Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fall Soccer of 2016

From the end of August to the end of October we lived at Frontier Park. Each week we would juggle 3 practices and 3 games, if not more with the occasional week day game. This season was also the first for Austin to be a coach. He coached Isaac's team and enjoyed teaching him. Next season we will have both boys on Austin's team. It was fun for me to see Austin be involved in the games and practices with the boys.
Oakley became so familiar with our soccer routine that any time we would get in the car she would ask, "soccer?" "train?" There are train tracks that are often being used that run on the edge of the soccer park. Oakley always pointed them out when the train was passing by yelled, "Mommy, Mommy, chugga chugga choo choo!!!" 
Throughout these months we ate lots of granola bars and sandwiches on the go. There were always water bottles in the sink, and lots of play ground time for whomever didn't have practice. It was a busy crazy time for our family. I am glad the season is wrapping up, but my love of sports and the joy I get seeing my kids work hard and accomplish goals is also very rewarding and will be missed until the Spring.
 Cousin Derek was able to be on the same team as Isaac this year which made it a fun season.
  The kids had to learn to entertain themselves during practices and games. They made new friends and figured out how to be occupied. Another positive point for large families and sports.
 Every Saturday the soccer park would have a snow cone truck parked by the entrance to the field. After every game the kids would ask us for a snow cone. During the heat of the day, they did sound yummy but Austin and I preferred a different snow cone place. So we kept saying no until the other place closed and we missed that one too. So, we told them yes after their next games. Lucky us, the one day we told the kids they could have the cones was the one day the truck wasn't there. Opps. So we took the kids to good old McDonalds and got each a chocolate dipped cone. It was actually cheaper in the long run and just as fun.

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