanted his mommy, okay maybe he just wanted the dry warm towel I was holding. I will take it however I can get it from Andrew. lol

 Since we have been spending more time outside I have used my sunglasses a lot more. The boys see Austin and I wear our shades and want to be just like us! Especially Andrew, he will pull them off my head and ask me to put them on him. Then he will run around flailing his arms and smiling. It is adorable.

 Here is our version of a sandbox, pathetic I know, but I want to make a sand box wherever we settle down at. Plus, this was way easy and cheap, it's made with 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil. It felt amazing to play with and I wasn't worried if the boys ever ate some of it.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

City Creek

A few weeks back our little family went with some friends up to the new City Creek mall. It was incredible there, a retractable roof, a creek running through the center, an awesome kids play area, a timed waterfall, and a very packed cheese cake factory. Isaac and Andrew's favorite part of course was the kids area and the water fountain. It just amazed me how much money they put into that place, and quite pathetic really.
Here are our friends the Bates who came along with us! We enjoyed some great chick-fil-a, a little shopping, chasing Isaac around, and some delicious cheese cake together. 
  Here is a view from the second floor looking down over the water fountains.
I'm glad I caught this look on camera. I just knew what he was thinking, "mom, I am not gonna play in the water, I am just going to try to pretend I didn't know water shot out of these cool holes in the ground"

Completely soaked, but he really enjoyed it.
Andrew also enjoyed the water as much as I would let him. I knew if I let him out of that stroller he'd be more wet then Isaac was.
Here are some pictures of the play area I mentioned before. It was very large, completely closed in, had a squishy floor, and was filled with these awesome dinosaurs just asking to be climbed on.

 This is the only thing Andrew would do. He didn't even try to climb any of the other dinosaurs. Oh well, he just made it that much easier to watch him.

 I think Isaac was telling the dinosaur to go when I took this picture. He wanted a real ride from it, not just pretend.