Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ward TrUnK or TrEaT

Trunk or Treat. This year our ward did our trunk or treat at a members home. It was a great idea because the kids had tons of room to run around, go crazy, and not get lost. They had goats to look at, swings to ride on, trees to climb, and games set up all around for a great activity. The kids dressed themselves up for the event. Isaac was the Transformer Stinger, Andrew was Captain America, and Emeri wanted to match Oakley so they were both Snow White. 
Here are the kids enjoying the games. Emeri and Andrew were enjoying some pumpkin bowling while Isaac hit up the fishing station.
Then they proceeded to the cake walk and doughnut eating contest.
Here was sweet Oakley doing the cake walk...again, eating some yummy chili and enjoying matching her sister.
Then the girls hit up the doughnuts. Oakley was pretty frustrated that they were tied to a string.
The kids with their stash!!

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