Monday, June 28, 2010

Isaac's Play Mate To Be

So last week was our 20th week ultrasound where the Ultrasound Tech looks at all the parts of the baby to make sure they're functioning properly. It was super fun to see the heart, stomach, kidneys, face, legs, etc. Such a neat experience. The first picture though, is of our newest addition only 10 weeks old. I wanted to show you a picture of then and now so you can see how much he/she has grown! Here, our little one looks like a little gummy bear. Now he/she is huge! You can't see all of our little one on the scope anymore. He/she is too big! He/she is about 11 inches long now and we are about half way through, so in the next 20 weeks he/she will double in length making mommy very uncomfortable.
Isn't this such a cool picture! Look at his/her nose! So cute! We can't wait, especially since we don't know the gender we are dieing for November 10th to get here. I won't care what it looks like, I just want to know what is or isn't in between the legs! lol

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Issac's Hospital Experience

Most of you know already that Isaac over this past week was in the hospital because of a severe viral infection. Even though it was really hard on him I know that we were blessed because of your thoughts and prayers. I'd like to personally thank all of those who helped us out by way of visits, food, phone calls, time, concerns, etc. Thank you so much. We truly feel blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Just to give you a recap of what happened, when we got back from a rainy camp out the Saturday before this ordeal, this is what Isaac looked liked minus the green mucus that he was draining. (didn't think that would have been to appetizing) His eyes were like this all day Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, until we got some eye drops for him which helped to clear his eyes by around Thursday. Unfortunately though, by Thursday Isaac was having fevers of up to 103.8 and wasn't eating hardly anything. Without an appointment I took him straight to our Pediatrician who looked him over and told us that his throat was red and pussy and that we needed to have his blood taken for a blood culture. So we did that around 3 not thinking anything else about it until Austin got a call from the doctor saying we needed to go immediately to get him x-rayed because his white blood cell count was at 26 (it's suppose to be at 6 or 7 normally) meaning a severe infection and also his inflammation count was at a 3.1 (suppose to be at a 1) so at 8 we took him to get x-rayed to see if he had pneumonia. Than after those results, which were negative, we had to go see another doctor in Orem to look him over again. He took about 3 minutes to tell us to get him to the hospital on an IV and antibiotics. So around 11 o'clock that night Isaac was getting pricked again for an IV and finally at 1 in the morning he was asleep, but only to be woken at 3 because his fever went up to 103 again and than at 5 to get his blood drawn again. It was definitely a difficult night. The next day the nurses told me his white blood cell count had gone up again to 28 so they were going to do tests on him to try to figure out where this infection was coming from. So that is what we did the whole time at the hospital, Isaac getting his blood drawn, not eating, getting held down, fevers, and rashes. Let's just say he didn't like any new faces that entered the room. He'd just start crying. Finally on Saturday though, Isaac started eating a little bit so this gave us hope that recovery was occuring. Then on Sunday he was looking very well and was eating much better and that's when we were able to head home. It was a crazy weekend but I know that Heavenly Father blessed us tremendously. Thanks again to everyone who helped out our little family!

On the second day there, both Isaac and myself were feeling a bit claustrophobic so I asked the nurses if we could take a walk around the hospital. They looked him over to see how he was doing and gave us permission. On our way out our nurse surprised us with this really cool hot red wagon! He loved it, I promise, even though his face in these pictures don't show any sign of that. It's not like I just took these pictures, I was really trying hard to make him smile. I was jumping up and down and making funny faces. Other people were laughing, just not Isaac.

Here are some pictures of Isaac on the mend. Around this time we knew we were gonna head home soon. Finally after three nights in the hospital we could go home, and that was a nice treat for Austin for Father's Day. Of course he finds his IV to be somewhat string like and you know hoe he loves string. He would not stop chewing on it, or this little green plastic thing that was attached to it. I didn't care, this was a huge sign for me that he was feeling better and that's all I cared about.

He was bored okay. There were only so many toys there he could play with.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Isaac's 10th Month

Here are some random pictures of Isaac during his 10th month. He's starting to do so many things now. These pictures he's showing off his Tennessee pride.
He loves to stand up now.

