Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Emeri at 3 weeks

We love our little Emeri and thank Heavenly Father for blessing us with her. She is growing so fast already but the funny part is that she is still smaller than Isaac and Andrew were when they were born. lol What a petite little princess. 

 I love this shocked face!
 We are still trying to convince Emeri that tummy time is not lounge time. 
 She is starting to be so awake now.
 Emeri's first Sunday outfit! It was so adorable on her. Everyone is our ward kept saying what a doll she looked like. Thank you Aunt Sarah for this dress, she looks so sweet in it. I just can't believe how much she is drowning in it and it is a newborn size.

 The color was perfect for her skin tone.
 Notice the tights, they were humongous on her but I wanted her little legs to keep warm at church so we kept them on. lol She will fit into them one day.
 This adorable dress was made by Aunt Sereen. It is so cute and I love the pattern. Sereen was dead on with the the style I like. Thanks Sereen.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Outside Fun

Here are a few pictures of Isaac with his new scooter. He picked up on it very quickly and he actually lets Andrew try it sometimes. Andrew really doesn't know what he is doing quite yet, he just likes to push it around backwards. 

 Also, Isaac got a lollipop from a birthday party he decided to crash when we went to the splash pad the day before his birthday. lol We finally let him have it and he shared really well all by himself with Katelyn and Andrew.

  We busted out the sprinklers for the kids and this is what Isaac decided to do.
 Sneaking cereal into their play house. 

This was hilarious. I came into the kitchen and found Isaac trying to use my pump. lol Jenna and I were cracking up.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun photos of Us in August

Proud Parents shot during family pictures.

 Playing with Daddy. Andrew didn't quite get the game of holding on to Daddy's legs but it was really fun to watch.

This is what Isaac's mouth looks like after Grandpa and Grandma Ralph bring doughnuts.

 These two stuffed animals are very sentimental in my family because they belong to my brother and sister that passed away. Thank you mom for giving them to Isaac, Andrew and Emeri, it means a great deal to me.

 Jenna was such a gem when she was here. She took care of me and the kids while I tended to Emeri. You are so sweet Jenna, thank you for all of your help. We love visiting with you guys and catching up, it reminds us of the good old days when we were together during school. Miss you guys!
 Batman and Snow White playing at the park together.

 3 Generations picture
 Babe, I am so glad we took family pictures before you shaved for school! Love it you sexy man.
 Two big brothers looking after their little sis.

 I love how Emeri has the same scowl that Andrew had when he was a baby. Look at those furrowed eyebrows.

 Family Fun: Last week we made chocolate rice crispy treats with the boys and used cookie cutters to make fun shapes. It only took one bite of the treats for them to lose interest in the cutters and go right to pulling huge chunks of the crispy treats off and inhaling it as fast as possible.

 We even made a batman symbol shape. So cool babe.

 Katelyn and Isaac played really well together this trip. Katelyn taught Isaac how to play pretend family and Isaac taught Katelyn that boys like to tease girls. lol Katelyn kept saying, "now husband" whenever she was talking to Isaac. It was so funny to watch. Isaac had no idea what husband meant let alone that she was talking to him. It was also fun to see them play Batman and Snow White. It was interesting to see how different boys and girls are, even at this age.

 So Precious! I love that Emeri is kind of smiling in this photo. What a proud Daddy.