Saturday, October 22, 2016

First Family Campout

We went on our first family camp out with just our little family. It was definitely a learning experience. I didn't have my big brother there with all his nifty camping gear to save us. Now we truly know what we need to add to our family camping supply. We also learned that camping never seems worth it when you are getting ready, but it always is once you are there in nature and enjoying just being together. Austin and I were so glad we decided not to bail, even if our mattress did pop a hole and by 12 that night we were on the ground. I didn't sleep a wink being 6 months pregnant but the whole experience was still worth it.
Here are the boys making their own tin lanterns. They loved using a hammer and nails. Also, Isaac got a mini lesson from Dad on how to start a fire. I loved watching Isaac feel accomplished.
The gang getting the fire ready!
We ate mummy hot dogs for dinner and had mixed berry cobbler for dessert. It was my first time making anything in the dutch oven. I enjoyed taking on the role that I saw my mother do growing up. We also had Grandma Heath out for dinner that night. What a treat!
Silly faces around the fire! I love what being out in nature does to the soul. 
Also, that night we had a show for the kids by turning the fire into different colors. It was a kit we found online and it came in little packs that you throw into the fire and it changes the color into blues, purples, and greens. It was quite the show. We will be making that a camp out tradition for sure.
Bright and Early!!! Yep, the kids were up with the sun at 6. They loved waking up in their sleeping bags and the tent. The smile on their faces could not be smothered; so of course I snapped a shot.
The morning wiggles were great out in nature! They had all the room to play and explore that they wanted. And of course Andrew found himself a stick.
Here is the crew bright and early! We love them all so much! They were very eager for breakfast.
Austin and I bought a tight rope kit for our camp out. We thought it would be a great way to entertain the kids and add a little flare to the camp out.
Austin made a tin foil oven and I have to admit, I doubted it. I thought for sure we would not be eating breakfast that morning. Boy was I glad to be proven wrong! The crescent rolls turned out great!!! What a success! Tasty and delicious.
This was a fun activity for the kids. I brought our homemade play dough from the house that I didn't want to use anymore. I saw online an idea for nature faces. So, we smashed the dough flat onto a tree and I let the kids grab whatever they could to create a silly face. Isaac made the Flash.

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