A couple of Sundays ago I had put Isaac done for his afternoon nap and about 5 minutes after I put him down I heard him talking and cooing to himself. At first I just let it be but after 5 more minutes of giggling from his room I went in to check on him and this is what I found. Isaac had completely sat up by himself which he had never down before and managed to get his feet through the bars of the crib. He was chewing on the crib and kicking the wall at the same time. It was too cute. Isaac loves to stand up now. He doesn't like to crawl, he'll crawl over to me and pull himself up so that he doesn't have to be on his knees anymore. Silly boy. I don't think he knows the freedom he has in his crawling. Oh well, I can't complain, he's not getting into anything yet.

Sunday morning face after breakfast! He loves his food.

Love this one!
These ones here are when we go jogging together as a family. I love how the blue blanket brings out his eyes even more. He loves to have his feet up in the air no matter where he is.
He loves his Daddy!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So many changes this month!

WOW!! Isaac, how did you get under that table? I sure didn't put you there, I wouldn't want to get you out, not now that it's uncomfortable for me to even bend over. Tell us Isaac, tell us how you got all the way over there, under the table, by yourself, over there. Fine, if you can't tell us Isaac, why don't you show us!

Yeah Isaac can CRAWL!!! Finally after hours upon hours, upon hours of training Isaac has discovered his super natural power of getting from one place to the next. Yes, in order for him to crawl he must have something tasty at the other end or else he won't budge, still, for us, crawling is crawling. His first 4 strides happened on June 1st but than on June 3rd, when he noticed that he could get to mom when she was eating something his abilities skyrocketed and now he's a crawling machine. Not only is he crawling, has two teeth on the bottom, talks non stop, yesterday, June 8th I think, I went to get him out of his crib because he was playing and not napping and he was sitting up! Usually I have to help him sit up from the laying down position but randomly in his crib yesterday he had done it all by himself! He is getting so big, too big. All of these new and fun stages are happening this month and I don't know how to deal with them! ahh!!!lol

Spingville 5K

Over the last week our little family has been training hard for our first family race. The race was sponsored by Nestle so it was in Springville by their company building (and they handed out free ice cream) and we were going to have to run 3 miles without stopping. Well, that was at least our family goal. So all last week we have been running and running and running. Isaac as you can see worked the hardest on our runs and was very motivating. With over 2,000 people running the race we were anxious to be there on time, but as most of you know that have kids that never works out. Not only did we have the wrong directions from mapquest, but when we got our stroller out we noticed the tire was flat and we had dropped the pump outside the car in our driveway at home. So 5 minutes before the race we were asking random people with strollers if they had a pump we could borrow. Luckily, our friend Kelly had a brother there that had one and we were finally all ready to go. The race went well at first, until one point where we reached this nasty, nasty hill. It was pretty brutal but Austin and I still didn't walk. At the 2 mile mark I was surprised how fast the race was going. It was just too much fun. People of all ages and abilities were running this race and hoping the end was just around the next corner. When we got to the finish line there were people cheering and a big banner was up. I felt like I had won, which I definitely hadn't because there where about 200 people that finished ahead of me. But still, the environment made you feel that way.

After the race we all went to the Utah Lake State Festival to celebrate. There was free food, t-shirts and boat rides. Isaac was just excited to have this apple though. He was talking and cooing the whole time. Lets just say he got a lot of ohs and awes from the people around him. He totally knows how to work the crowd.
Family Picture at the Park

A very difficult hike!

So about a month ago I decided I needed to get a little bit of a workout before this get together we were having. So about an hour before it started I wrestled with Isaac and this baby carrier thing so that I could take him on a hike with me up the mountain. After a good ten minutes of snaps here, wrong straps here, and having to put him on my back in the carrier by myself, we were finally ready to go. I don't know which part Isaac loved more, the fact that he could pull my hair and get a reaction out of me or the fact that he was up high and could easily see the cars driving by. Either way, Isaac was having a grand old time. So the hike was only about 45 minutes total and not too far from our house. When I got to the peak I noticed the time and started hurling down the mountain. About 5 minutes into this I noticed that the giggles and humming from Isaac weren't coming from behind my back anymore. So I turned my head and right next to my shoulder I saw this!Isaac had completely fallen asleep on my back in this position. It was so adorable. I laughed all the way home and even still when I was taking these pictures. I mean it is not like I was on a bike so that his ride was smooth. I was speeding down the hill as quickly as I could without running. So if you can imagine, I could feel that his body was bouncing up and down the whole time. Even when I learned that he was asleep I could see his head bopping up and down to the rhythm of my walk. It was hilarious.
Here is a back view!

He was literally like this the whole way down the mountain. I didn't move him at all. He was practically at a 90' angle to my body, asleep!