Thursday, October 20, 2016

Texas State Fair

We finally made it to the Texas Sate Fair! It took us about 4 years but we can finally say we have done it. The food, the animals, and the shows were such fun for our little family. We made lots of memories here that we will always treasure. Plus, Austin and I did something impossible. For the whole day, including parking, we only spent 70 dollars! WHOOT WHOOT. I am pretty sure that is a record for any family of 6 that attends a state fair. We were pretty proud of ourselves.
Here the kids are in front of Texas' largest pig. He weighed 1,455 pounds and was about 6 feet long! He was huge!!! Oakley couldn't stop staring at it. I don't think she trusted it. LOL
On our stroll through the animals we heard a shout out for volunteers of kids ages 3-6. We started over to an arena that was set up for a mini rodeo. Apparently we were right on time for the kids mini rodeo show. Andrew and Emeri eagerly volunteered and got to wear cowboy hats, chaps, and ride a stick horse. Emeri was chosen as the rodeo queen so she got to lead the line and hold the flag for their beginning and finale parade. They were beaming with joy and loved every second of it. 
Emeri did the barrel races and won for her age group!! She ran the fastest and was just beaming when she held up her trophy. 
Andrew did bull riding and even added some twists and spins in his routine. It was great!

What sweet little winners! We then took a picture with all the kids.
Emeri was in love with the horses. The middle picture is of a horse that looks like one she has in a book. His name is Starlight because he has a white star on his head just like this one did. Austin was pretty surprised how big this stallion was. He  towered at least a foot and half over Austin.
YUM YUM!! Here we are trying out our first ever turkey leg! IT....WAS.....AMAZING!
The boys enjoyed it too but had a hard time figuring out how to bite into it. HAHA
Once the cousins met up with us, we stopped at a show with a cowboy who did all sorts of tricks on his horse.
Caught this cute moment. The cousin closest to me was a boy and he (Neil) was such a great friend. It's sweet seeing these two get along so well too.
The petting zoo!!! Oh boy the petting zoo made me want to live on a farm. It was so cute seeing the kids enjoy feeding animals. Maybe one day we will get some goats, a pig, or some ducks.
They even had a zebra! Oakley was a bit timid but she still enjoyed herself.
Andrew enjoyed the bison horns and Oakley finally got comfortable with the giraffe. You know, the biggest animal there! HAHA Look at Emeri's face!!! She was so sad once we ran out of feed.
This big guy was one of my favorites. His horns were massive! They felt like rough wood. It was very interesting.

The little piglets were the boy's favorite. They loved their curly tails and soft skin. So precious.
Both girls were needing a break after the petting zoo. They had worked hard with all those animal. HAHA
After the petting zoo we ate lunch and the kids climbed up this wall. It was the perfect opportunity for some adorable pictures. WE HAVE SUCH CUTE KIDS!!!!!
Pig racing, Indian dancing, and cattle herding were quite the show in this arena. 
A Fletcher's corn dog is what Austin was enjoying in this picture. Apparently Texas is where the original corn dog was first invented. So now you can go to the State Fair and try the original corn dog. It was yummy and crispy. We both enjoyed them.
Some of the other yummy fried foods we tried were fried lemonade, fried pumpkin pie, fried cheesecake, and fried oreos. The latter two were my favorites. They were so tasty.
Then we ended the fair with fireworks and a fun parade. Oh and those two sweet babies were the fried cheese cakes!! So delicious.

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