Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

This year was our first Christmas together with just our little family. It was quiet, peaceful, and simple. The night before we all slept together in our bedroom. The boys on the floor, us in our bed, and Emeri in our closet. Austin and I both liked that tradition growing up so we wanted to keep that one going. Once all the kids were awake, Austin ran to turn the lights on and grab the video camera. When he was ready I led the children out to the front room to see the tree. It was so fun! Isaac was super excited and couldn't stop talking about the newest addition of presents. Andrew pulled a good one on me. The night before I had cleaned the front room and moved the coffee table out of the way so that the kids could have lots of room to play with their new toys. On camera, the first thing Andrew said when he saw the room was, "It's so clean!" I was not expecting that, but I guess it was true. You think he would have noticed the pretty lights and the presents, oh no, the first thing he noticed was that mom actually cleaned up. HAHA Silly boy. 

Here are the kids getting into their stockings. The chocolate oranges are a tradition in my family and I think were a hit with our kids. They liked the idea of smashing a ball of chocolate and then getting to eat it.

Santa ate the cookies we left out! Which were quickly finished off by the boys.

 Thank you Grandma Heath for the monster trucks.

I loved this. Emeri just sat down next to Andrew and watched him open his present. She didn't try to touch it or grab it, she just sat and watched like a sweet little sister.

Once it came to Emeri's turn though she was all game. Look at that focused face, she just loved ripping the paper and seeing what was underneath. 

Thank you Grandma Heath for the Mermaid doll! 

The boys loved their superhero gifts!!! Thank you so much Aunt Susan!

Isaac got his first pair of roller blades for Christmas! Ninja Turtle Style!

After a cinnamon roll breakfast the boys put their boats and space ships together with Dad. It was fun to see them create something and then get to play with it afterwards. Great gift Daddy!


Finished product!

Emeri enjoyed some sour cream for lunch that day. Actually it was plain Greek yogurt. She devoured it.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we took the boys to their first show! Austin was still pretty sick so we needed to do something inside and calm. We thought the movies would be perfect and made the 12 o'clock show for Monster University. The boys enjoyed themselves immensely, it was even a 3D show and they wore the glasses the whole time. Emeri was distracted by food for half of the movie and the other half I walked with her around the back. It wasn't too bad. She was pretty cute and entertaining so I didn't feel shafted. 

That night we had Christmas Eve dinner with the missionaries. It was a pretty simple meal because it was just me cooking. Afterwards, the Elders helped us in our Nativity performance which was a hit with the kids. They enjoyed getting dressed up and playing the parts of the wise men and the shepherds.

Here the shepherds are being visited by the angel.

The angel was very interested in making sure baby Jesus was safe. She kept stealing him from the manger. 

Here are the wise men bringing gifts to the newborn babe.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fun Christmas Activities

December is a fantastic month. I love how there are so many different things you can do with the family throughout the entire month. The kids and I always had a craft to do, treat to make, song to learn, new book to read, or service to perform. December was just an all around awesome month. This year was even more exciting then last because both Andrew and Isaac anticipated things and could enjoy the Christmas spirit. 
The boys' favorite songs this year were Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Jingle Bells. Every time we got into the car Isaac would ask for the Rudolf song. I had to explain that the radio was not under my control, it was a bit hard for him to grasp.

The boys made some Christmas drums that were pretty cute. They loved to cut, glue, color, and stamp different objects and shapes. Oh and of course they loved to bang the drums all around the house afterwards. 

Kids Tree- Austin and I had a good time putting this little tree together for the kids. We wanted a tree that they could touch, feel, and play with whenever they wanted without being nagged at every two seconds. Isaac and Andrew helped me make the ornaments, while Austin made the tree. We loved it! It was a fun splash of color to our walls, added to the Christmas decor, and entertained the kids. What else could we have ask for?

Making Christmas Treats! Isaac is getting old enough to start helping out in the Kitchen. He enjoys dumping, measuring, scooping, unwrapping, and mixing anything I ask.

These pretzel bites were the best activity for my boys to do with their little fingers. They could do each step all by themselves (except the oven part of course). The dropping, counting, unwrapping, placing, and smashing was perfect of them. They participated and listened to my directions so well that I wish we had made more so I could have just another little taste of what first time obedience looked like. HAHA

Sugar Cookies- I loved making sugar cookies growing up. I hope my boys have as good a memory of doing it in our family as I have of doing it with mine. Again, it is the perfect hands on activity to do with kids. The boys were so involved and intrigued. I think what I am learning from all this baking is that it might just be an everyday thing we do together as part of their home schooling. There are so many different aspects you can learn from baking, plus we all enjoyed doing it together. Definitely going to make this a top priority.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Random December Times

Here are the kids watching 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' for the first time. It was a fun family night of chocolate covered pretzels and a Christmas movie. 

Ho Ho Ho ...Merry Christmas! At our ward Christmas party the kids got to meet Santa for the first time. It was too cute to see their reactions when they saw him. The boys smiled excitedly but Emeri was bashful and wondered why she was shoved onto a lap of a big man in red clothes. Seriously, that is what her expression showed.

Making donut Snowmen at the Christmas party.

Emeri and I eagerly awaited to go see Santa.

 Lots of cheesy faces! 

Love this girl! She will bring me this backpack at least once a day and want me to put it on her. Doesn't she just look like a doll?

Austin got this funky looking hat from a white elephant work game. Isaac thought it was so cool so I let him wear that and Andrew his Spider-man hat to the store. Adorable smiles.

Brotherly love. I just can't stand how adorable this picture is! 

Random sibling picture taken to share with my sisters and mom.

While we were Christmas shopping Emeri was smitten with this baby doll. She would hold it and pat its back, and when I tried to take it away she freaked out. HAHA It was so cute.

 The kids love their Daddy. Every evening he comes home they rush to the door and attack him with love. He enjoys it immensely.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Prosper Christmas Festival

The town of Prosper was having a Christmas party and our ward volunteered to help out. Austin was in charge of the sledding area and I was in charge of watching the kids. HAHA It was a cute little festival with a parade, blow up toys, cookie decorating, free hot chocolate, ice skating, sledding, games, and booths. There was only one negative thing about out experience, the weather. It was about 20 degrees outside with the sun out and quickly dropped once the sun was gone. I couldn't believe how cold it was. The kids and I only lasted an hour and we head back to the van to wait for Austin to finish his volunteer work.

Here they are waiting for the parade. Isaac couldn't take his eyes off for a second. He was too excited to see what was coming next.

The poor boys had to take their gloves off to decorate the cookies. The frosting was so cold that it was almost impossible to squeeze any icing out. 

Here is Andrew taking a turn on the sled. This was definitely the boys favorite part.

Neither one stayed on the sled the whole way down. They loved that though.

Isaac's turn!

Pure Joy

Little Miss Emeri got to explore the car a bit while we waited for Daddy to be done. She enjoyed that immensely. Don't you love the hat?

Andrew and I hanging out in the car. I loved his left over frosting face!

I finally got somewhat of a picture with Emeri looking at the camera. I think I took about 12 pictures to get this one. HAHA