Thursday, October 28, 2010


YEAH!!! 38 weeks along. Only two more weeks to go. We'd love to have guesses on what people think we are having!
When I was going through Isaac's old things and organizing them, Isaac found one of his old toys and got reacquainted with it. He got into it all by himself and just lounged on it until I was done working. I'm sure he was thinking "man this is the good life."

Oh this was cute. This is what I saw when I got home from working out Tuesday morning around 8. Early that morning Isaac had woken up earlier than usual and so I guess he was still tired. It was the sweetest thing to see those two asleep on the couch. I am so blessed!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Isaac at 14 months

Just over this past month Isaac has been growing in so many ways. He is definitely not a baby anymore. Toddler is his new description for sure. Here are just a few things he's accomplished in just 1 month.
Sitting like a big boy up at the computer with Dad. Most of the time he just sits and watches what Austin is doing but lately he's been wanting to explore it himself a bit, which means hitting the keyboard and accidentally submitting a few answers for Dad.
He has discovered the world of cabinets and drawers. This one is his favorite. I don't know why but he always pulls the same thing out and leaves everything else alone.
The dishwasher soap.
He's also becoming an expert on drinking his sippy cup while standing.......
and sitting. (his favorite way)
Okay so these pictures aren't of any new skill but I love seeing Isaac in his Spider-Man pj's so I figured I'd share the love.
Look at that face! It is not a baby face at all! He is way WAY to big now.
Still as flexible as he was when he was a baby though.
I couldn't get as close to Isaac as I would like to have while taking this picture because his sibling was fighting for some space! lol We can't wait till the little one gets here. lol
I love this picture!
Here are a few pics of what Isaac and I do every morning. Doesn't he look so little compared to everything else. This is probably my favorite part of the day. Time is already going by so fast and with a new one coming Isaac's time with me will be divided, so I am really trying to cherish these moments as much as I can.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Isaac's New Language

It's a little late because I forgot to put this video up a few weeks back! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our trip to Indiana

So last month for my sister's and mine birthdays, Isaac and I flew over to Indiana to visit my sister and her family. It was a ton of fun, we got our hair done, did facials, ate at a Thai restaurant, went to the zoo, went shopping, watched girl movies, went to the park, and had the most amazing home made meals. It was definitely a week to remember.
So here is Susan, Jarom and I at the restaurant. Boy was it yummy!
Yeah Isaac came too but he was out cold which helped me enjoy the meal a little more.
This was my amazing meal: pad thai noodles
On the third day we were there we were able to go to the zoo. Isaac actually enjoyed himself; until he fell asleep.
I couldn't believe how close the cheetah was to us. It would literally rub up against the glass right where we were standing.
This was a fun little dolphin show that we got to watch. Isaac was actually watching it.

The coolest part of the whole trip was getting to pet the sharks. Yes it took me about 10 minutes to get the courage to do it but eventually I did.

Having dinner as a family. It was a delicious Italian meal.
I think Isaac's favorite part about the whole trip were Susan and Dave's two dogs. They were the perfect size for him to play with, plus, they were very friendly and couldn't get enough of his face.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Isaac Helping Mom Change the Sheets

This past week!

Two proud mommy's with their sons during General Conference.

Naked Time! Isaac pretty much loves walking around naked now. He's so cute!
So for Family Home Evening this past week Austin and I got in the Halloween mood and made some cupcakes. It was really fun. We practically can take over Tammy Heath's cake shop now! lol Just kidding. It was fun to do something Halloweenie as a family!
We are ALMOST DONE! Here is our next little one 35 weeks along! We are so SO excited.